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  1. The Rhône kinda is already in the game as Rhône-Alpes for the Leclerc T4.
  2. Well the Gadsden flag as it supposed to be... english.zip
  3. I made the Fractal 1,2 and 3 camo, from basic camos, to be transparent so you can have the 5% bonus by only using your base coats. Yes you do need to "buy" the camo, price dependent on tier of the tank (tier 1 is 200,000 - tier 10 is 8,000,000 per environment). Be aware to check the color tint before you buy the camo with the base color that you want. I found that in Forest Fractal 2, in Desert and Snow Fractal 1 are not tinted. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ir0r6CrMJqlA79IUsG9L6lOIeuAqUh8k/view?usp=sharing * Some bots appear white because they use the fractal camo. *When you buy the camo be careful to buy it with credits not gold.
  4. Running Windows Pro 11 22H2. Not a single issue until now. Since you mention AMD GPU drivers, I'm on Version 22.9.1
  5. Can you add the smoke grenade and reload sounds that are on the Battlefield mod?
  6. Join me on the 3rd of October in a celebratory stream for the 30 years of German reunification where I am going to play all the German vehicles of Armored Warfare. Also Get the chance to win up to 3 German vehicles, a Kampfpanzer 70 tier 6 premium MBT, a Leopard 2AV Predator tier 6 premium MBT and a Marder 2 tier 8 premium AFV for 14 days. The stream will start at 17:00 CEST and last for 6 hours.
  7. Update - Rules 1. You do not have to be a follower to pick a challenge, but if you are not you are not eligible to win a code. 2. If in the duration of the month you unfollow the channel you are automatically disqualified from winning a code. 3. To give us a challenge you need to use channel points PRETZELS. You pick a tank, ammo type and if available AT squads or Mortars. Snipers are not a choice. 4. SPGs can be restricted only on HE or HESH. Smoke or White Phosphorus are free for us to pick. 5. Retrofits, consumables and commanders are free for us to pick. (Alisa Korhonen and Ophelia Kitescu are excluded and cannot be used) 6. A vehicle can be picked once per session even if there is a different ammo restriction the next time. 7. General rule is first come first served. If someone picks a second, third … challenge then he/she can be skipped for another, so everyone has a chance to pick at least once. 8. The pick list will be swiped after every session. 9. The names of the followers that succeeded to make us lose a battle with their challenge will be posted in the aw-shenanigans-challenge text channel in my Discord https://discord.gg/y2CuCSQ 10. The last Sunday of the month after the last challenge battle is played, all the names of the ones succeeded will be put in namepicker.net and 4 winners will be drawn. Winners will have 5 minutes to text in twitch their prize choice. The codes will be send via twitch whisper the next day (Monday) during the stream. 11. Be polite in chat. Calling names, insulting or any other inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated, will result in a channel ban and DSQ from the challenge.
  8. All my streams are available on VOD later. That's why I like Twitch.
  9. You got this wrong. Me and a few friends will play, in a platoon, tanks followers will pick to challenge us.
  10. No. You have to choose one ammo type but not the commander (maybe we can exclude OPhelia and Alissa). Also if the tank has more than one weapon system, excluding Coax MGs, then you can say no to one ammo type. e.g. let say you pick the Stryker ADATS. You can pick HESH or AP rockets and say 0 ATGMs in the ammo loadout. If you pick the Ontos then HEP or HEAT, the .50 cal cannot be restricted and we are allowed to use it.
  11. We also tried without using the guns but it didn't work so well. Still I think we did pretty well...
  12. We did a couple of runs recently, without the prizes, and it wasn't that bad. Other than that, we try to break the game.
  13. Hello Commanders, starting Sunday the 2nd of August and every Sunday me and a selection of other players and streamers will hold an “AW Shenanigans Challenge”. From 19:00 CEST until 23:00 CEST you can challenge us to play a full platoon of a specific tank, ammunition and (if applied) infantry loadout in a hardcore PVE battle. If we fail to win the battle your name will go in a list. At the last Sunday of the month I will draw 4 winners. The winners will get to chose one of the following prizes. 14 days rental of a tier 8-10 premium tank or a permanent skin (you get to choose). The codes will be given to the winners during the Monday stream. Rental Tanks: AFT-10 AMX 10 RCR, AMX 10 RCR Bastille Day Ascod LT 105 BMPT Mod. 2000, BMPT Mod. 2000 Reaper, BMPT Mod. 2000 Saphire Challenger 1 Falcon M-95 Degman M1A1 AIM Marder 2 T-14 152 Armata T-72B3, T-72B3 Green, T-72B3 Sunray Type 92A2 140 Vickers Mk. 7 VT5 , VT5 Dragon WWO Wilk Skins: BMD-2M Sledgehammer skin Object 640 Cyber skin Object 279 Mir skin T-90A Motherland skin Magach 6B Fahrenheit skin M1128 Stryker Bad Bee skin Challenger 2 ATDU Beast skin Centauro 120 Beast skin Merkava Mk.3D BAZ Beast skin VBL INGWE Beast skin AMX-13 DCA Beast skin Restriction and Conditions: • The tank you pick us to play must be owned by all platoon members, this restriction does not apply on progression vehicles that are unlocked. • Every vehicle can be picked only once per session. • Infantry restriction can be only between AT squads or Mortar squads, Snipers do not apply. • You can pick more than one challenge, but you can only enter once to the draw. • We have the right to skip a map-operation only once. • Use of Coaxial MG is not restricted. • Above tier 7 autocannons HE is not a choice. • I have the right to pick my platoon. Platoon members can pick a challenge, but they are not eligible to enter the winners draw. • You have to be a follower in twitch to enter the winners draw.
  14. Hello all. I am PanzerMarmelade. I'm a Content Creator and I stream daily in Twitch from 18:00 CET. Feel free to join me and if you want, jump on my Discord server and platoon with me.
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