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  1. Adding video of Shadow. Seems like this happens more frequently currently. Strong suspicion it's somehow tied to server performance. Also interesting to see that it happens right after respawn too. Also on 1:52 happens during autoaim.
  2. I need this even if it's shit. Give me all the lootboxes. Also a swiss skin (camo with platoon number and swiss number plate) would be nice
  3. I want to thank dimon788777 for his support during this GLOPS battle. Arty smoke rarely gets used correctly but this was an exception. Thanks to his smoke rounds at the right timing I could capture the cap all by myself while remaining unspotted and still being able to shoot enemies. Proper plays mate, it's a pleasure to have such good teamplayers in the team: https://streamable.com/x7ymkz Really a great change from the usual braindead teams you get
  4. No they won't. They got some other wonky "features" though.
  5. Well, well if it ain't infamous Grindelwald again... OS: Windows 10 pro Build 19041 Game Version: 0.34.7574 Brief Description: Enemies behave like ghosts. Eg. Shells/atgm do not hit/damage them at all Steps to Reproduce: Play some GLOPS and be unlucky enough to get it. (No clue) Maybe related to respawn invulnerability mechanics in GLOPS Result: Can't damage the enemy as shells are not registered as hits. Enemy can damage me. Expected Behavior: I can damage the enemy Fixes/Workarounds: None Other Notes: Enjoy the video https://streamable.com/qroqdb. It's not the first time this happens to me in GLOPS. Not sure if connected to Grindelwald. It's rare but it happens and is annoying as fuck. Edit: replay https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ptf39uWpqnNG6CFjFyLPctfTMFrQobpw/view?usp=sharing
  6. The main event will probably be the raid after BP. Gonna see what it is this time but iirc SS said it would be different than the last.
  7. This is quite a bad idea to begin with. Telescope sights are only worth on vehicles you don't move much or do passive Scouting. So you should basically limit those on certain AFV's and TD's. On other vehicles you actually move a lot which makes this retrofit absolutely useless. In 0.33 VR got reduced in general, especially on MBTs. But if you play MBTs the right way you should hardly notice that in PVE because you're usually quite close to the bots. Hard to tell what exactly is your problem without a video or replay though. But bots do have a different behaviour since 0.33 and can be a lot more agressive. Probably due to the mobility changes.
  8. Ran into this problem a couple years ago. Had my selection of prems/progression vehicles I liked to play and the grind just started to become increasingly annoying. Luckily we had the Balance 2.0 progression reset at that time which gave me a shitload of basically everything but most importantly Reputation. At this time I decided to only research the tanks I liked before to the level they were well playable or had all essential modules unlocked. The rest of the remaining XP I regrinded to save the reputation. So tldr I have a lot of Reputation lying around now. Good thing about this is that if I have a line I want to grind now I can instantly unlock all the important modules on a tank for it to perform well enough to finish the grind. Also it gives me the freedom to skip the tanks I don't like. So at this point I'm hardly playing any vehicles I don't like because I either just ignore or skip them entirely. What I want to tell you with this is that there's no reason to waste your time with frustrating tanks you don't want to play or grind. I don't see much point of grinding tanks just for the sake of having them gather dust in the garage after you're finished and not even having fun doing it. Best I can tell you is to play whatever you like to play at that moment. In the end it's a game and we are playing games for the fun of it (I hope at least)
  9. Reserved There's still some stuff which is not 100% clear. If anyone got more info on this stuff please share: Damage scaling of pillboxes Spotting distances of drones / drone spotting mechanics in general Reset of players repairing in repair points by damage or interruption by enemies in the repair point (Not sure if that's still in??) Stats of the arties called by the arty wildcards Stats of the bomb carpet Stats of the combat helicopter Stats of the AC130 "Gunship"
  10. The Global Operations (GLOPS) mode can be overwhelming at the beginning, especially for beginners. A lot happens at the same time and at a fast pace. This guide is intended to help those new to GLOPS to find their way around this very fun and action-packed mode. This is a guide I originally did for AWtactics. I decided to translate it for the forum because I think it is a solid guide to get people started in GLOPS. Also, as this mode is not going to get significant overhauls it should stay relevant. In case you find any errors (of whatever kind) please let me know. Content: Introduction The ticket system and how to win the game The respawn mechanics The secondary objectives (Wildcards) How the cap points work The GLOPS phases The bots List and function of Wildcards The repair points Weather events The spawn 1. Introduction: The game mode GLOPS is a PVP mode (up to 15v15 players) in Armored Warfare. You can only play this game mode starting from Tier 5. All lower tier vehicles are not allowed to enter the GLOPS Matchmaker. Both teams start on a mostly medium to large map with a full ticket account. The team's goal is to bring the opposing team's ticket balance down to 0 (the game is won in this case) before their own account balance does so. The goal of removing tickets from the opponents account can be achieved through various actions in the game. If a player's vehicle has been destroyed, it reappears refilled with ammunition and completely repaired at the spawn point of the respective team after a cooldown and can be used again by the respective player. 2. The ticket system and how to win the game: The core of the GLOPS mode is the ticket system, which ultimately decides which team wins or loses. The ticket system is relatively simple and may be already known from some other games. Both teams start with a certain number of tickets on their ticket account. The starting number of tickets varies depending on the map between 2000 and 3000 tickets. The balance of both teams is recorded in the upper center of the screen and is displayed at all times. This is the ticket display. Your team's account balance is blue and the opponent's account balance is red. The game ends as soon as the balance of one of both teams has dropped to 0 tickets or the time has expired (which happens very rarely). In case the game ends due to time expiration the team with the higher remaining balance wins the game. So it is important to lose as few tickets as possible during the game. How can you remove tickets from the enemy team's account? In order to win the game, it is essential that you remove tickets from your opponent through your actions during the game. The following actions cost the opponent tickets: Kill an enemy player: -25 tickets on the enemy's account Kill a bot vehicle (these are marked in yellow): -10 tickets on the enemy's account There is also the most important element to withdraw tickets from the opponent: the main objectives. The main objectives are cap points , which are scattered around the map. There are 2-4 of those, depending on the map and phase of the game. As soon as one of those points has been completely capped, tickets are continuously removed from the opponent's ticket account until the point is neutral again, has been captured by the opponent or disappears (phase change). That means: Whoever controls most of the main objective caps gains a significant ticket advantage. You should always try to control at least 1 more main objective than the enemy. Of course, the enemy will try to do the opposite. 3. The respawn mechanics: If you are destroyed in GLOPS, the game is far from over as you will be revived after a 30s cooldown. It is important that your team loses 25 tickets each time you die (as described above). While you are dead, you can use the LCtrl key (standard controls) to display an enlarged minimap window and click on one of the available spawn points on which you want to be revived. There are two to three possible spawn points per map, which are located in different places on the map. It is therefore wise to choose a spawn point that is as close as possible to your desired position, which you want to take after your respawn. Important to know for PVE players: In contrast to PVE, respawn in GLOPS is free. The respawn window, which can be displayed/closed with LCtrl. The blue crosses mark the possible spawn points that you can select. Currently the topmost spawn point is selected as the respawn location. You can change your spawn point selection any time again while you are still dead, in the respawn window. Simply display it with LCtrl and click on the desired point. While you are dead, you can switch between your intact allies with the left and right mouse button and see what they are doing (This can be important as you might gain valuable information by doing so). You can also continue to use the chat and ping the minimap. When you respawn you will receive a completely ammunitioned and repaired vehicle (this also includes APS and smoke charges), but you will not receive any new consumables (Cooldowns on multi-use consumables are reset though). As soon as you have spawned again, you are invulnerable for 15 seconds to prevent you from being killed immediately after respawning. 4. The main objectives: The main objectives are your primary goals during the GLOPS game. The main objectives are cap points, which your team must capture and hold. For each main objective cap held, tickets are continuously removed from the enemy's ticket account at a fixed rate. So if you consistently hold more main caps than the opposing team, you will deduct significantly more tickets from their account. In the vast majority of cases, victory in GLOPS only depends on whoever has more of the main objective caps under their control. So there is usually a lot going on in the area of these caps, as they are constantly hard-fought. The main caps are numbered consecutively and shown on the minimap. The status of the main caps can also be seen in the upper center of the screen. Picture above: The status display of the main caps. In this case, cappoint 2 is controlled by our team and cappoint 3 is under the control of the enemy. Cap point 1 is currently still a neutral cap point. Picture below: The main objectives are also shown on the minimap. In this case, all 3 main cap points are neutral. The time it takes to capture a main cap is 35 seconds for a single player (excluding bonuses on the cap time). 5. The secondary objectives (Wildcards): The secondary objectives are caps which, in contrast to the main objectives, have no influence on the ticket balance of your team or the enemy, but instead give you a so-called “ wildcard ” if they are successfully captured. There are many different wildcards in GLOPS, which also have different functions. These are listed and explained further below. These wildcards give you the opportunity to place infantry in bunkers on the minimap (for example), which then fight your enemy. They are therefore generally a useful aid for your team to fight the enemy effectively and to help your team gaining the upper hand in the battle. The secondary objectives, like the main objectives, are cap points, which are marked with the respective wildcard you receive when you successfully capture the point. So you already know in advance which wildcard you will get by capturing the cap point. It is therefore normal that some secondary caps are very crowded and hard-fought, as these contain very strong wildcards such as an airstrike or the AC-130 “Gunship”. Picture above: The status of the secondary caps containing the icon of the respective wildcards in the upper center of the screen. Picture below: The display of the secondary caps on the minimap, which are all located in the southern half of the map. Here an ally is just capturing the air strike wildcard. As soon as a secondary cap has been successfully captured, which takes 20 seconds for a single player (without bonuses on the cap time), the secondary cap disappears and the player receives the respective wildcard. In the event that several allied players cap the same secondary goal at the same time, the player who received the most cap points while capping the secondary goal receives the wildcard (see more on that in the Cappoint chapter). If you have received a wildcard, it will be displayed in your user interface at the bottom left: My air strike wildcard, which I captured before, is marked in red here. To the right of it you can see the expiry time of the wildcard and which key you have to press to activate it. As soon as you have received the wildcard, you have to activate it in most cases (exceptions are explained in the section “Wildcards”). You can do this with the Q key (standard controls). After that an enlarged mini map appears and you can decide with a click of the mouse where the wildcard should be used. If you want to leave this window without using the wildcard, you can do so by pressing the right mouse button (standard controls) (don't worry, the wildcard does not disappear, it can be reactivated afterwards with Q). Attention: As long as you have a non-activated wildcard on your tank, you can lose it in the following 2 cases: Your vehicle will be destroyed before you have activated the wildcard: The wildcard disappears and can no longer be used. The expiry time of your wildcard reaches 0 seconds: Wildcards have an expiry time of 1 minute. As soon as you have captured a wildcard, a timer starts counting down one minute. You can see the timer status at any time on the right side of the wildcard icon (see picture above). Once this minute has passed, the wildcard disappears and can no longer be used. 6. How the cap points work: In order to successfully play GLOPS, it is necessary to understand how the cap mechanics work in Armored Warfare: In order to capture a cap, at least one allied vehicle must be inside the cap point. No enemy vehicles may be in the cap point at the same time. This vehicle now starts to collect points for the respective cap. These points also form the core mechanics of the caps. As soon as the player has collected 100% of the points for the respective cap, the cap point is captured. It is now under the control of your team. You can also lose points you have collected while capping. This is the case if your vehicle is damaged during capping. Module damage is sufficient here. As soon as this is the case, the points you have collected will be reset to 0. You will also lose all of your points if you leave the cap point while capping. Some vehicles that can transport infantry have a module called “Troop Compartment” which increases the collection rate of points for the cap by 25%. There are also some commander skills that can do this. Distribution of points in the cap. In the picture above you can see how the point distribution affects several players in the cap: There are 3 players in the cap. Based on the points collected in %, it can be seen that not all of them entered the cap at the same time. Attention: This distribution is not visible in the game, in the game you only see the total status of the cap, which you can see on the right in the picture. Now an enemy hits the tank with 35% of the cap points and does (at least) module damage: The points collected by this hit vehicle are reset to 0%. This results in a new total of 40%. In order to capture a cap point as quickly as possible, several allied players must be in the cap point at the same time. Since all players collect points separately for the cap, the point collection rate is much higher and the sum of all points that the players have collected in the cap reaches 100% faster. Attention, the collection rate cannot be increased by any number of players in the cap, but reaches its maximum with 3 players in the cap. Each additional player in the cap also collects points, but the collection rate of all players in the cap is then adjusted so that the total collection rate corresponds to the collection rate of 3 players in one cap. So if more than three players collect points in a cap, there is only a more even distribution of points over all players, which can be an advantage if the enemies try to reset the cap by damaging the capping allies vehicles. Cap points can enter the following states in the game: Neutral cap points: Neutral cap points are marked in white. These can be captured by you or your enemies. Caution: Once a neutral cap has been captured, it can never become neutral again! If you capture an opponent's cap, the cap does not become neutral first, but instead becomes an allied cap point when it is successfully captured. Enemy cap points: Enemy cap points are marked in red and have been successfully captured by the opponent. Your team can recapture this cap point. This takes as long as it takes to capture a neutral cap. Allied cap points: The allied cap points were successfully captured by your team. However, these can be recaptured at any time by the enemy. Contested cap points: A cap point is considered contested as soon as at least one enemy vehicle and at least one allied vehicle are in the same cap point. It doesn't matter which side has more vehicles in the cap point. In a contested cap, the collection of points is interrupted for all vehicles in it, but each vehicle retains its previously collected points. However, as in normal situations, those points can still be lost through module damage / destruction or by leaving the cap. Competitive caps pulsate in white and still show the current point score of the cap. Status display of the cap points in GLOPS: Since the cap points represent the most important element in GLOPS, their status is displayed in the upper center of the screen: Status indication of the various caps In the picture above you can see the status of the caps that are currently active. At the moment there are only the three main objective caps 1, 2 and 3 active. Secondary objective caps and the respective status are also displayed here. In the picture above we can see that all 3 cap points are currently still neutral (white). If they are successfully captured, these take on the color of the holding team. Cap point 1 is currently a contested cap point, you can see that the opponent has already collected over 90% of the points for this cap. The two numbers under the cap icon show you how many opponents (red) and allies (blue) are currently inside this cap point. Since cappoint 1 is contested, it has no time indication. This is different with Cappoint 2, where it will probably take another 31 seconds for a successful capture. The status display of the caps is very important for you to see what is going on with the caps, or whether an enemy is trying to capture your cap point. 7. The GLOPS phases: Every GLOPS game is divided into several phases. As soon as a new phase becomes active, the main objectives of the old phase disappear and the main objectives of the new phase become active and can be captured. The secondary goals are also linked to the phases, so special wildcards usually only appear in a specific GLOPS phase, but some do not always have to appear exactly at the time of the phase change and are even randomized to a certain extent. There are usually 3 phases per game and map. The phases are always the same in regard to the position of the main objective caps and are not generated at random. However, it is possible that the phases can occur in a different order on a map depending on the game. This varies per map. The phases are tied to the ticket account balance of the two teams and are displayed on the account balances of the two teams: The display of the ticket balance. If you take a closer look at the account balance bar, you can see 2 black bars that divide the bar into 3 parts. These black bars mark a phase change. As soon as one of the two teams drops below the black bar with their account balance, there is a phase change. Based on the proportions of the bar you can also see that in the example above, the 3rd phase will take the longest in terms of tickets and the 2nd phase is the shortest. The account balance bars start pulsating shortly before a phase change to warn you of the impending change. Phases on the “Panama Canal” map. On the left the main goals of the 1st phase, on the right the main goals of the 2nd phase. Both phases can also occur in reverse order on this map. It is essential for you as a player to be prepared for the phase changes, because the team with a faster reaction usually wins the game or at least gains a significant advantage. With enough experience in the game, you will quickly notice where the new main objectives will appear on the map and you can prepare for them before each phase change. 7. The bots: In addition to your team and the enemy team, there is a third party on some (not all!) GLOPS maps: the bot opponents. The bot opponents are a team that is controlled by the AI. They are marked with the yellow color. The bots attack all players, regardless of which team they belong to. Bot opponents can appear either as vehicles or as solid objects: Bot vehicles: The bot vehicles generally behave like the enemies in PVE modes. In GLOPS, they usually consist of vehicles of the same tier or lower tier of the two player teams. In addition, they usually have a reduced number of hit points. The bot vehicles usually spawn near main objectives or near some secondary objectives. In general, they don't move far from their spawn point. The vehicles attack everything that is within their range and choose their opponents, as in PVE, according to the “aggro level” (whoever caused a lot of damage to a bot vehicle has a high “aggro level” and is accordingly prioritized by this bot as a target). Some bot vehicles at the beginning of the battle. Bot vehicles cannot cap or interrupt the cap process if they are in a cap point. However, they can reset the accumulated points of the cap by damaging the capping player. If you kill a bot vehicle, 10 tickets will be deducted from the enemy's ticket account. The bots spawn in different locations depending on the GLOPS phase. Bot objects: So far there are only bot objects on the “Waterway” (Panama Canal) map. These are pillboxes that are set up at fixed locations on the map and attack all player vehicles with unguided rockets. They work exactly the same as the wildcard pillboxes . Each have 1500 HP and no armor in the practical sense and can therefore be damaged by practically all types of ammunition available. Destroying a bot pillbox will not affect the ticket balances of either team. On the left a fully functional pillbox, on the right a destroyed pillbox with a visual timer. As soon as a bot pillbox is destroyed, a timer starts to count down from 4:20 minutes. As soon as this time has passed, a fully functional bot pillbox will appear again. 8. List and function of Wildcards: This section lists all available wildcards in GLOPS and explains their functions and special features. In general, not all wildcards have to appear within a game or on a specific map. Some are fixed though and bound to phases. Pillboxes Drones Combat helicopter Artillery Airstrike AC-130 "Gunship" 9. The repair points: There is at least one repair point on every GLOPS map. This is a fixed point on the map near your spawn, which repairs you and your allies and resupplies your ammo. These belong to your team which means that no enemy can be repaired at your repair point (and vice versa). An allied repair point. They are also marked on the minimap. As soon as you are within the repair point, you have to cap it, which takes 10 seconds. As in normal caps, the points you have collected can be reset by module damage / damage to the vehicle. As soon as you have “captured” the repair point, you will be fully ammunitioned and repaired (a maximum of 70% of your total HP will be repaired), but your APS and smoke charges will not be replenished. In addition, consumables are not replenished and cooldowns not reset. As soon as this happens, all allied repair points have a one-minute cooldown for you. During this time you cannot have yourself repaired again. 10. Weather events: There are weather events on some GLOPS maps. These have an impact on the general view range in the game. The weather events include snow and sandstorms, as well as fog. Some maps have these weather events enabled by default at the beginning of the battle. For others, chance can decide whether such an event occurs. In this case you will be informed by a popup text in the UI. In general, the viewrange of everything is reduced by 50% in such an event. The weather events are mostly dependent on the GLOPS phases and can also dissolve again (in this case the visibility is 100% again). A sandstorm on the “Desert Crossing” map. On the left the warning of the storm, on the right the actual sandstorm. 11. The spawn: Your spawns (where your team starts / is revived) as well as the opponent's spawn are protected by many pillboxes with 2000HP. An opponent who drives close to your spawn is being attacked by these pill boxes.
  11. also: Why are the states of those dropdowns not saved? I hide most of them and after I revisit the customization window they're all expanded again. Very annoying.
  12. It was iirc. Just not sure which update it was. But yes it's a bit overdone and adds more confusion than clarity in my opinion
  13. @smudlicko Please stop with the provocations and further derailing into off-topic. I think it's clear that no company game etc generally comments on such matters.
  14. Thermal sights are in the game as various vehicle modules increasing efficiency to spot targets through foliage. Having "actual" thermal views would not benefit the game in general, as Spotting is not done by the player (like in WT RB) but the system and respective stats. Regarding stabilization: Yes it's not. At least not how it is in a real world case. You can lock on targets which more or less does what stabilization does plus it tracks the target. Otherwise you need to do it manually. However, I think adding such a feature would rather reduce the skill requirements of a player and also not promote fun arcade gameplay. It's somewhat resembled in how big the aiming circle gets during driving. Some LTs are quite accurate during movement for example. Well that's how the spotting system works in some cases.
  15. We're talking about this one I assume: That would be a must have for me. Please be a non prem BP/Raid seems to be working fairly well so no reason to do anything different or even add progression stuff which doesn't earn money anyways. This I found very interesting as well. I was expecting that it would work better than the previous one but that sounds a damn lot better. The skins were well made no matter if you liked them or not.
  16. Retarded beyond comprehension. Not much else to say. The pinnacle of disgusting sales tactics targeting people who struggle to safely use money in a common sense. Hard to believe AW people agree with/support this shit.
  17. OP yes. But as knutliott said it's in the game and both are even obtainable without spending a cent so I wouldn't blame anyone who plays it. I find it to be quite funny that even after 0.33 where MBTs got ridiculous buffs people are still thinking they're the bottom of the foodchain while even AW staff openly admitted that the aim is to get an MBT meta (which we basically have currently looking across the gamemodes). In PVE dpm is key so once you have people with dpm vehicles who can make those work effectively you'll certainly have trouble keeping up with damage if you have something with less dpm. Doesn't mean you're useless. In that case get to the frontline, use your armor and spot targets. Track as many targets as possible while dealing damage to get all the assist. Make sure the dpm machines shoot all the stuff you spot or track. Get easy free assist damage and bluestars in an MBT. Is it the fault of dpm vehicles that those perform so good in terms of damage in PVE? No. This is only the case because the bots in PVE are fucking retarded and most targets you get are made of paper. So the problem lies in the design and difficulty of the PVE missions. So on one hand you call someone a selfish prick for playing said vehicles while you simply quit the battle for no reason at all and possibly make the team loose? Very poor behaviour. I think it all depends on player skill. I rarely get capable dakka players when I play PVE. Usually those dudes don't have much clue on what they're doing at all so even in a vehicle with less dpm it's easy to get a lot of damage. If you get a capable dakka player you still got a variety of tools at your disposal to get lots of XP, especially in an MBT. As soon as someone knows how stuff works in the game he'll perform good in PVE no matter what vehicle he plays and no matter how the team comp looks like.
  18. Looking at this picture it looks correct to me As Haswell said the mini icons usually depict the stock version, which would be correct in this case. We should not forget that AW is first and foremost an arcade game. There's hardly anything realistic there. The models should be fairly good but they usually don't bother to fix tiny errors and stuff like that. It's not like nobody sees the flaws of this game it's more a question of what the devs want to fix and what not given on what makes sense in terms of enhancing fun gameplay / effort required.
  19. So yesterday we were spreading the name of LABS for a good cause in our premium P2W PLZ Arties in GLOPS Bet someone was salty..
  20. TeyKey1

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Also kinda curious what settings you play on and what FPS you get. Would be nice to have some comparison. I feel like it doesn't run well on my rig. I'm playing 1440p on medium (more or less) and get about 40-55fps Got an I7 5930k and GTX 1080
  21. TeyKey1

    Cyberpunk 2077

    RIP. At least it might be well patched once you can. Me neither. But there are some damn annoying ones. Like some fucked character rendering while driving fast or kinda freezed weapon or movement controls. I think it's better to wait if you aren't a uber hyped dude like I am. Quite sure the game will be way more enjoyable once devs get some time fixing that game. Regarding controls: Don't feel wonky to me on PC except for driving. However, you might not be able to set it up to your liking as those settings seem to be quite limiting to me in the current state.
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