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  1. As Flamu says about Lesta and their similar attitude to feedback from the World of Warships players, “features of post-Soviet management.” This problem is relevant in all three games about tanks and similar projects from the same developers. For some, the situation is a little better, but overall it’s the same swamp.
  2. Just don’t tell the game developers that they can make skins that are a little more complex than a couple of decals and camouflage, they will be hysterical. The skin is good, it would be nice to add similar skins to the game like in WT on the exchange/market and sell them in the game for players, since Soap corps is too lazy to make normal skins for tanks.
  3. Before buying a tank, it’s better to watch some videos on YouTube or read guides from experienced players, ask your clanmates or friends in game what kind of fruit it is, and only then decide whether this premium tank will suit your playing style. Personally, I am a collector and collect tanks in the hangar for fun and variety when choosing what to use to farm battle pass coins today or go through a special military operation on the weekend. As for banning players account after refund, this is a standard practice for shareware dumpsters like WoT or WoWs. In my memory, GayWarming began to abuse this as a protection against loss of profit from the return of in-game property that was not worth the money players spent - for example, loot boxes that players they spend hundreds of dollars and do not receive the coveted prize tank from them, and, upset, they go to the game casino to make a refund. It seems that in some countries like China, the consumer is protected by law from such abuses by publishers of digital content and game property is considered equivalent to purchase in real life by the buyer’s property and the developers of the game project do not have the right to permanently ban such a user when refunding money for the purchase - the purchased property is simply debited from the account or its equivalent in donated currency. But CIS developers are not burdened by such laws and are free to do whatever is beneficial to them, and if the buyer goes to court, he will lose it because of the user agreement, where he does not own anything in the game and purchases in the in-game store are considered “voluntary gratuitous donations” and the developer according to the user agreement, he does not owe you anything for them. This is the price of “shareware” projects, especially those from Mail.ru, known for their greed.
  4. Check first comment by Arto. I'll think about it, since I also like the original voice lines from these games and there're some same sound mods for World of Tanks, which can be used as sound pool for AW mod.
  5. There are some interesting voice lines and in general crew voiceover from this game could be done, but: - there is no part of the voices for more modern tanks, such as phrases related to the active defense complex. Either leave them blank, or original phrases that will not fit into the rest of the crew voices. The same problem will arise when trying to port the voiceover from the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare; - in many ways, it is similar to the standard male English voice acting already available in the game, which, as a result, will not be worth enough time and effort spent on adapting it to the armored warfare. I'm not saying that it's bad - it's interesting and can be ported, it's just that there are restrictions due to the pool of phrases and now it doesn't interest me. In my sound mod, I took phrases from it for choosing a loaded ammo, as you might have noticed, there is a choice only between armor-piercing and cumulative - precisely because of the limited set of phrases for some quotas, and an excess of variations for others that are not used in our game due to for its arcade.
  6. Hi, music in the video is just added in the video editor for the background, the mod itself does not include any music.
  7. [UPDATED] Hi, I made a patch to the main VoW sound mod replacing the detection sound and the artillery warning sound with a sixth sense sound from World of Tanks Console. Also, some sounds like tank abilities and consumables activation were replaced with the original ones from the game (as it was in 1.2 version for example), which contained tank crew phrases in Russian. The sound effects themselves in the original mod were not replaced, and that phrases left from the CIS versions of the mod sounded out of place with other language voiceovers in the game. With this patch, you can now download release version of the mod 1.6 for the CIS in the PanzerSofa community. To change this mod version to English, paste and replace two files from the archive along the path: game directory\localization\English\sounds\interface. Enjoy! Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Fcx5_9Cnf0quySZOmDMCxp8plF-y8ASz/view?usp=share_link
  8. Many thanks, enjoy) When will the current Battle Path end, if there are no unforeseen cases, I will start making a new sound mod - I’m still choosing the options for the voice source, but the main choice is between the russian-language hodgepodge, by analogy with this mod, or take the voice acting from Panzer Knights and adapt it to the game, since there is a source of original phrases enough for a full-fledged voice mod without borrowing from other sources. But there are difficulties with translating from Japanese to understand their meaning, so perhaps some phrases will not be exactly suitable for some situations, in any case, most do not know Japanese anyway and will just enjoy voiceover from this game like Girls und Panzer voice pack. The russian-language version of voice acting is also quite feasible, since there are many sources for sounds and I understand russian to match phrases from the game and replaceable ones. But I expect similar earlier critics like "why was it necessary to take different phrases from different games, you have 30 people sitting in the tank", so the anime version of the crew voiceover maybe looks more interesting. Let's see how things will be, after all, the world is not calm right now, and I am a man liable for military service - if there are no problems in the near future, I am very interested in creating new voice mods, as they add a little variety to the battles in Armored Warfare.
  9. Please refer to this, too!

    I hope that a modern warfair voice pack for AW will be released someday.

    GJ bro!

    1. BaJIbkupu9I


      Thanks much, I'll check it out)

  10. Just compare my sound mod with the mentioned Crew Sound Mod and Thunder Crew - they are very similar to each other and are a compilation of phrases from different games. Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to make an integral voice-over (for example, Steel Foxes voice mod for WoT recorded by a professional studio Strategic Music voice acting games for money) based on only one game and to make all the phrases fit each other in meaning, while at the same time trying to preserve the variety of sounds. Every man to his taste. At first I did the voice mod for myself, but later I decided to share it to the public. If you don't like it, your choice. Sorry, I've corrected the description. In russian-speaking community author of VoW is known by his real name Vadim, which is why there is some times confusion when mentioned the Voice of War sound mod pack and your's Vadim's Weapon Sounds mod on AL forum.
  11. Hi guys. I am glad to present you the release version of Team Yankee voice sound mod for Armored Warfare. I became interested in the idea of making a tank crew voice mod after acquaintance with sound mod of the well-known here comrade TobiichiOrigami from chinese AW forum and his Girls und Panzer voice pack for AW. The name of this sound mod is a thematic reference to the novel by Harold Coyle, which is dedicated to the actions of a company-sized armor unit of the US Army in the World War III between the Soviet Union and the United States. Where, by the way, historical events begin with the outbreak of a crisis in the Middle East after an Iranian air strike on oil tankers in neutral waters. This mod is based on phrases from the english voiceover of such games as Battlefield 3-4, Company of Heroes 2, Gunner HEAT PC, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, the film Fury (2014) and Tank School USMC, etc. I also note that the third party voice mods Crew Sound Mod and Thunder Crew helped me a lot during search of sound sources. The sound modpack Voice of War made by eXeStyle was also used in the video below: game sounds of tank shots, environment on the map, etc. - check it out here. Installation: just throw dialog folder into the correct path of game folders, if needed create them. Example: Armored Warfare\Armored Warfare MyCom\localization\english\dialog\. If you don't play in english just replace english with whatever language you use. Steam users follow the same instructions, but also have a folder comprised of numbers between Armored Warfare and Armored Warfare MyCom (my example: G:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Armored Warfare\13_2000009\localization\English\dialog). Link to download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DzHHyRDtqMem_BAWMeyuz6mvZ904h_X5/view?usp=share_link Stay tuned for updates here. Preview:
  12. But this can be done with the help of standard pixel camouflages, suitable background colors for them and the flag of Ukraine - emm... okay. A much more interesting idea would be a set of skins with tactical white crosses on tanks and yellow insignia on their details, but just don't accidentally draw a Finnish cross from the time of BT-42 and anime about girls and tanks)
  13. What kind of cringe is this. You have tanks and armored vehicles throughout the second half of the 20th century and even the first half of the 21st century, you sell historical real styles and camouflages, decals and hold themed events, but you cannot make normal story campaigns based on battles and wars of the past? But no, we will come up with our own plot and characters, which for the majority are just a talking head in operations.Let's list what comes to mind first: the Korean war, war in Vietnam, in Afghanistan, Operation Desert Storm, the second war in Afghanistan of the Western coalition aka "War on terror", endless Arab-Israeli conflicts, even wars with drug cortels could be raised as a topic or the struggle for resources and influence between corporations and states in Africa. Not to mention current conflicts like the confrontation between the US and China (like Battlefield 4 full story is about) and the political crisis in Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet Union.Remember the crisis in Cuba, the incidents that almost started the third world war in Germany in the 60-80s, even an alternative history by analogy with the book "Team Yankee", which can be illustrated by PVE missions and special operations. It makes no sense to turn an MMO game into a visual novel or a story game with notes of several pages - many people are not interested in reading them, especially when they are fantastic fan fiction in the style of the fight between abstract PMCs and corporations. Or change the way these stories are told and make the game's lore more understandable. Add interactivity like in Escape from Tarkov, where the player, as a mercenary, can complete tasks and work for one of the corporations or factions, so that the plot of the game is not separate from the gameplay and the players will have a sense to study it. But if you really want futuristic stories, why is there a lot of old armor from the past in the game? Leave the most modern weapons like in Battlefield 2042 and write about cyberpunk and corporate wars, because you are not interested in writing a plot for tanks of the last century.Unfortunately, mail.ru has its own vision with cringe books as stages of the battle pass and bans for their own added coin roulette, sadly.
  14. Thank you very much for uploading the mod here, no matter how much I searched on the Internet, there are almost no alternative voices for armored warfare. Especially for Girls und Panzer, this is already sacred for fans of this anime. By the way, it would be interesting to hear a similar mod based on the Panzer Knights game, there is a large pool of phrases for crew voice and many characters. But for now, this voice mod will be enough to feel something new in the game. Along with the Voice of war mod of course)
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