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  1. I'm excited for this thing, but the T8 justification thing though... I don't want to go ranting but these two following statements are part of what make the game less appealing to me... "Tier 7 is not exactly popular these days based on your feedback, so we made the thing T8" "Armored Warfare armor values are not historical but according to reputable sources, the engineers claimed that the vehicle was fairly sturdy for its day." Anyway, I'm interested about the gun stats of the thing. Especially pen and gun arc. Some funky roof pens opportunities? Probably not considering the 3-digits-multi-layered roof armor we somehow have in game, but we'll see. Also, inb4 the composite side skirts are "steel with air gaps"
  2. T-15K is the clear winner here. Not only it has insane DPM/DPS/PEN/DMG, it also has 3K HP, workable armor, and a S-APS. Mine average at 42K per game, and I'm not even really tryharding the thing, nor played it in Spec Ops. 1/2 bursts to destroy a module with Sabrina is just insanity. As for the others : GAU is still stupid OP, thanks to its magical 700mm+ UFP, you can bounce AP and the occasionnal missile. 195 is king of MBTs for me, even though it has almost the exact same exacts stats as my STRV 2K. AGDS without the stealth nerf to the mantlet would have been the T9 winner here. T8 Ramkas and BMPTs don't need an explanation. T8 AFVs like the CV, Griff and Derithingy are also stupid strong, but can't just W+M1 like a Ramka. Stingray 2 is pretty nuts DPM wise, and can burst thing for 2K damage. BWP-2000 hold my highest damage game ever, 70K on Perseus (outside of the 100K with Wilk on Labyrinth). As for lower tiers, Bagel Panzer is stupid strong now that it has more ammo, can instant switch, and a magical UFP that bounce stuff. The TR-85 is also retarded with its DPM and 3 rounds burst. Shoutout to the AMX-40, now that it actually has 120mm gun stats, can dish pretty insane amount of damage with the help of its 20mm.
  3. Continuing the tradition of overtiering Chinese gun TDs I see. I completely fail to understand how this thing is T9, and who will be interested by it. Can't wait for the hyper inflated stats like 400mm turret front and 900mm HEAT pen... Straight to reserve if I ever get one.
  4. Why do we barely get a choice when it comes to single shot/RR/Clip? If the real vehicle is stuck in said setup, sure, but otherwise, it can get annoying. I would like to have a single shot Arjun, TTB, Merkava, Exp. Tank for example.
  5. I kinda like it? I always liked the boxy simplicity of the Type 99, and the idea of modifying tanks always interested me, but on the other end, it just completly powercreep the Type 99A2 we have, and I'm sure it will take ages for them to secretely buff it by.... adding... a module resistance module aaand.... buffing its HP by 300? I would be very surprised if they actually don't "leave it hanging", as I like the thing. Also, Thermos+mine plow=easy rammo. Oh well, it's not like I will play it considering it will be cut into tiny pieces and put into very expensive boxes that are always on sale...
  6. This is soooo good, you did an amazing job ! Now if only we could mod game balance... heh
  7. Hi there, I guess I am posting this there. Since I'm not really into modding stuff myself, I was wondering if it would be possible for someone to mod the Griff 120 so it doesn't look like obese anymore? If it's doable, I'd like a Griff 120 without the side skirts and front cage thingy. Thanks in advance!
  8. It does look kinda weird, and a 130mm gun is a tad different from the 125mm. If it's the same BS level of armor as the T-72B, not having ERA isn't really a problem honestly. I'm just curious about the LFP, will it be HEAT proof? And yeah, probably meh DPM, considering the mobility and "excellent viewrange and camouflage for its class".
  9. The Raybolt does count for Caliber, though I have now idea of its actual caliber. Doesn't look that big to me. (Also, it's still so awful)
  10. I love you man, this is amazing. I hope you keep working on this. AW sounds, to me, are probably the worst I heard when it comes to gun fire. Truly awful in every way. So this mod is starting to solve my second biggest issue with the game.
  11. If its armor is as """mediocre"" as the TR-85 (which means as strong as the rest), the Arjun could be very interesting. No HEAT but Chally 1 level of damage, which is good. Still wondering about the clip reload and DPM. Also, no mention of the plow? No point modeling it if it does nothing right? If the thing has bonus ramming damage on top of weighing 67 tons (I didn't expect that), even with the lowish top speed, it could still be seriously deadly.
  12. Nice, I completely missed the stream, thanks. Anyway, who would have guessed that breaking the balance that badly and not even testing anynthing would have negative effects on the game? HUH About the Apocalypse missions, my biggest problem with it, is the episodic release, it was such a TERRIBLE idea. I played chap 1 and 2 so many times, I barely played chap 3 and 4 because I was so tired of replaying the earlier missions yet another time. I never liked labyrinth (auto pen high DPM/burst vehicle is retarded), due to the straight up lying gamemode description, but it was still kinda fun (and came in handy for doing some missions as said above) to ammorack or crew kill a MBT for 6K damage. It was a bit different than the rest of the game, even though it was sill a "sit in a circle to win" objective.
  13. Well, I can already tell you that for T8, Ramka/BMPT 2017 is really all you need. These things are simply unbeatable unless driven by a total moron. I use Alisa on those so I can just spam AC rounds all over the place and also carry some Thermos for the occasional time they are useful. OPhelia will also work, as usual. For T10, I stopped playing Spec Ops, but T-15/GAU with OPhelia is still retarded. Obj 195 and STRV are probably really good there too. Obj 490, maybe? ATDU with Sabrina? PISH is still the best at disabling a tank. SPHINX with Erin is a solid choice I guess.
  14. Grenier


    It's an interesting vehicle, quite unique in this ultra standardized game. You have 3 weapons systems, and a drone A 30mm AC : 310mm pen, 36 dmg & 800 base RoF 20 70mm rockets : 300mm pen 260 dmg (91 no pen damage) 4 ATGMs : 1150mm pen & 850 dmg 4 drones with 60s base reload. You launch them, they go up and them straight forward. You can't guide them. The drone will spot stuff in a "100 - 200" meters radius. They won't stay spotted long Worth noting that the rockets aren't accurate at all unless ou only fire 1 or 2 at time. Pen isn't great either (30mm has better pen lol). But the 91 no pen dmg allow you to deal up to 1820 dmg to even the hardest targets, it's pretty useful. Of course, aiming them is better, but you won't be able to pen some MBTs sides at all. Armor used to be kinda AC resistant, now it has pretty much no armor to speak of. At least the turret is unmaned (shooting thermos in the turret work nicely though). There is some ERA on the front, but any tandem charge will punch through. Will still stop a stray HEAT/missile or a couple of AC rounds. Ammoracks seems kinda vulnerable too. Mobility isn't the best, it's a Type 59 chassis after all, but you have the top speed ability. VR is trash because TDs must be blind (at least there is the drone). As for commanders, I guess OPhelia? Sabrina should work too. I'm using Ionnis with its "lucky shot" skills (does it even work?), because putting OPhelia on everything gets boring. His extra VR skills can be useful too. As for retros, I put the breach, ATGM control unit, optics and IR optics because why not. I guess some module/ammorack protection could be nice too. All in all, I like the QN. It's a bit challenging to play, but it has potential in every mode I'm sure.
  15. A hundred issues with the game! should I be proud? Hmmm....
  16. True, in game different guidance systems pretty much don't exist. No top downs and Javelin/Raybolt don't really count, they are all garbage. pretty much yeah. I don't really mind that. Appart from their VR. That's pretty much all part of "graphics". I don't mind the UI that much.
  17. As someone who pretty much exclusively play PvE nowadays, I can see the big potential this thing will have there. However, since this will be a lootbox tank, nope, just nope. Also, I like the idea someone proposed on Discord when it was announced : Increased troop size in the "stock" config.
  18. Been a while since I wanted to have a list with all my issues with the game, thought this would make for a neat topic on a forum. Don't hesitate to add your own. Lets start with the only three things I like about the game : PvE mode, lore/story (no matter how bad), new tanks model are quite nice. Aaand thats it? The bad stuff, in no particular order : The awfully constant terrible game balance. Was there a point in time when it was actually decent? And lets not forget the trend of making balance even worse every single time. This game has the worst balancing I have ever witnessed. The garbage sound effects. ALL of them. Really, it's awful. When they introduced new engine sounds, it was only on YOUR vehicle. Others vehicle passing next to you STILL HAVE THE OLD SOUND. That's retarded... I'm not including voice acting or music here though. Although, I am a bit disapointed by the music. WoT garage/loading battle music is still engraved in my mind. Butchered armor layouts. Round is flat! Unless it's eastern stuff! Logic isn't a thing in game. At all. Tons of stuff just doesn't make sense. Insane standardization of ammo/armor/APS/AC RoF/damage values. I swear they drew a graph to decide what pen should each tank have on each tier. ALL APS are 360°, EXECPT ONE, because it's strapped to the front of the CV Ghost. It can't work on the side or back here, noooo! Must use logic HERE AND HERE ONLY! No new progression vehicles because "some players will insta grind them". Yeah what about the new players? There are definitively some new players coming in, they don't matter? Our economy is broken ! Anyway, here is SEVENTY millions credits as BP rank rewards! Gold is also kinda easy to get for free when you have most premiums. Bugs not getting fixed. If it's not game breakin', I ain't fixin'! Really though, there a LOT of minor (or not so minor) bugs that have been here for years. Like the explosion sound on Hydra, or the bug that freeze all dialogue after some time. Some people simply have no dialogue in Spec Ops. This bug was reported on the FORUM, hundreds of years ago, and is still here. (It seems performance related though) Bots behavior. It's not good. Not enough devs, not enough ressources. Game can't progress or improve. RAIDS. PvP maps are so bad. Only Desert Crossing is decent, but it's a GLOPS map.... GLOPS is a big disapointment. It could have been so much more. Nope, devs abandonned it. Graphics and optimisation. Mediocre at best, and I feel I'm too generous. Double tap missiles. Really unnecessary and unbalanced. They don't listen, don't care about anyone. We drive modern vehicles, and yet nothing can accurately shoot on the move. We drive modern vehicles with impressive combat ranges, and yet 400 meters is considered long range in game. Maps are way too small (and terribad). All new vehicles NEED a gimmick. Balance. Again really. Powercreep. Is there any reason to play the Cent 120 honestly? TR-85 VS Type 74? Kornet-EM and Kornet-D1? T-14-152 and 195? VT5 Vs ZTQ-15? Changes that are not on patchnotes. They are WAY TOO MANY OF THEM! If changes aren't even correctly documentaded and transmitted, no wonder game balance is this bad. PTZ-89 and Assaulter being T7 while they should be T6 and T5 respectively. Same with ST1, why T8? T7 would have been enough, there isn't even a T7 vehicle in that line. Dealerless prems. Oh wait! Nice! Arty. Either make it worth it or remove it. Inventory with parts of the same stuff that don't stack together. This was 'fixed' right? New changes aren't even tested at all. No really, I weirdly hope so, because if it is.... Oh my... Russian BIAS. I mean... kinda? T-72 being stupid strong (HEAT resistant LFP, 800 damage per HEAT...). 73mm HEAT doing twice the damage it should, Eastern tanks don't have their model butchered, at least not nearly as much as Chieftains and M48s. Commander/Crew skills issues : description isn't complete, filler skills with useless stats, skills straight up not working (those are getting fixed at least) and weird numbers with lots of decimals. A lot of stuff I'am thinking about falls under the "no logic" point. So here we go again. MBTs being blind. Lower VR than the rest for balance sake? Yes. 330m VR? NO. That's awful even in WoT right? Spec Ops coming 1 episode at a time. I did Chap 4 of Apocalypse 4 times in total. I'm tired of Chap 1 and 2. No "reconnect" button when you are disconnected from server. Must restart the whole game. Bad server? My connection isn't good, but a rather unstable 80ms while I am ~600km from the server seems bad. I remember playing other games on servers at similar distances, and my ping was almost never higher than 65. Usually around 55/60ms. That annoying yelling lady on Watchdogs. Sit in a circle to complete that objective. Prevent the enemy from sitting in that other circle for too long. Then sit in that circle over there for 1 minute so you can "evacuate the area" Desert Path is so insanely badly designed, OMG. ERA usually explode in HUGE chunks. Maybe it's how it work IRL, but I doubt it? What would be the point of making small ERA blocks then? Speaking about ERA... The Oplot. The only reason I didn't buy it, is because its missing most of its ERA. Griff/STRV/T-15K ACs, as well as Jav/Raybolt missiles being ping dependent. The higher your ping, the worse your RoF/Lock on time is. Whyyyy? Scrolling through the vehicle carousel using the mouse wheel not working sometimes. So annoying! "This vehicle's light armor offers basic protection from autocannons and machineguns." Yeah.... About that.... Infantry. Mamamia, the infantry! Between not being able to deploy them (door open, then immediately close), the sniper moaning, the AT squad being children that can't even aim at all, and them running INTO you when you get close, or even when you aren't moving at all, they are just really, really annoying! Coaxial MGs that can't elevate or depress, sometimes having barely any elevation at all. We are still waiting the fix. Leclerc not having its .50 cal Coax. Won't change much considering the 3 of them have crazy RoF, but still, gib .50 cal! The time it takes to install an update. IDK about others, but it takes AGES for me. The spawn points on almost all PvE maps. Either our respawn points or the bots spawn points, there are a lot of terrible spawn points. Bots not moving at all, staying where they spawned. Plenty of hitboxes (maybe still on tanks such as the TTB) are bigger than their visual model. It's even worse with environment/buildings. Quite a few cap circles need between 1 to 3 additionnal seconds after the timer is complete to actually be considered capped. Physics are awful, collisions are awful. ATGM spam is still very real in PvE. You can shoot through a brick wall with any chemical round, or 2 or 3, but the windows of a car, a wooden bench or other objects will stop everything. Armor has a completely arbitrary modifier for KE/HEAT resistance on pretty much every tank. Even on all steel tanks. Why is the T-14 Armata soft kill so god damn good compared to others soft kill? Even at 50 meters, the thing will make your missile miss by a lot. Programmable HE is mostly useless. The thing got a Dev diary, its own video, then got added to only two tanks, and is SO situational. To work, it require a precise situation and very precise aiming for it to be worth it. Sound cool, doesn't work? You can't uninstall some modules. I had to sell my M1128 MGS and buy it again so I could remove the hard kill APS so it doesn't look awful for the screenshot contest. VT5 and WWO Wilk spamming ATGMs in PvE. As if there wasn't enough ATGMs flying around already. ADATS in PvE. Kornet, AFT, Hellfire? No no! ADATS? That's where the limit is drawn my dude! 6 rapid fire missiles and pretty fast missiles that deal close to 300? chip damage, so much fun everytime an ADATS spawn! The new AC 0.7s burst "fix". Annoying to me. Feels like lag. Fixed ATGM launchers that shouldn't be fixed. "Armor saved us" happening when your ERA is destroyed but you still get damaged. The way arty support shells are implemented, especially your gun elevating to its maximum in order to shoot them. Prems with fixed camo. Dirt system. Inconsistent (some vehicle are always filthy while others are almost clean, and that in garage with the same dirt setting), you can't turn it off and it's not looking good honestly. It was fun for a couple weeks at best. Same ammo+same gun+different vehicle = different stats. Solve this one. No, "balance" doesn't work here. "Steel with air gaps" The insane amount of sparks large ACs will produce on pens. It murders FPS and is painful to look at due to the flashing. NICE Pillboxes : they fire dumb autopen missiles. This is dumb, not the missiles, the concept. 50 meters auto spotting distance. I don't like that. Something to prevent tanks from literally appearing while ramming you as you were going around a corner or something, yes, but what we have, no. Bot diversity is still garbage. Missile spammers or PL/Anders/K21 everywhere. In replay mode, your vehicle diseappear when the camera get too close to it. Sooooo practical for close ups. In replay mode, the free cam max height is fix. For example, on Carson city, you can barely go higher than a few meters above ground on the narrow path in the northern part. In replay mode, if during the match you held right click to lock your gun/turret in place, it will still move in the replay. Basically, all my fancy ideas for the screenshot contest are ruined :( (Ahah I won) The 5% camo bonus, well, camo gives. Why can't we just get rid of the bonus or something? PvE missions finishing early because you killed the final bot wave while bots from earlier are still present. Umbrella and Prometheus are good examples of that. Lts spamming smoke. They just spam it. I swear just shooting your MG at them is enough to trigger them to use smoke. If in your loadout you have HEAT in slot 1, AP in 2 and HE in 3, and run out of AP while having HEAT pre selected, HE will be loaded regardless. It will always go to the next slot no matter what when you run out of a type of ammo. Some missiles will come out of your gun barrel instead of their tube, making using them much easier. There is no indication that your ATGM launchers are blocked by something, especially annoying on vehicle with launchers far apart. Overprogression is terrible. The K2 line is a mess : A wheeled TD, a LT, 2 AFVs, then the K2. Vehicles with blowout panels that don't have them working in game. Straight up false bots descriptions for Labyrinth mode. AFVs are autopen, MBTs have 3? times their normal HP. Vehicle bitmaps? are often terrible leading to realistic (or not) camos looking like a mess. Cage armor is 99% useless. It's 5mm of additional armor in most cases, won't stop anything at all, even the worst HEAT/HESH or even HE rounds (even before the low tier great unbalancing). Some coax MGs are pin point accurate under all conditions, others are highly innacurate. I don't get it. Also, if you are shooting one of the inacurate one, and swap back to your main gun, you will have to wait for your aim circle to, well aim again. The way bots choose their targets : easiest first (hence the complete focus on infantry), the one that's shooting me the most (even MG no pen are enough sometimes) and then the most 'threatening'. As far I know, that's how they work. Unclear retro description : "Largest aim circle size", so what? It only improve accuracy when the reticle is at its largest? Well, nope! How hard could fixing text be... Hmmmm.... K1A1 lootbox based modules. That was sooooo scummy. I don't care it's old, it was a scam. Forced setups : Single shot K21? TTB? Altay? Nope, deal with it! No differences between missiles guidance systems : wired, radio, radar, thermal imager, and so on.... Nope, all the same! Some of the contract missions are just garbage : perfect accuracy with 20 frags, Detonator, win X matches in a row. (Deals X assist damage, GUYS PLEASE JUST CLICK ON STUFF REEEEEE) Some commanders skills that are too much : Sabrina 50% bonus module damage, Alisa ramming skills that allow the Storm to ram MBTs front for 1.5K and up(Ok, maybe a bit nitpicky here), OPhelia, Erin camo. AC-130 in GLOPS. Should have been a automatic bonus for a team that is losing badly. It's a super UAV combined with a death machine. MGs are doing non pen damage for some reason. Why? It's so weird! MM brackets in PvE meaning T4 will mostly pair with T5 and T7 with T8. T7 PvE can be painful for some vehicles. Exhaust smoke will hide the enemy before hiding you, even while reversing. It's awful. Gongraturations! 100 issues with the game (more or less). The useless 5 seconds of invulnerability. 5s is too short, and if you shoot, it's over instantly. Useless. A vehicle can use X number of weapon systems? Too bad, here is the one we chose/made up! The magical off map arty on AD4 that can shoot through walls while dealing 800+? dmg a shot. Your coax MG take up an ammo slot. Yeah, sometimes I take HEAT, AP, HE and missiles! If you don't carry any, the game will remind you, showing you a message using the old UI. (kek) Ally smoke might interfere with your ATGM guidance... No realistic UI/Sights. I know it would be hard to implement them considering the very arcade nature of the game though. Gun sights are in your barrel. I would love realistic sights placement and being able to see your tank while aiming in first person. Stuff that should be ERA but isn't (T-90 squares on the sides for example), stuff that shouldn't be ERA but is (Derithingy ERA is just bulletproof floaty thingies) No AMX-13 (outside of the DCA variant) in the game. There is enough to make a small tech tree ! Oh... That's why... A tech tree ahah, what a strange idea! I'll edit the post as more and more things comes to mind.
  19. Welp, after quickly reviewing all ACs tonks and playing a couple of them... It's a mess... T40 now is like a GAU, except you can only change between RoF in garage, with the high one reaching a insane 28K DPM with a RoF of 685 rds/m. SPHINX is similar-ish, but less extreme. 20K DPM, 450 rds/m. AGDS might also still be stupid good, since it's AC immune unless you have 500mm pen (Oh wait....). French coax 20mm now have 230mm pen, and seems to be much more accurate now. Type 89 fires too slow and doesn't have a pen advantage anymore, so RIP Marder and CV 90 both have 440 pen on their 50mm... Bradley can hurt now, with 390mm pen and 52 dmg per shell, as well as 550 rds/m, it can be nasty. Still a Bradley though.... ACs are SO standardized in pen and damage values, it's insane. Kurga as 510 pen now, rest is the same. WHY NOT??? Shilka, GAU, T249 weren't touched. RIP light tanks. AC HE feels.... different? Draco with 730mm of pen lol Draco with 45mm / 540 dmg with HE lol I'd say the whole thing is a fuck up, why play anything but a MBT or stuff with an AC now?
  20. 730mm of pen for a 76mm gun. Amzing Anyway,
  21. Slightly reduced lower frontal plate thickness I just find that funny.
  22. Albatross - 7 Anvil - 10 Banshee - 11 Basilisk - 10 Cavalry - 11 Cerberus - 11 Dire Wolf - 4 Erebos - 11 Frostbite - 7 Ghost Hunter - 4 Harbinger - 11 Hydra - 7 Kodiak - 11 Leviathan - 4 Life Jacket - 8 Meltdown - 12 Onyx - 10 Perseus - 13 Phalanx - 10 Prometheus - 5 Raiding Party (dead) Red Opossum - 10 Ricochet (dead) Rolling Thunder - 10 Sapphire - 7 Scorpio - 11 Snake Bite - 11 Spearhead - 7 Starry Night - 7 Stormy Winter - 11 Tiger Claw - 10 doesn't exist Tsunami (dead) Umbrella - 10 Watchdog - 4 Wildfire - 10 Zero Hour - 12 Desert Path (dead) Desert Fox - 1-3=-2 bye bye! One less map. Desert Saber - 10+1=1 I like it, not my favorite, but I find it fun. There is enough space for everybody, and "liberating" villages that are moslty destroyed most of the time, is amusing to me. Desert Strike - 11 Desert Viper - 4-3=1 Yup, it's a rather annoying map. I will add that the last cap is also annoying. sitting in a circle for xx seconds to escape an area is just .... bad design to me...
  23. It has a 880mm thick LFP against HEAT. Just like the T-72B, you straight can't pen it with HEAT frontally unless you are in a vehicle a tier or two higher. However, the T-72B still deals 810 dmg with its HEAT round, because raisins.
  24. They never fail to fail. Amazing. And as far as I get it... the turret base of the T-15 now take reduced damage? On all sides now? Until now, AC HE would pen for full damage on the side of the turret base, but a 120mm HE (for example) would pen for reduced on the same spot.
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