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  1. Well it's ridiculously OP. We'll see how long it's able to dodge the nerf bat. As for the gun, especially in PVP it is crucial to use the ATGM as primary armament, as you do not need to aim. So in case you're driving and encountering an enemy vehicle you get some extra seconds of time. Of course depends on what distance you're expecting your enemies. If they are expected to pop up far away the gun is the better option. ATGM are very agile, which allow for hitting targets over hills and obstacles easily. If done correctly the enemy is not able to deal damage to your vehicle at all.
  2. In my opinion a quite fun tank in PVP. Much less armor compared to chally 1 but featuring roughly the same mobility. What makes it strong is the unmanned turret with the CTG gun. Unmanned turret allows for safe hulldown-tactics (which you will need to do because the LFP is garbage). And the gun has a fast salvo reload with decent pen and damage which allows for some nice damage bursts if used correctly. When it comes to T8 MBTs the Degman would be definitely the best choice for all modes.
  3. You're late to the party. Well as long as there are people buying it I think nothing will change. You'd need a russian acc for this.
  4. I added HE shells to the guide. As HE mechanics are quite a difficult topic with little information available there is a high chance that not everything is correct. In case you find something, just let me know. I try to translate the picture of the 155mm shell ASAP.
  5. It depends on what mode you're looking at. For PVE those three tanks are allright, probably performing a bit better than competitors in the same vehicle class and tier (except the Pindad, which requires skill and exploiting assist damage to make it work). There's not much vehicles that are on a York level of OP in PVE, except for the Termi mod. 2017 and the T15 or Leclerc T40. In PVP the Type 74 is too strong compared to other T5 MBTs. (Just compare it to a Leo 1. You'll probably get what i mean) But it needs a good player to make it look like it is OP. But it definitely is due to high burst with a dynamic suspension/strong turret armor combo. The Seon'gun-915 is blatantly OP at its current state, mainly due to its very high burst damage (You do 1.5k dmg while the enemy MBT is able to do 500) superb mobility (It's basically on a light tank level) and it has quite good camo. The ATGM of this thing are very agile and the launcher is the highest point of the tank which means you can easily exploit this to basically hit enemies while you're behind cover. The ATGM itself are too strong featuring tandem heat warhead. And then there's the Pindad. This thing is the most toxic tank in the game if the player knows how to play it (Even worse than strela). It definitely is not easy to play and you need to know the maps. You can do yolo rush tactics with it and die quickly while you deal 2-3k dmg and use OPhelia bitch shield. Or you can do it the proper way taking advantage of your HE shells combined with the curved trajectory. What makes it blatantly OP is the ability to stay behind cover with the entire tank, while dealing up to 1.5k dmg to the front of enemy MBTs with one salvo and wrecking a ton of modules in the process. If you happen to meet anything that's featuring less armor than MBTs it is your time to shine. AFVs TDs and Lights are getting obliterated by such a salvo no matter from what side. This is the way to play it. People who don't do this do something wrong.
  6. Yes spotting system is still all over the place right now. Smoke not working as intended and I had multiple matches now where enemy Infantry was permaspotted no matter what.
  7. I already wait for the massive Pindad abuse in PVP. It's going to make the game super toxic once people figure out how to handle this thing. You can do ridiculous stuff with it to make your enemies suffer. Type 74 is blatantly OP and so is the seon'gun-915 if used properly. Lets see how this goes.
  8. Level costs (BC): 1: 0 2 : 50 3 : 100 4 : 100 5 : 150 6 : 200 7 : 300 8 : 300 9 : 500 10 : 800 11-50 : 4000
  9. Yes You get BC for every battle you play No. Premium doesn't matter in this regard. Only thing there are BC boosters which you can obtain at certain levels of BP
  10. 1. there are three mission sets for the skins of the Type74, soengun, Pindad and the ultimate mission set with the Type 10 skin. The three mission sets are unlocked by unlocking the corresponding BP vehicles.Which means you start with the Type74 set, then seongun unlocks seongun skin mission set, ... Ultimate mission set is unlocked with unlocking Type 10 and completing all three standard mission sets. Yes this is correct. 3. repeatable missions are in the profile tab. Challenges in the challenge tab. 4. Hunter AFV will be obtainable through enigma lootcrates that will be available for BC at a later time usually 3-4Weeks into BP.
  11. Well for standard access it is nearly always "worth it" in terms of what you get even if you only reach level 10. According to Silentstalker the Grind is 10% higher. To me it feels a bit higher tough, as the skin-mission sets can only be done using enigma BP vehicles (Which makes things harder). It should be possible to at least reach level 30 even if you don't have much time. With some effort level 50 should be possible as well. Most of the missions seem to be doable even as a random player without rigging. However, some might be quite annoying and are more or less based on luck.
  12. I just started grinding this thing to get the Harimau. First tought it's just another basic TD but it is actually quite fun to play. Its armor is nearly on MBT levels if you use it properly, allowing for some fun hulldown tactics and ridiculous situations where you nearly act as a MBT. I'm actually really surprised that it bounces so much. Only thing is that the negative elevation angle is not really the best. Other than that it's quite capable. Now on my way to the second AP shell for some juicy pen. That AI aiming assistant is more a gimmick to me. And distracts me more than it helps.
  13. In my PVP configuration i get a max reload of approximately 24s (with doubleshot). From a PVE POV the reload is painful as you need the dpm, but in terms of PVP the reload is totally fine, as it balances the insane firepower of the tank. Just remeber: With the double shot module you're able to oneshot lots of TDs and AFVs (or at least bypass the APS) and deal incredible damage easily. The burst is definitely unmatched for ATGM TDs in tier 8. With its currently very strong abilities like a hard-kill APS, triple 360° smoke, double-shot, HEAT MP and invisible movement the only thing that holds it back from being too OP is the reload. It's a hard to master vehicle but people that do master it perform exceptionally well in PVP. For me personally it's still a bit too strong (the hard-kill should be removed). So currently the animation is just a mean to balance the tank just as it is with the C13 TUA, which would be horribly OP without the reload animation. As a second point I really like the animation, in close combat it actually makes the vehicle perform worse, as your enemy can easily tell if you're reloading or not (wich makes a significant difference) I personally would as well like to see MBT guns moving into reload position after firing, that would be a really nice feature in my opinion (of course without affecting the reload).
  14. Yes since some patches there are numerous ATGM fucked up. I'm just thinking of the AGDS or the SPHINX their missiles are doing all kinds of crazy stuff. Soft-Kill seems to be broken aswell. I'm slowly starting to question if there even is something that currently works as intended.
  15. I'm mainly a PVP player actually since closed beta Problem is that PVP is quite a dead mode sometimes. Additionally I like to play Specops (which I started to play because of the crates you get and the story). For me it's simply a miracle why my.games aims to get an average 85% WR in PVE. Problem with PVE currently is, as I said, that bots are too stupid. I know we shouldn't expect miracles in this regard but currently difficulty is only achieved by giving the players more HP to shoot at. Which leads to a crucial problem: DPM-Machines become necessary and perform best in each PVE match, while everything else gets worse the higher the difficulty gets. Which leads to a mode you simply can't balance properly. If you take two equal players and give one a Leo Evo and the second one a Termi 2017 it's a pretty safe bet to say the termi is going to perform better in 99% of the cases. Yeah my PVE winrate is quite embarassing actually because of this, the 30 losses on T10 SH ch4 alone before the adjustments killed my winrate. But it was still quite more fun because a win actually felt like an achievement. (apart from loosing faith in humanity) I'm exactly thinking of this. For me this would make a lot more sense.
  16. Case 1 makes sense. In case 2 I suppose the enemy on the bottom is not able to spot you due to lack of VR, while his LOS is still able to get to your tank, hence why you're still kept rendered for a vew secs. Makes sense to me as well. Case 3 seems more like a bug to me because this does not make sense at all. I mean this implies that the enemy spotting ray is able to penetrate the oil tank, which should not be possible. As expected with the recent spotting changes you get spotted faster than before, if you keep playing as usual. In my opinion in case 2 you should disappear right away when popping smoke, as long as no enemy is able to spot you. This would make more sense to me. If the bottom enemy is able to spot you, you should remain spotted. For me personally the spot indicator after popping smoke feels very counterintuitive.
  17. Arty will return to GLOPS, only a matter of time: from: https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/artillery-global-operations-results But to make arty viable for GLOPS there need to be more changes. Let's see what happens in the meantime
  18. I'm mainly playing missile dumpsters in AW, and one thing that is for sure is that those missiles are bugged. This is definitely not normal behaviour, even when soft-kill comes into play.
  19. Well it's the same as with the useless recent SH difficulty adjustments. I think they feel the urge to make it idiot-proof. I'm usually only playing Specops T10 in random MM to at least get a bit of a a challenge but even there it seems to be too easy. There are some difficult specops missions but most of them are way too easy. One thing that baffles me as well is why they aim to have an average PVE winrate of ~85%. With such winrates a win just does not feel like a win. And in most cases it doesn't require much effort to win either, as long as everyone knows how to point and click. That's part of the problem why PVE can become annoying quite fast, apart from predictable bots and predictable maps.
  20. It's simply a different tank. For PVP/GLOPS I think it's a significant buff, PVE it relies on dpm which means it was definitely better before (However it was horribly broken in PVE before so maybe it blends in better now). In my opinion more distinct and fun to play. Now you can at least easily distinguish it visually from the other Termis. The ATGM are top notch, high pen, nice handling, and high damage. (Yes there seems to be an ATGM issue in AW nowadays but if this is fixed I think those missiles will be among the best T8 has to offer). MK was nerfed in dpm definitely but it's still quite capable to finish off enemies. Again for PVP/GLOPS this is not a big deal. I personally like the change a lot. It gives me more reason to actually use it for PVP rather than only PVE. But I have to say, that I have just recently aquired a mod. 2017, which leaves me with both an alternative for PVP and PVE whereas I can fully understand if there are PVE people only having the mod. 2000 who are now unhappy.
  21. Very interesting. I always felt like it's very strong, especially in PVE. I'd choose the termi any day over the OT-64 Even as a random SpecOps player I think the missions at their current state were quite fine. No need to make it easier
  22. Whoops referring to the wrong mission here. This applies to the 20k dmg 100% accuracy mission but could as well help for the abovementioned one: I personally use the XM1A3 with the 140mm for this. I use a full AP loadout, as I feel it's slightly more reliable if you aim carefully. However I think this is more of a preference thing. As a PVP player I'm more used to AP, a PVE player could therefore prefer HEAT in this regard. Then I usually just join normal PVE maps for this. I usually do the following (or at least try): Try to only shoot sides and rears of targets. If a shot is risky better don't shoot at all. Only shoot when fully aimed and not on a too long distance target. Try to only shoot targets that can not be killed with one shot (You avoid the situation of someone else killing the target first while your shot hits the vehicle wreck).
  23. Hello and welcome You can safely assume that this won't happen at all.
  24. Damn that's cool. Gotta get my missed old garage back for some nostalgia I checked out all the options: Gar Folder: gar_season_02 = Arabian Nights gar_season_03 = Moscow Calling gar_season_04 = American Dream gar_season_05 = Spirithaven gar_outdoor = Old premium garage gar_base = Old garage gar_geom_thumbnail = Dev debug/testing garage (not working) gar_eeu_lean = Dev debug/testing garage (leads to gamecrash) Promo Folder: gar_china = chinese new year garage (old-premium garage style) gar_china_spring_festival = chinese spring festival (nearly same as gar_china with some more red colors and different texts) gar_china_unniversary = Not quite sure what event this was (Alabino style with big screens, some gifts as well old premium garage style) gar_holiday = Crashes game gar_holiday_02 = Hallowheen garage gar_holiday_03 = christmas gar_holiday_04 = some russian holiday gar_holiday_05 = Same garage as gar_china_unniversary gar_holiday_06 = Breaks the game gar_nevada = Breaks the game @Haswell Would you mind if I share this on AWtactics? It is a fairly easy "mod" so I think lots of people would be happy about it.
  25. Yes such problems are usually easier to sort out if you have a spare working mobo and cpu. I assume you aren't even getting to the POST? If you have a multimeter you can check the voltages of the cpu pwr of your PSU and make sure those are OK. Otherwise use a different working PSU and see if anything changes. As long as you don't get to the POST it's very hard to tell what's wrong. Only reliable way is to test the cpu on a different board and vice versa.
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