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  1. No. You can't install same retrofit with different levels. You can however install and get benefit from both stationary vision retrofit and normal vision retrofit, since they are counted as different ones.
  2. Not much about AW really, but there was some juicy info about upcoming vehicles. First, Kurganets BMP is confirmed. SS mentioned two variant, Boomerang module with 30mm autocannon, and Epoch module with 57mm cannon and Bulat ATGM, which is basically miniature Kornet missile, but I'm not sure which version will make appearance in the game. Second, 2S19 Msta-S or 2S35 Koalitsiya-SV is coming to AW as high tier premium SPG. Not much said about those two. Although it is confirmed that it is not the unannounced premium vehicles in the previous 0.33 info dump. Finally, the render of upcoming Stalker 2T AFV It looks nasty with those top mounted ATGMs.
  3. What do you think about ZUBR PSP and K1A1? Both are pretty competitive in my opinion if player completes all upgrades.
  4. Not only smoke is broken, but I had a problem with the whole spotting system in PvE. I was in the M1128 MGS on Tsunami, and kept getting shot regardless of spot sign. I was definitely not in the Lieutenant's sight, and even if I was spotted, yellow spot sign should appear in next few seconds, but it didn't appeared the whole time.
  5. After the recent patch, I felt like I get white spot mark(which gets removed in few seconds) more than before when using smoke. So I've done some testing with my friends, and this is my conclusion. Case 1. Spot gets instantly removed, including white spot mark. This is expected because smoke screen breaks LOS for both enemy. Case 2. Yellow spot gets removed, but white spot remains. This should not happen before the patch, because I broke sight with the spotter, so spot should be removed instantly. But recent patch changed the spotting mechanism, so white spot remains for few seconds. Case 3. Yellow spot gets removed, but white spot remains for few seconds, even if second enemy doesn't have LOS for me. I suspect this happens because second enemy is not included in the smoke screen range. I'm not sure this is intended or not, but this definitely limits aggressive gameplay with light armored vehicles. This means most of the time when using smoke, white spot will always remains for few seconds because you can't cover all enemies 'in the whole map' unless you are way in the corner or use 360 smoke. Not spotted at all has become more important than before. I can understand the Case 2, but Case 3 is definitely not a good idea in my opinion. Its not intuitive at all, and traditional forward-facing smoke will not work for the most of the time. By the way, thanks for AW tactics for an amazing drawing tool. It helped a lot writing this topic.
  6. Its nice to see they somewhat allows modding. Speaking of which, is it technically possible to mod sounds? such as crew dialogues?
  7. https://imgur.com/a/IHs6enp I don't know its just me, but new Termi seems to have thicc barrel compared with other Termis. Also, it have weird decal placement, like top of the missile launcher.
  8. I grabbed some screenshot before server closed, and here it is. Since attachment file size is so low, I will post imgur link instead. But it will be probably heavily work in progress, so don't consider this as final products. https://imgur.com/a/1pffULp First, Type 74. Most noticeable thing in module is thermal imager, which gives pretty good anti-foliage bonus. Aramid Module Liner, Optimized Ammo Rack and Reinforced Tracks should be workshop parts, but I don't have information about actual stat. Armorwise it have pretty good turret armor compared to Leo 1 or AMX-40, but hull armor is not that great. https://imgur.com/a/8sd6JXI Seon'gun-915. Considering its T-62 based tank, its surprisingly protected and mobile, even better than T-80B. Downside is that it doesn't have reload upgrade, HEAT round, and weapon switch time is pretty long.(almost 2 seconds) https://imgur.com/a/aI9YWF7 SBS Pindad. Its pretty interesting one. Its only armed with short ranged, high arc trajectory HE rockets. With appropriate range, it will be devastating top-attack weapon, but also should be very situational and weak to moving targets. Personally, I think this one is test bed for upcoming MLRS vehicles. https://imgur.com/a/UjnqDlO Hunter AFV. Its really similar to AS21 Redback, but have different ATGM and equipped with new mechanism, NERA. It have two ATGM weapon choice between single launcher and double launcher. I didn't captured armor profile in time, but its armor was slightly worse than Redback, but CE protection was slightly better. Also, infantry compartment is just normal one, not larger one as Redback. https://imgur.com/a/JKc7R89 And finally, Type 10. Since server was closed while I capturing Hunter, I don't have many screenshot of it. Currently, NERA arrangements are weird, but its work in progress I guess. NERA have armor value of 600mm in KE, 900mm in CE, and attached to front turret, side turret, and front hull. The armor module doesn't stated HP of NERA, so I have no idea how long it will last in battle. Without NERA, its really vulnerable to anything(with only 150mm at best in side turret), but front turret still have good armor without it. Weaponwise it have 825mm AP and 850mm HEAT-MP, pretty much same as stated in the article. The basic ballistic whatever module have pretty straightforward feature. It displays exact penetration value in the down left side of the reticle.
  9. Pre-update unintentional K2's top attack ammunition, just for the record.
  10. I still don't understand why Leo 2AX, Obj640 and CATTB don't get MGs. For the MBT, MG is more like tools rather than weapons, like removing infantry or secondary objects. If they are going to equip TD and LT with MGs, those MBTs should be equipped with it as well. The fact that real vehicles didn't have co-ax doesn't really matter, because all they have to do is add commander MG or RCWS like T-80B or T-14 Armata.
  11. Eh. Mission requirements are getting worse. But at least there are no P2W commander like OPhelia this time.
  12. Yeah.. Its like Ataka was not good enough already, so why not give it more powerful Kornet? I mean I don't mind improvement of old, obsolete premium vehicles, but we need more of this to other vehicles such as M1A1 AIM, M1134 such like that.
  13. Well it actually works as they promised... But yeah, jokes aside 1 teamkill to garage seems to be bit overkill imo. Teamkill somewhat frequently happens especially in Glops thanks to idiots who can't read giant bombing signs.(or who can't read friendly icons) And also the fact a entire team has to be penalized because of one teamkill by mistake is just stupid. There has to be some sort of minimum limit like 2 to 3 teamkills or multiple teamkills on a multiple occasions.
  14. I think I found the answer. Indonesia Pindad's SBS Light tank MLRS. Basically modernized AMX-13 with 122mm MLRS on the top. So... Haswell was right after all XD
  15. ..unless you want to get utterly destroyed by machinegun in the front. This only happens in tier 9 Challenger 2 and other Challys such as tier 10 ATDU or tier 8 Al-Hussein are fine. I recommend grind other vehicles before next hotfix.
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