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  1. Currently, M1 Abrams in Tier 6 has a decal in-game bug. Now, look at this picture. As you can see, the right side of the turret of the tank has a decal bug like this tank. Look at this. Some of the decals are cut off. All the other decals are like that. Any decal is cut like this. However, the other side of the turret of the tank is not cut like this. Developers, please refer to my bug report. Thank you.
  2. https://www.leonardodrs.com/sitrep/q4-2017-defensive-protection-systems-and-technologies/us-army-decides-on-aps-for-m1-anti-armor-threat-protection/ https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/15030/highlights-from-the-showroom-floor-at-the-armys-biggest-arms-expo-and-conference That tracks is from the early M1 Abrams. But that tracks is also shown on the M1A1, M1A2. This is obviously wrong. Please AW developers, do study.
  3. Let's play War Thunder. War Thunder's game system is still developing a lot. But what is this? Only BP and premium vehicles added... I used to love this game. But let me be honest now. This game has no future. This game won't make any good progress in the future. Developers only chase money. They have no intention of attracting new users. They just thinking of robbing old users of money. This is really disgusting. Look at the graphics of this game. Honestly, when the game was first released in 2015, the graphics were better than WOT and WT. But now? WOT and WT continue to develop graphics and sound to this day, but this game is not. The graphics and sound of this game are really bad. Honestly, it's poop.
  4. In version 1.2, there were a total of seven folders. But in the 1.5 version, there are only 5 folders in total. So I looked for 2 missing folders. There are no "surfaces" and "sandbox" folders in version 1.5. So a total of 5 files. (In version 1.2, there were a total of 7 files, including the "surfaces" and "sandbox" folders.) I'm curious about one thing. Is there no problem without the "surfaces" and "sandbox" folders???
  5. What BGM mode did you use???? I think the BGM of your video is a little different.
  6. The new version is always good! However, the new 1.5 version sound of the current T-15 Kinzhal is very bad. In particular, the reloading sound of the T-15 Kinzhal is very annoying. The sound of the T-15 Kinzhal's gun fire and reload looks very much in need of modification.
  7. Please refer to this, too!

    I hope that a modern warfair voice pack for AW will be released someday.

    GJ bro!

    1. BaJIbkupu9I


      ThanksĀ much, I'llĀ check it out)

  8. We don't need an invader Russian tank skin.
  9. [snip] Please keep politically charged memes and jokes in the Ukraine thread, thanks! -H
  10. Extra tracks or whatever.I'm talking about that graphic error bug. Read the text straight.
  11. Don't expect too much from the poo game. They don't have the ability and care to solve this problem. The only solution is, Do not use "Fullscreen". Use "Windowed [Fullscreen]"
  12. I've reported this bug so many times. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdLe981CZDdbEDfkeuaBKYrjYlIJXakffd8ZA5XRFTgINjucQ/viewform I've reported it many times through this link, but they still haven't fixed this bug. For almost five or six months! AW, please do your job.
  13. I hope a new version is released soon. I'm very excited about version 1.0 of this mod! :D
  14. This sound mode is fantastic! Thank you. However, there are still some areas that are a little disappointing. I will give you my feedback. 1. In the third-person view, the turret rotating sound seems to be still loud. I think it would be perfect to turn down the sound "a little more" in the current state. 2. The ATGM launch sound is too small in the first and third person views. I hope this sound will be louder in the next version. P.S. I have one more suggestion for you. https://youtu.be/I32BgHw351o?t=65 Please pay attention to the crew voice from 1:05 to 1:17 in the video in this link. Crew voices like this at the start of a match are very interesting. And, https://youtu.be/AiZCInAIUfc?t=4 The video from this link from 0:04 to 0:10 is gun reload sound "UP!" The sound is also very interesting.I really hope you add this. https://youtu.be/qDb9Gqvr_7M?t=10 (The same applies from 0:08 to 0:13 in this video) Thanks.
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