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  1. I think will at least do it for fun and to learn some new things. My first goal would be to have the basic functionalities without the forum API in a first time. And if this work out I will probably open source it and share it. Merging mod would be in a second time, I think this would be done manually for now but if some mod authors accept to publish on some form of git it could be automatized. This would also come with the fact that we could easily see the content of a mod. I will work on that in my spare time and share the result if something interesting come up. Thanks again for your replies and ideas
  2. Thanks for your replies The first reason why was because a friend of mine had trouble installing a mod mainly because it ad no file structure. But for that it would be easier to just have some kind of standard for future mods. Another reason was to be able to sort mod by types. I also think this would be a lot more useful if it could manage multi assets mod and it's something possible. If the mod count and player base rise up, it could really help the previous point to centralize the mods and use some kind of versioning. For now maybe helping people having trouble is more efficient. I will keep the ideas and maybe do some prototyping. It could be useful one day.
  3. Hi, since a lot of mods are present in this forum and some people can have difficulties installing them, I had an idea about creating a mod installer. I know it is possible to retrieve post from here and then extract the necessary information to list, download and install the mods. This can be done through the API of the forum and storage providers. First, do something like that is already in development/exist ? And if not would it be useful to some people ? Secondly, would the admins of the forum be okay to give access to some part of the API (to read the posts) ?
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