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  1. Öhm? DL is gone, was that change on purpose?
  2. It’s a steal, get it while it's hot! (/s)
  3. Wee! Derp-tanks 2.1, guess at this point even the glue inhaling MBT campers would rather play against the very first version of artillery in AW. I really don't get the fuss about indirect fire… it's delayed, you get a warning, there is a giant tracer and vapor trail. There is really no mystery at all from where the fire is coming from. Fire and maneuver, it is that simple. In the very first version, they even got fully spotted after firing for every SPG on the other team for 5 sec and faded back to hidden after further 3 sec.
  4. Unabhängig, ob das Spiel noch Spaß bringt oder nicht, die Sound-Mods laufen noch. Evtl. nochmal darüber kopieren, solltest du mit dem Client auf Deutsch spielen.
  5. Very much reliant on pure luck. Especially with the matchmaker refusing to pit premade platoons against each other like it happens in GlOps way too often nowadays. Also, another FOMO event, really ?
  6. Must be that “feeling more rewarding”
  7. Basic missions reward 3 parts each, final mission adds 6 parts = 15 did I miss any other? Otherwise, you have to get 5 more. Well, it sounded way too good to be true anyway, if you would've actually got any interesting vehicles. Bingo! They also removed any Gold rewards from the ranks. Making repeatable missions “easier” to achieve, just turned out to be a 5% reduction on the requirements, instead of reworking them or adding any new missions. It's really sad to see, that they promised again to make the BP more fun and turned around to do the exact opposite…
  8. Update 0.44.1 Now Available Any statements on, if it was too expensive or too cheap? Are they planning on reimbursing people, if needed?
  9. I stand corrected. In previous posts, they referred to the actual cosmetic unlock as “the flag slots”. Might be that it is poorly worded / translated and your point regarding 9999 Gold ~ 25000 BC holds some merit. However, there was also a flag reward in the Perihelion story event and getting 25000BC at rank 59 of 60 in the over progression part of the BP is fairly inconsequential in regard to the previous necessary grind. I guess we have to wait and see here.
  10. Some corrections: (Levels 51 to 60) 10 × 18.000 BC = 180.000 BC Those missions were on a 72h reset timer, so 3 every 3 Days, given the reset stays the same. In 180 Days = 42.000 BC, IF you get them all done and don't miss a single one before each reset. It's a flag, not the slots.
  11. Right… I believe it, when I see it… A list of the those vehicles would have been too much to ask? All in all, a lot of hit-and-miss.
  12. Thank you! Silly programmers, not going with the official country code.
  13. Would it be possible to just change Rock 1 / Rock 2, without touching Stingray 1 / Stingray 2? Edit: Figured it out, only copy “camo_camo_dealer_fr_01.dds” to …\objects\vehicles\textures_universal\camo_paint\camo_textures This begs the question, what would be the name for the other dealer camos? Tried “camo_camo_dealer_il_01.dds” for Sol Schreiber (Israel) Shuttle 1/2 without success.
  14. Update 0.43.1 Fixed an issue where several vehicles were missing their models and returned them to the game (XM247, M48 GAU-8, BMPT Mod.2017, Ramka-99, BMPT Mod.2000) Fixed an issue where foliage transparency was not working correctly
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