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  1. This is a mod for the TOS-M1. Not perfect but I think it's good enough for not having Adobe Substance Painter or another program like it. Some weird red tiny red spots but... yeah. Anyway. Criticism is alright. I don't think I'll put any effort into making the mod more "clean". Again talking about the random red spots. Maybe in the future when I get motivation again? Install the mod into the proper location in the English folder. The supplied .zip starts with the object folder assuming you have never installed a mod before. Link: Download Link for TOS-1M Mod Edit: The flaming decal is a concept from Starsiege/Starsiege Tribes. Specifically Harabec Weathers (Phoenix) and the "Children of Phoenix" in Tribes.
  2. This game is a meme that never ends. Also, yeah, potential sales. Keyword is potential. 1,000,000 credits is nothing. The 1,000 gold is kind of useful? The biggest things for a player would actually be the premium time and premium tanks. For a new player that would be grand. Most of us old folk have years of premium and tanks much better than those low tier freebie ones. But for a new player they would mean the ability to actually make progress in a manner that doesn't make you want to lobotomize yourself. I can't imagine trying to progress through this game as a new player without premium time or premium vehicles because they made payouts so god awful that you basically NEED that to progress anywhere within acceptable time frames.
  3. I'm putting these here, just some gameplay from the current PTS. Everything is... insane. MBTs are so agile now, even sliding on the ground during turns. My Merkava 4m Barak accels and turns faster than my Hellfire and AFT-10 do. ATGMs are extremely buffed, HEAT MP is trash, some MBTs reload too quick now. Terminator 2 has 55k dpm... ATGMs do chip damage.... HE is extremely buffed... TBs are extremely buffed. I don't know how they came to the conclusion any of this is ok. It's like they don't even play their game to experience it for themselves. Hellfire TBs have 1500 pen damage and 91mm pen. Even a none pen can range from 500 to 1300 damage from the match I played while destroying a ton of modules without using Sabrina. ATGMs have all had their pen buffed including gun launched atgms. HEAT-MP has been nerfed and is no better than just firing AP rounds. That said heat that isn't HEAT-MP has been buffed, but vehicles with gun launched atgms will notice their ATGMs do the same damage but have approx 25% more pen than the HEAT rounds. I played 5 matches, made 4 videos, was about all I could stomach of the changes before deciding I didn't want to play anymore. Terminator 2 https://youtu.be/7SpTHEl5044 Cent 120 with only HE https://youtu.be/Q2J3xinWHWA Hellfire with only TBs https://youtu.be/Il3ZwwQ3H0s Merkava with only gun launched atgms https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHF6x0alRn4 I would rather deal with the inbalance of .32 then deal with .33. MBTs are way too fast. Nerfing their view range means nothing when they can yolo across the map faster than a Light Tank. Squishes like the Hellfire, most TDs, AFT-10, etc won't even be able to accel fast enough to get away from them. Also the new MBT armor layouts are pretty... disappointing. It's like they wanted to remove any uniqueness from the game and just give everyone a LFP weakspot and call it a day. MBT side armor has been buffed also, but with how fast MBTs like the Merkava can turn you'll never see their side armor anyway. ATDU got stomped into the ground. Its frontal weakspot has increased in size by 3 fold and its PISH has been gutted. They removed the turret ring weakspot from the T-15, its all red, including the view ports in front of the turret ring. The spot I use to ammo rack T-15s with ATGMs/HEAT now is completely removed, only choice for frontal ammo rack now is by shooting the unmanned turret for petty damage... Skill has left the building. .33 "balance" is made for people with no attention span and incapable of learning basic game mechanics. Fixed the embeds. -H
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