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Found 3 results

  1. Hey All Im heading up and 4 man team (with the odd 5 man now and then) in all things PVE, also batt. ops once a week. Im the only one that has all the progression tanks unlocked, but the rest as a couple of battle paths tanks and premiums along with with at least a couple of tier 10s unlocked (mbts, t15, sphinx) as anyone can play any spot on the maps. Some of them understands that some tanks are better for some spots then others, and some commanders are better for survival and some for dps (one of them thinks Douglas O'Reilly is enough for any tank, as more dps means less time taking damage) So what Im looking for, is what in your opinions is the best spotters, bawlers, snipers and flankers tanks for tiers 7/8 and 9/10 and best Commanders to use with those. But Im asking for your opinion in both premium tanks and progressions... So it would look something like this: Tier 9/10 premium Spotter: Shadow with Erin O'Connell as commander for como and spotting Tier 9/10 Progression Spotter: Sphinx with Rashid Al-Atassi as Commander for como penalty reduced Let me know what you think are the best or what you yourself are using.
  2. just when can one get more than 7 commanders? is it after you reach 2 at colonel? what about the commanders for gold how do they fit in to this as well? just showing my lack of knowledge again XD!
  3. good idea to use rep to promote/advance commanders? use all or some to advance? which commanders to advance? have 2 at lt level. only have 3.5 mil rep total to work with
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