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  1. welldone man(azdule)i dont know if you know me in last months i met-speak-play with lots ppl-players and ppl usually call me jimiboi-sarge-jim-themostannoyingpersononteamspeak and the best and latest given to me sounboardjim(i will stick to that)enough about me,what i came here to say is whatever you do or whatever or whoever you are,you are still the MAN cos even if i play heroic and love it(im beta but left for 2 years and now im back for good)im new on heroic and i could never-never do what you did or like labs and friends do....i speak for myself not my clan not my friends not other i know,so welldone and respect...hope i play with you sometime cos i play often with labs and haswell and they know what they doing(maybe i already played with you sorry im old i forget names-voices-ingamenames or forum nicknames) oh yes thats bruce cambell from evil dead series movies but i can do also in duke nukems voice hail to the king...i have both sounds on my sounboard on teamspeak!
  2. at least i manage to get t55 enigma+ontos+sgt york which i didnt have so yes thanks aw and bp i needed those😃
  3. happy new year all and best wishes...finally managed to sign in...sorry to lazy for some things...my bad
  4. happy new year all best wishes

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