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  1. It still does! BP objectives go WAY faster in RB / GlOps. Good luck getting consistently into games outside primetime or below Tier 9/10. So PvE it is. Ähm? Yes… It was a rhetorical question, wasn't it? Right?
  2. I REALLY hope, they don't talk about just botting sessions here (Joining a game, forcing a disconnect externally and joining another game with the next vehicle, rinse, and repeat) Not only was it supposedly “fixed” in multiple patches in the last two BP's, it is also darn easy to detect and log. On the other hand, there are still tons of games every BP with people doing exactly that.
  3. My money is on the game not having a different ID for new and old “next BP”-tokens in the database and they plan to not sort them out with logs. Still, that issue was known since the last BP and happened between every BP since they introduce the vouchers. The decision to go live with the BP instead of sorting out basic functionality on standard BP feature is beyond me... well not really, but yeah, we once again lowered the bar further down.
  4. Just like the Draco reload exploit, it was fun while it lasted.
  5. Rise of the Dragon BP update: Update 0.38.9199 now available Just checked, compensation did not happen for me. In fact, all the Coupons are currently worthless, since they are either for “the upcoming Battle Path” or “Wars of the Past Battle Path”.
  6. Virus check on the VM says there is a trojan riding with the file.
  7. Öffne den Launcher, klick auf den Pfeil neben dem „Spielen“-Knopf und wähle „Öffne den Spielclient Ordner“. Im Ordner „Armored Warfare MyCom“ weiter zu „localization“ und dann „german“. Vermute mal, du spielst AW auf Deutsch. „The voice of war 1.2 realistic weapon alternate eng.zip“ vom Google drive aus dem ersten Post hier im Thread herunterladen und entpacken. Den enthaltenen Ordner „sounds“ nun in den offenen Ordner …\Armored Warfare MyCom\localization\german kopieren. Im Launcher auf „Spielen“ klicken und neue Effekte genießen. Zum Deinstallieren einfach den „sounds“ Ordner in …\Armored Warfare MyCom\localization\german wieder löschen und den Client neu starten.
  8. The event got extended by today's patch:
  9. Just one reminder, what that “Z” represents.
  10. Nobody wants to stop you to put in the work. Guess we just point out, that the ratio from effort to “payout” might be a bit on the slim side, that's all.
  11. New Mission available: South Korean Independence
  12. Don't know if general mods need a mod installer, since they come “pre-packed” with the correct folder structure. Install is as easy as starting the game client, klick the dropdown menu next to the play button and select “open game client folder” and copy-pasting the mod in /localization/#your language pack#. An Installation manager like Aslain's Modpack (World of Warships) might be interesting with a rising mod count, to pick and choose different parts out of mods. E.g. a mix of sounds from multiple sources or only certain vehicles from a pack like Merkava Urban Warfare Modifications.
  13. I wonder if they still bother to address the incorrectly issued coupons from the loot crate, before the BP starts?
  14. New Event: Samurai's Honor Apparently, the Rewards are sooooo premium, that you will miss one for every other day you don't play…
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