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  1. I got the type 10 but I;m dissapointed by it. Maybe I just need to learn to play it but as of right now it seems like a weaker PL-01.
  2. What is the possibility of a game engine upgrade? (I know it entails a huge amount of work, depending on upgrade game engine compatibility and available support for Crytek). Not sure however what are the legal and financial agreements, I see MY.COM/Mail.RU and it's affiliate developers use CryEngine 3 on a lot of products(tried Warface and you can clearly see it's age, also I believe skyforge uses the same engine version, etc) Question is is there any plan or discussion to have such an upgrade? I belive My.COM would be in a good position to squeeze a good deal out of Crytek since they are know to have major financial issues.
  3. I check that list to and also several other discussions on cry engine games, and it seems that cryengine 3 fps drops is like run of the mill stuff, nothing new here. I manged to get the game to run at around 144(with drops to 100 also I will post pics of settings when I get on my home pc) on normal -small maps, but as soon as I get a big map(Frontlines, Roughneck, etc) the game drops to 20-30 fps and stays there unless I go to sniper view where I get around 50-70 fps. The main changed I did that showed results was to changes some of the anti aliasing settings from the graphics card settings to override the application settings. I believe this can be done on Nvidia by manually setting the graphics card as the processor for anti aliasing and overriding application settings I remember this helped me get to 144 fps on my GTX 1060 but it didn't help with stability of frames, still that lead to a increase in the average fps. One last topic I regarding cryengine 3 that I had found was that Cry engine 3 performs worst on Vega GPUS, and also that it performs worst on Win10 vs Win7 with Vega GPUS and seeing that I have a Vega 56 on Win 10 kinda blows.
  4. I agree many of the titles build on cryengine have some performance issues there is no doubt about that. But it is also true that many of the cry engine titles I played could really get a lot more compelling visual with similar performance (Hunt Showdown, Kingdom Come Deliverance - this one I find to be one of the most pleasing RPG to look at, I like it's cenary more then I like some of the scenery in The Witcher 3, Skyrim etc and it's not about the texture quality but rather proportions and placement of things in the environment).
  5. Thank you very much for your feedback. Your GPU is top of the line, even now I cheapest I can find it priced is over 1000 euros in my area. That is more than some peoples entire rig and mentioning that it still drops to 60fps as soon as there is some action is rather disappointing. On the other note maybe it's subjective, but the textures still look bad IMHO, the vegetation is ugly and the way it "blends" in the terrain looks like axe work, actually most of the stuff don't really blend in very well, different texture clip, and various elements seem very oddly placed(buildings look bad).
  6. Could you provide more info regarding you rig and settings? maybe some in game screenshots.
  7. Is there any way to have a petition or any sort of way of communicating to the dev team that we need major optimization work for the game since it runs and look very bad an out of date.
  8. Also now the launcher doesn't log in so I can't start the game
  9. this 1.Games sold at different prices for different regions are not activate able outside their region. 2. Games with different region pricing don;t share the same server.
  10. You are just doing a knee jerk generalization of the issue without having even read the points I raised. This is just a post counter fodder. They treat the whole European Union as a single economy and then they have the nerve to tell me I don't know much about economy. The ignorance and hypocrisy these days is off the chart.
  11. 1)No, you were talking about sanctions imposed on Russia by the US and EU due to the Crimea invasion that caused a contraction of the Russian economy since it was imposed by at least 6%. Coupled with Russia economy reliance on gas and oil exports which have seen huge demands declines due in great part to the COVID19 you weren't talking about. Another huge part of Russian economy downfall is it's national bank inflation policy which keeps interests rate high to stem potential inflationary pressures but at the same time creating an obstacle to stimulating new investment which is even more exacerbated by it's VAT tax being routed to the federal government which lowers interests of regional governers to attract investments(there are measures to help this but it's not as effective).this is a simple short summary of the main reason Russian economic growth in recent years has been below 2%. Now considering all that above you still have the fact that Russian GDP pro capita is somewhere around the same level of most of Eastern Europe(Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary etc) countries of the EU which still get charged the same amount as the western side. 2) I guess that is pretty basic. Cause if you simply wanna sell something just lower it's price problem solved. But if you instead wanna sell more you can set up a system of artificially rising something's value and in order to counteract the decline in sales created by higher costs you offer alternative purchasing options where you split the value of the items across multiple payments with interests(not to mention you can also add a gambling element on top it making sure you can bot tap into the pockets of not just those who can;t afford a higher priced item but also those that may have a propensity for gambling. 3) Your point here is again simplistic and shallow: What you're basically saying is "We won't treat our players fairly and equally because of this guy Zemosu's lack of basic economy knowledge" Well allow me to help you clear the confusion. saying Everything has a price tag doesn't imply any ramification of equality or equity in adjusting prices. Now if you would have said "Not everything is priced the same for everybody" you would have more clearly underlined your intended message. "Regardless, monetization policies are one of few things where we generally do not accept player feedback. It's like taxes - everyone hates the way things are but in the end, they're needed. That's how the world works. We may not like it, but ALL other games operate the same. Especially free to play." You keep trying to generalize cause you know that the devil is in the details. Many games have different prices for different regions but players of different regions don't play together on the same server. And as a counter example there are also games that have the same prices for all the players even though they are in different regions(exception for China cause they have other company publish their games for them there).
  12. Your arguments are flawed in many ways: 1. Covid19 didn't happen only in Russia, there are countries that had the biggest part of their economy be based on turism that are doing far worst to more this goes on. 2. If lower prices in Russia help bring in more money why won't that do the same for anywhere else in the world. That's just basic common sense. 3. The end point is not having stuff cheaper or more expensive but having it at the same price so that you at least create the illusion that we are all treated as equally valuable players/customers and not just whales. "Everything has a price tag" - You keeps saying that like a broken record unwilling to understand that that's not the issue, but the fact that the price tag is not the same for everybody.
  13. You seem bitter about him. Give him a break he's showing dedication.
  14. Man those guys are annoying. but facehugging might save them if the weakest part of their tanks is the lower plate
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