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  1. Can somebody direct me to an accurate game explanation as to how HEAT damage is dealt out to targets. Specifically why is there a minimum damage listed for a shell when you CAN get below the minimum listed amount. This is what I understand at present(simplified). shell hits target-> pen yes, no -> if yes roll damage, post result-> if no, roll damage, ignore minimum damage for shell type post result. example 7 sequential hits on a Hunter with Heat in the turret. results in 6 hits between 50 an 59 and one for 60. I know that armor side/front thickness will determine pen or not. please don't tell me to shoot someplace else that is not helpful. the example happened yesterday. Other games have also given similar results across all target vehicles in tiers 7-10 although usually not 7 below minimum in a row. Firing vehicles are 7-9 MBTs. Yesterday's result is the one that made me ask the question out of frustration. Is the game basically saying you have x armor and the pen is y and any left over pen is converted into damage via a formula . Example you have 50 more points of pen than armor so that 50 is converted into damage? or is it more like OK more pen then armor roll damage and get the occasional below minimum listed damage, with 7 in a row being statistically possible?
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