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  1. this will be the first bp worth to skip for me -6 gun depression is a no go in my book and atgm's are not consistent, not to mention that module damage repairing will be a constant bothersome with this huge bus. There should be simple option to use kinzhal turret as upgrade...nothing to see here imo
  2. thank You for the latest update as it's what reminds me of good old AW. Back then the highest tier 9mbt t90 HEAT alpha with dmg retrofit was epic and also that sound when shooting I will never forget. Didn't have time to check its German brother kpz-70 but now it has the highest alpha :) Mobility and reload time is slightly nerfed and vision range totally, armor though is better frontally and now it is a true MBT feeling appropriate commanders (2) "this is the way...
  3. always mount both vision retrofits for pve and use your damage per minute to it's full potential
  4. yeah I have it fully upgraded and it's a beast as hell :)
  5. nice review mate, well done As I have obj195 and briefly tested strv2000 in testing arena I can say it's mobility feels very nice and ac is already better than obj195, so it is a good BP reward at this stage. Let's see how that frontally mounted engine is gonna fare :)
  6. very nice this BP I like the way it's played basically use previous bp tanks and enjoy them to their full potential. We are using the damn thing we're paying for :) 3 months window is so nice too enjoy ;)
  7. so I was playing Kpz70 now and I must say, this thing mobility is amazing and I want to thanks for this wonderful vehicle It's a beast ! :)
  8. in other worlds it's just ztq-15 crippled with 30s reload, two tiers lower
  9. The last bp tier 10 is kinda the same as this one.
  10. thank You my friend for the answer, have a great one ;)
  11. so you guys are saying that I can still obtain the taran when I will start playing, for example from tomorrow ? thanks
  12. Either way it seems like russian vehicles are bringing money and are introduced all the time, be it as a reward for BP or for missions or anpremium one. I'm kinda sad that we won't have nothing to grind in regular tech tree, as that is the reason I don't play anymore and having so many tanks from various BP's plus all tech tree tanks simply means that I won't be interested to use real money, therefore to support AW "development" because there is basically none. Sad thing that I went back to that rng fest wot after years of playing AW and all that, only because I have still possibility to grind something and to increase crew skills and none of this is possible in AW anymore. Worst part is that I'm not the only one here and AW has become the game for wot noob players lately, which is the biggest paradox here because it used to be the opposite with obsidian AW as it wasn't so noob friendly as is now. Most of the time I'm reading in game chat that players aren't ever comming back to wot as they are happy with pve, which is fine as long as you have something to go for I guess :)
  13. excuse me but you are saying that "we are not morons" please care to explain why obsidian AW 5 years ago was so much better then ? And when you hate so much wot non existing tanks irl, why is AW more like wot by every year ? thank you
  14. I'm sorry I completely forgot that both my mbt 70 are premium. I've had mbt 70 merc (since2015) for such a long time that I forgot that my other mbt 70 without camo is also a premium. My bad :) And no although I own also Kpz70 I was playing only mbt70 and mbt70 merc for several weeks, every single day. Nothing can persuade me that nothing was changed after the latest update as I was playing them every day and not just occasionally. I have no reason to lie nor it's my imagination. I have the same setup nothing was changed, only update was applied/installed. The change of speed was noticed immediately and I was literally like wtf is this ! As I said before maybe oil consumable doesn't work anymore I honestly don't know but loosing speed down hill is just hilarious and I play only specific maps so getting to that position is noticeably slower also moving from one cap to another on Leviathan (my favorite map) is 110% different. I simply lost 10km/h speed in average. PS: Say what You want Silentstalker unfortunately you lost my trust when there is this greedy mail ru behind your back (no offense I will alway remember you as a good old silentstalker from regular aw forum) its just that how can one trust mail ru or any other greed company for that matter)and also how many mbt premium tanks we have now ? Like 4 ? I know that kpz70 is different, having HE and whatnot but it is essentially the same tank. mbt70, mbt70 merc, mbt70 metallic chrom ,Kpz70...lol Thank You for answers haswell, silentstalker and all, have a great one ;)
  15. I’m 1000% sure of my claim. After the latest patch mobility is way worse especially turning is making this tank a great deal slower and yes it’s loosing speed even down hill so terrain resistance was changed somehow. It would be totally different story if I was playing this tank only occasionally or also playing other tanks, but I’m literally playing only this tank for several weeks and it cannot be my imagination because I’ve noticed this imediatelly after the first game, when new patch came around. Acceleration decrease was the first thing I’ve noticed and I’m always using oil, so can’t imagine how bad it is without it. Maybe that oil is not functioning properly anymore? I have no idea, but I’m sure of my claim
  16. Hahah this was the biggest joke of the year so far You mean support for permanently banned paying customers from EU ? You are banning people for their opinions only and I was reading this countless times while waiting for a viable map in game chat. What kind of support are you providing when even if the customer is right your support answer is “sorry this game is in beta” stop spreading lies
  17. After the latest update my mbt-70 tier 6 mbt is way worse and nothing was mentioned in the patch notes. Note I’m playing both tech tree version and premium version every day, so I’m 100% confident. Acceleration is noticeably worse and the average speed is now around 10km/h slower. Turning makes this tank decrease it’s speed like never before and terrain resistance is causing that I can’t reach more than 50km/h average. Even downhill tank is slowing down now lol. It is impossible to reach max speed even with oil equipment mounted, according to stats it should go over 70km/h with oil but the reality is 67km/h max. Crew damage and module damage is now brutally frustrating Every single game either commander, driver or loader is death and when your driver is death you are going as fast as 10-13 km/h on a slight uphill. Almost every game the turret is stuck, the cannon is destroyed and I’m being constantly detracked, literally all the frigin time. And don’t forget that facing only your first enemy at the start of the game will result in damaged tracks, it turns yellow and you are already mobility handicapped and that is a given for every single game you play in aw. Aiming reticule is bigger than a whole tank 60m away from you, if you are even slightly moving and you must stop in order to even hit a damn tank now. Back in the day mbt-70 used to be laser like accurate when shooting on the move So at first after the big tier 7-10 rebalance they were stating that mbt’s mobility is actually not nerfed and now they proceed to nerf tank in lower tier without saying a world to a paying customers (remember this game literally started with mbt-70 bundle preorders) I don’t know what’s the situation like with other tanks as I’m playing solely mbt-70 for a couple of weeks now, but at this point I’m back to playing WOT and actually enjoying it more. Congratz to mail ru for destroying all the fun that’s left in this game PS: mbt-70 view range is 70m more than any of the tier 10 mbt’s and this is the result of constant nerfing from mail ru, so you can expect that after tier 4-6 rebalance this tank will become totally redundant as it has absolutely no armor and autocannons are already shreding you frontally lol.
  18. AS21 head to head against T15 will erase it with autocanon only, but for example Leclerc T40 is unable to touch it frontally with AP only and taking 250dmg with ATGM's cos of unmanned turret. Same thing goes for case against MBT's. AS21 is simply OP as hell. Griffin has just amazing camo for its tier and K21 obviously op because it is a premium tank and all high tier premiums ar OP and deserve to be called ridiculous and certainly not normal. If you want to refer to "normal" its for example ST1 as it is weak in hands of average player and OP in hands of someone that can use its strenght with fast reload and solely ATGM's setup, overcoming gun depression issue.
  19. lol palmaria is one of the best tier 7 out there, 8 out of 10 times on a leviathan map the blue star is assured. And most importantly its a fun thing to play and its bouncing shots too ! If you are not in a front line on some maps, you are doying it wrong and don't forget to use energy dring every time.
  20. can't believe you've described AS21, Griffin, K21 as NORMAL since they are OP as hell
  21. imo only an idiot would pay for this game. During the last years they managed to decrease mobility, accuracy, spotting is broken and tanks are disappearing just like in WOT, thermal vision is a joke for AW developers. Smoke doesn't work, so this game has truly become a WOT2 cos this was a feature separating these two games and now is a joke. You are constantly repairing and healing the crew just like in WOT so forget about using consumables for acceleration and crew. Same opponents all the time T15, Bradley ATGM spam, PL01, Anders autoloader spam. They introduced RNG with HEAT shells so you'll take 150dmg instead of 1300dmg with tanks like XM1A3 or with fast reload tanks such as K21XC8 100 instead of 800 or no pen with 1300 pen double ATGMs of Cornet against paper tanks Without boosters, You are basically grinding for eternity now and even with premium account tier 10 PVE with blue star 100-200k credits games and 10-15k xp games, while silly module is often over 1mil xp and cost several millions credits You are getting stuck on several places and graphics is the same as 5 years ago. So as I said before, only an idiot would pay for this game and no matter the price
  22. XM1A3 with the gas turbine engine which is now reaching 50km/h and turning makes you almost stop, literally. Merkava line is exactly like playing WOT now, average 30km/h In the past it was a blast to play this game with agile tanks Smoke doesn't work at all In the past it was the only one feature making this game so much better than WOT and now this feature is laughable. HEAT rounds are taking 100-300dmg lately pretty often In the past it was consistent, either pen or no pen and now its new RNG in this game Modules and crew constantly damaged APS reload time reduced after the first hit (vulnerable to ATGM meta game spam) and track damaged after second hit (mobility drastically reduced) Third hit makes you blind cos commander sight is hit and you have energy drink instead of a medical kit so after repairing all the modules you are now left with injured gunner or loader and your usefullness in battle is already gone. In the past it was a blast and now its just another World of tanks (repairs) Developers literally killing all the fun in this game, resulting in my case to be playing this game less and less by every patch and most importantly not paying for anything till this game is fun again. My boosters are depleted and now after a game with tier 10 K21-XC-8 with blue star, all I get is 109k credits with premium account. pls bring back good old AW thank you
  23. since spotting changes smoke isn't working and you can consider this feature as non existent now
  24. all it takes is less than 3min and another map will be there for you to choose from. Some maps are designed to make a team of newbies loose and there is no point to save the team so many times for the same xp and credits as on the next map. On another note, on that second further cap, there is a wreck and If you hide your tank behind it, you can easily erase all incoming tanks and they'll keep shooting to that wreck instead of you. Its easy map bud too much moving for too little xp imo.
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