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  1. Really the only thing that might need to be done to the MBT is remove more view range. I will be honest, my Leclerc view range rivals a scout, and a 4 second reload will put a lot of fire down range. Speed, Average Armor, good mobility, and a better then average gun. its on the top end of the spectrum. With the Chipping damage and in PVE going against ATGM Spam 3-4 T-15 will decimate a MBT with all that spam and the million round a second autocannon killing the MBT gun....With all the changes to the AI (Targeting MODULES exclusively now) and the chipping damage the MBT is not the end all.
  2. I usually get the damage right when it get spotted, but that's a feasible reason..
  3. How do you get 10% additional Attack after the match has ended...IE: 10,000 attack turns into 11000 after the match....Thanks
  4. Not Worthless, but he MBT does the job just better... The Centro 105 is actually a shinning example of what a Gun TD does...its all about the damage. So I have one...the 120 on the other hand is MEH by comparison, should have just kept the Reload the same as the 105, just upped the damage a bit...You actually loose about 200DPM with the 120...LOL
  5. Its not just the Dragun, its the patch. the GUN TDs are usless now. Everything the TD could do the MBT can do better, LOL... O well glad to know all of the GUN TDs will be gathering dust...LOL...
  6. Thanks this is why I spend Nothing....Thanks for the honesty...
  7. This is the reason I do not buy Crates, they are a joke....How to milk players out of cash....here have a random crate for a tank you might not get...LOL
  8. try the C1 now, its quite a new tank. The Rebalance gave it new life and should be between the TVII proto and TIX
  9. Looks like all my TDs are being sent to the reserve, they are usless now...WOOOhoooo one less tank to worry about...
  10. Is it me, or do the Light Tanks do the Job of a TD better? I find the slight difference in guns not enough. The Dragun125 he head and shoulders better then the sprut-SD at killing tanks...The Stats are so close its not even funny, then you can add the Mech Infra in the Dragun125...Just one of many I have found.... Who has some thoughts, this is a genuine question....
  11. MIght be? LOL. All I know is I have been set on fire, gun dead more since .33 then the 5 years before.
  12. Quick Question, what is with all the Fires? I got set on fire 3 times in one match.... I thought the Fuel Tank module was removed.... Any help would be great....
  13. The Whole Q/A and no one got the skinny on how the players lost a ton of XP and Credits when the Lecerc P, Lecerc, and Abrams were reset...LOL...Nothing huh? https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/issues-module-compensation AI behavior will get tweaked. Wheeled bots soon, hopefully. Meaning now it targets MODULES excusivly...LOL.... I have been set on fire EVERY match since the .33 lol Got to love that....AI targeting with ZERO miss...HAHA.. Can we get the same AI Sniper shooting for our Mech Infratry? I mean being Perm Tracked, No Gun and the chipping...LOL...its awesome to have 5 Bradly's shooting and doing about 75-100 each, unless its into your Side ERA then its 1K...HAHAHHAHHAHA
  14. Abrams and Challenger series having their armor characteristics swapped (Abrams having much better armor now) is intended. What the hell for? This is dumb, its still slow and now no armor...LOL im glad I stopped that line a while ago, it would be frustrating to play a heavy armor tank made of paper...LOL
  15. Depends on whats being driven, I tend to be heavy one way or the other. In my Lecerc Line I carry about the same of both, that zero reload switching is AWESOME....
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