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  1. That time they offered progression tanks to buy - Bradley and Abrams - in cash shop.
  2. I would expect they set easy entry conditions at beginning, initially a player won't notice these 3 battles for a half of year, but then later the whole thing can become much harder. These players who are invested time in it, may have a dilemma to either drop the event or to keep doing it with elevated requirements. All this happened before ... Initially the event looked as pve stuff for lore-addicted people with optional pvp tasks (well rewarded though). Things like voting seemed random and public tended to pick least reasonable choices. IIRC on some mid-term of AGDS 2017 event stage added "must-have" pvp requirements and many participants refused to take part any further. At the end the number of participants reduced several times compared to what was on the start, and to the final only just above 1K players completed it (sum of NA + EU). Somewhere there you can even find a list with nicknames who won free AGDS (still nice to see my nick #228). https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/storyline-campaign-conclusion. By the way I wonder if new event follow this approach, seems pragmatic one. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/introducing-ultimate-storyline-campaign-reward
  3. Tier 6 would be nice spot for this vehicle. For tier 7 it seems rather average in comparison to Stingray 2, the 5 clip makes it a real deal (until the day of ultimate PvP balance)
  4. Curious statement from ru site related to profile visibility, not sure if it applies to mygames accounts. It is unclear to me why they had to change profile access rules at all. https://armata.my.games/news/6677.html
  5. I would trade all these CV90 vehicles for one Strv 103, probably throw tier 10 in addition.
  6. Do they really need to complicate things? Nothing good came out of it in past. https://armata.my.games/news/6663.html
  7. In case of WT you could say that 4 years ago. But within that period of time WT provided many modern vehicles. They still don't touch area of what AW tier 9-10 is but they are close. Also their rank system is flexible enough to expand. Console WoT 2.0 (Modern Armor) with modern vehicles yet to grow and improve, and will take even few years before it possibly enters PC market.
  8. My feeling that this new unofficial design is going to be second, alternative reward for battalion contracts in addition to Shadow. The vehicle adds not much new to game unless per description and it offers the same gameplay like Hellfire, AFT-10 and Kornet-D Tiger. Making in-house "what if" designs seems not new, they did it with T40, but in this case the vehicle fits ok to "alternative reality", in same time the tech doesn't look cute or modern to me.
  9. I guess OP talks of pvp, i made one run in pve and i liked it. I mean this tank can give a punch, it has nose-down and hull-down exploits. On closer look i still fail to see much differences (presented machines with Douglas "ranger" commander, v2 reload/accel/aug optics)
  10. I want to share my comments on builds, from PvE point of view. I will make references to CBS planner cell coordinate system to make it shorter. Ophelia - the "meme" build I saw somewhere either on Russian forum or RU discord, early once this commander released and I stick to it up to present day. PvE mostly about damage and this build won't disappoint you. http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?ophelia=A6A7A8B1B7B8C4C5D4E4F4G1G2G3G4G5H5 Erin - If ramming is nor all day issue for you, I suggest swap F3<->F4 and use this http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?erin=A1B1C1C4D1D2D4E2E3E4E5E6F3G3G4 Better cooldown of trait means you get more cycles of stuff like supercharged APS - example of one of most useful things Miramon - I use same build which i probably it saw first time in some old SRY vids, well that is as old as commander build system in AW. http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?miramon=A1A7B1B7C1C7D1D7E1E2E3E4E5E6E7 The case is you pick E5/E6 cells for better smoke reloading. Douglas - My recommendation is to stick to the "visual range + slightly different" which maxes visual range, then the repair as second stat in PvE. http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?douglas=A1B1C1D1D2D3D4D5D6D7E1F1G1G2G3G4G5 Sabrina - i try to maintain durability-stealth balance because of the need to use this commander on both Challenger ATDU / PISH and Wilk XC / PELE - to complete "fire" tasks. http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?sabrina=A1A5A6B1B6C1C3C5C6D1D2E3F1F2F3 Freja - For a while i kept her strictly for artillery, so max investment into accuracy, then aim speed. http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?freja=A1A2B1C1D1D2E1F1G1G2G3G4G5G6G7 Sanna - I have mixed feelings about its "fire" performance in 0.35. But even if you won't get that much damage from fires, it scores a lot of XP points for spotting. http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?ioannis=B1B2B3B4C4D4D5D6E4F1F4G1G2G3G4 Atassi - I saw this build on Chavez channel (RU streamer) and I use it myself, mostly on things like Hellfire or AFT-10, superior DPM and fire instigation. http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?rashid=A2A3A4A5A6A7B7C7D4D5D6D7E7F7G7 Cortez - Only pick perks which i know i need them. http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?cortez=A4C3C4C5C6D5E2E3E4E5F3F5G3G5G6
  11. Major issue to me - these skins are nice, but they cry to be real separate premium vehicles, or be applicable to premium vehicle instances, such as Challenger Wolf. I made 3 contract missions today it progressed 7 of 10 required points to unlock raid freely. Looks like weekly mission counts as 5. That is fairly easy to get. The design of raid missions suggests playing in full PvE platoons to give a player reasonably painless path to rewards.
  12. Gameplay in general, everything has to come together I like to see here the factor called "friendly PvE competition". I don't care about objectives, I just want to shoot stuff (Well, mostly). I know devs want make us all happy with protecting, destroying and capturing variety of stuff (caps, infantry, dots, aircrafts) in timely manner, but personally I find dealing with such objectives boring and unrewarding experience. Challenging, but still doable with random players. Doable to me means 1-2 players perform extra effort can let team win. Anywhere when devs assume teamwork and expertise of 3+ players, this becomes long series of non-winnable missions (aka Ch4 Moscow and that last War too). Best (10) - Leviathan, Raiding Party -- truly "open world" maps. Better (8) - Albatross, Cerberus, Ghost Hunter, Hydra, Life Jacket, Meltdown, Onyx, Phalanx, Scorpio, Starry Night, Stormy Winter, Umbrella, Watchdog, Zero Hour, Tsunami -- there is quite a number of things to improve but in general they feel ok to me. Mediocre (5) - Banshee, Basilisk, Cavalry, Erebos, Frostbite, Harbinger, Perseus, Quorterback, Saphire, Snake Bite, Spearhead -- some of these maps use great locations, but something feels wrong with them. At least they are not worst. Harbinger, Cavalry and Perseus if you want sniper / stealth approach are probably even better than some others, but this is specific passive gameplay and nothing great can be said about it. Needs rework (3) - Ricochet, Anvil, Dire Wolf, Kodiak, Prometheus, Red Opposum, Rolling Thunder, Wildfire -- Some of these missions used to be great. They all were more challenging, more unpredictable, they had time to play with more enemies. Old 2015 version of Wildfire mission used to be on pair with old Snake Bite and Perseus in terms of fun in my ranking.
  13. Probably something in this order Phase 1: http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?ioannis=A1A2A3A4B1B4C4D4 Phase 2: http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?ioannis=A1A2A3A4B1B4C4D4E4F4G4G5G6 Phase 3: http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?ioannis=A1A2A3A4A5A6B1B4C4D4E4F4G4G5G6 I use this build - spotting, crits, fire, but this can be inappropriate waste of points on empty cells and perks which full benefit works for certain vehicles and ammo only. http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?ioannis=B1B2B3B4C4D4D5D6E4F1F4G1G2G3G4
  14. AW merged into warface, gratis credit card with 20K USD limit for in-game microtransactions.
  15. You may consider why in initial ladder grind (which ends with removal of all restrictions) you want her be any higher than Lieutenant. She doesn't provide very essential growth over levels, nor has high rank requirements to reach some vital perks. I recommend to level Miramon and Sanna over Sabrina rank, so this means stop playing her for a moment and let XP flow somewhere else.
  16. In full screen mode the gold purchase interface breaks - black screen, non responsive, if you switch back and forward with alt-tab. I got mine bonus 150%. That 20 euro pack which should give me 4200 + 4200 + 2100 = 10500 gold, that is still 4500 short to buy out BP access (15 k) which last cash price was below 30 euro. I think that for the purpose of buying BP access it is better to spend cash. (don't spend money for purchasing gold in advance unless there is exact goal or purpose to use it right now).
  17. In nVidia panel settings you may find set of texture filtering options, like negative compensation and anisotropic optimizations. Turning them off reduces the issue to certain degree but not completely. AW is only game having such issue (blinking caused by random swap of proper texture and black color filler texture of selected objects) and it exits for me since 0.33 when they claimed to "optimize" something. Also I noticed this issue in vids of streamers of AW on YouTube and they seem not pay attention on it. My card is 1.5 yo RTX 2060 and it performs ok in high/highest quality 2K/60fps settings in many games.
  18. The problem is spotting system which takes its origins from RTS games created 25 years ago. Its implementation in AW is far from ideal. That is why IMO the lack of spotting in "realistic mode" creates great relief and adds variety and more freedom, different use of maps in PvP. In PvE as active MBT you maybe spotted 100% of time and probably you feel how hopeless case is being bombarded by invisible bots (hello chop damage). Another story is playing TD/AFV in PvE as invisible vehicle, it is badly done both by PvE map design and spotting, I hardly see any fun in it.
  19. The example how one person can create large distance from team, while they are still in town part. The author came first, but did right thing - didn't cap that last circle alone and waited for team. So be aware if some intentionally wants to start this cap which could lead to failure of mission.
  20. Actually bots seem to not hit, so while this isn't nice seeing the train getting swarmed it seems to survive as long as the choppers are killed and therefore no infantry will spawn... That seems to concur my last observation too, and if i want to win this episode, the team needs again T-15 (or similar capable autocannon, obj 195 counts) to take care of it.
  21. These rewards are still waged wrong (too big) in my opinion. They don't need to make pve even more popular than it already is.
  22. Graphics 10/10 Story 6/10 - my impression is the story a bit of "cap/cap/gate/cap/gate/cap". Too much focus on capping and driving in narrowed space. Why do i feel that 2nd Caribbean Crisis mission which is based on same location and itself quite dull, has more memorable triggers and conditions. Map 3/10 - there are room for multiple paths to reach the same point, but the map layout imposes cases where 2 players can literally block shooting and movement for another 3. Issues The cap before train - one fast (and stupid) player reaches the cap, caps, then die, swarm of bots re-caps undefended cap before the rest of team can reach it. Solution: increment cap time. The train defense - another feeling of hopelessness that you have no control at all, why this shitty train too early enters area which is not cleared. Solution: Make this train move more slower or add more HP to it ? Final opinion: visually this mission is really good. But the problem is unbalanced timers or difficulty to protect train on tier 9/10 so suddenly team looses everything in matter of seconds. if developers consider superior team coop in random, I think this won't happen and many players risk to stuck on this episode. If developers want superior performance of team to beat it, they better leave it for achievements.
  23. The final roll value also is updated based on rules specific to commander build used by player (Kwon, Kortez) or commander giving damage boost to itself and teammates in certain proximity (Harper,Duglas). This may help to clear out why certain damage rolls are unusually high or low.
  24. My major concern is PvE. But healthy and more populous PvP mode gives a chance this game won't die in agony in foreseeable future, and yields some chance for the game to be improving. I saw this pattern before. There are numerous reasons, and Ophelia is just tiny piece of big picture, both magic shield and her inaccessibility to public, why PvP population is not majority in this game anymore.
  25. They could fix certain imbalance and satisfy large group of PvP players by adding freely available commander, offering similar "shield immunity" ability. Sure, there is "no more new commander" approach, but this one I believe is counter-productive and drags this game into stagnation.
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