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  1. Hallo. Erstmal willkommen Eigentlich ist unsere Forensprache englisch, ich werde deine Frage trotzdem kurz beantworten: Das Fadenkreuz in diesen Bildern stammt aus alten Versionen von AW. Es wurde 2020 in der Spirithaven Season durch das neue UI ersetzt (https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/guide-customizing-your-battle-ui). Es gibt keine offizielle Funktion im Spiel, welche dieses Fadenkreuz anzeigt. Soweit mir bekannt ist, hat es nie einen öffentlichen Mod gegeben, welcher das alte UI zurückbrachte. Könnte aber sein, dass es moddingtechnisch machbar ist.
  2. They announced on Discord that they would disable the global chat due to the Russian invasion, with reason that it is an apolitical game. Not like much will be lost anyway, as global was usually filled with retarded shit due to no moderation at all.
  3. You know how well AW is with PVP modes. And SS statement regarding that just made me laugh once again. The game is in a situation regarding PVP modes where they can only lose no matter what they do. Either make people wait a shitload of time to get good matches, which drives people away because they understandably don't want to wait 2min for a match. Or you just don't give a fuck about balance and just smash some stuff together to get a team, which drives people away because of a shit experience. Anything related to the term "balance" was thrown out of the window quite some time ago, so it's hard to not have a shit experience in PVP anyways. Looks like the general direction of the game in the last months totally fits the playerbase then
  4. Why create accurate patchnotes when you can just invent some. The random dudes already enjoying the inexistent AC changes won't notice either way. This just shows that the devs seem to be as clueless as global chat inhabitants at time.
  5. Still vaguely remember the days where we would get such "upgrades" like Kinzhal for free as a module on the respective progression vehicle. Been a long time. Vehicles look cool though, too late unfortunately. We'll probably have to see how the AC changes work out first anyways to know if worth or not though with the history of BP top rewards I doubt this will be an issue at all.
  6. ngl I can see them implementing some of that stuff
  7. Why create a progression line when you can just slap them into a BP and earn money instead. I'm quite sure those will eventually be added to the game in such a way.
  8. I mean there was some kind of improvement in terms of whaling possibilities and comedy value
  9. I'll just drop in my vid I did: It's german and from .31 so some settings slightly changed but it illustrates what the setting changes do. Absolute shame they couldn't find any time to add a live preview of whatever you change there.
  10. This whole article is a clown show just as everything they did since .33 I don't think there was a single time where it was worse than that. There surely were super shitty things and questionable decisions but this time it totally feels like they are trying to dumb stuff down so hard that it would fit into a mobile game, while they are mumbling something about "enhancing diversity" during the process. I'm glad that I don't have to be part of this anymore and hope that at least some players like the new "features" of the update.
  11. looks like they actually put some effort into this one at least. Boring color but it looks good regardless
  12. In PVE you'll hardly get above that but in certain PVP/GLOPS maps it's possible to have quite long shots even beyond render range at times.
  13. Damn the chaos this would cause I'd love to see that one day
  14. Now I found it @Blesd12. I accepted your application, welcome. Also feel free to join our discord to stay informed on bat related stuff https://discord.gg/Zrq6sxBPAr
  15. what's your name there? So I can give you the tag
  16. I just accepted your application, welcome to LABS. Please also join our battalion Discord to stay informed on any bat stuff: https://discord.gg/Zrq6sxBPAr
  17. This looks like a lot of data for @Haswell Also i hope your mouse survived all the clicking
  18. Hello and Welcome I can't see any application from you ingame currently in LABS battalion. Please check if you really submitted it. Otherwise I can also invite you if need be.
  19. groups usually form on ArmoredLabs Discord. The labs bat Discord is primarily for administration trading and ranked
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