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  1. Nice to know there is a workaround until they fix whatever they f'ed up. The missions at least worked on release.
  2. The do now? Tried Stryker ADATS once in American dream and was very disappointed about the ATGMS just slamming straight into the next terrain feature and not tracking the gunships.
  3. This. Good Alpha and pen with good reload for said Alpha, nimble and fast for an MBT while having above average armor last but not least it isn't blind even though it's an absolute pancake, but gets a camo bonus. The only downside really is the Russian trait of a very narrow depression angle on the gun.
  4. Most likely answered your own question, putting the decal in a certain place can be done outside the game in a graphics editor of your choice, no fiddling with anything inside the game needed.
  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but current WP does not reset caps currently.
  6. A friend working as a data analyst said something similar, the survey was asking for monetization data padded with some AW related fluffing.
  7. Oh, I toke it! Hence, the comment. But in modding culture, it is generally considered a polite move to show the goods up front.
  8. I think a preview / description of the actual replacement sound would be helpful in this case.
  9. 2nd link .zip contains files from 02.06.2022, so my guess is that MEGA might be stopping us from enjoying better turbine FX. New file is now available! Love it!
  10. the 1st person sound has been boosted. Can't wait for the update then.
  11. Had a go at the tweaked M1-verson today, interior is way better than the default high pitch whine. However, I think it might be a bit too quiet in first person.
  12. Think it's an aircraft radar lock warning, not sure if modern tanks feature a radar / laser lock warning in their electronic warfare gear? Would there be a more immersive alternative?
  13. Wonder if that would be able to also fix stuff like this: Apparently, the Al-Hussein features HEAT, AP FDS and “Sabot”. : Had at least one more vehicle with the wrong commander callout sound FX and subtitle on HE, unfortunately I can't remember it. Further, still hoping that someday 14.5 KPV's and 12.7 M2's / DShK's may not share the same sound profile as all 7.62 coax MG's. Great changes in 0.9! Keep it up. :D
  14. Did not change a thing after the patch, still having modded sounds. Just checked the folder (since I copied mod files directly into ...\Armored Warfare MyCom\localization\english) and it is still “english”. Changed it to “English” for a test and back to “english”, both versions worked.
  15. Nah, the pic is from a quick 3D Mock-up: How it is supposed to look like:
  16. There really is such a thing. In general, this is easily corrected by adjusting the volume of the shots. AH! So they are unfortunately bound to the sound level of the shots. A bit annoying, their volume is totally fine.
  17. Nice work! Only nitpick would be, that 3rd person reload FX are a bit loud. Edit: Oh, no issues unpacking with 7-zip
  18. Well, if you barely release anything in years, any new (real) content is sort of popular. Also, for how many months are some secondaries bugged now (objective is invincible) on the desert maps? But at last beggars can't be choosers, even if they are supposed to be paying customers. Fingers crossed.
  19. Btw, would it be possible to add the 2 tarprolls, which are missing under the netting?
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