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  1. Nothing to scoff at either, especially since it's a shop only since the BP.
  2. Arto unfortunately doesn't have lots of his mods anymore after the “great purge” happened. In an effort to source anything that Arto had created, that was still available somewhere, I found an older version with RCWS but without the Tank carousel icon change. (hopefully all will be restored at some point *fingers crossed*) If he agrees, I would send it to him for release or upload it to the forum here.
  3. Would you mind, giving a tutorial on how to create such a .cdf and where to find / use the attachment points / attachments?
  4. Any chance of a guide on how to? I really miss all the stuff Arto released, that added camo nets/fuel barrels, armored MG positions and what not, which could get custom camos and colors applied to.
  5. Ok, haven't seen that one either. In the German Discord, there was also the rumor of Stridsvagn 2000 finally joining the BP shop. But honestly, without an official announcement and/or screenshots, I believe it when I actually see it.
  6. Has anyone seen them pop up? Have not done any rerolls and I did not come across a single one. If I remember correctly, wasn't it supposed to be a gamble box tank anyway?
  7. Nerf coming. Hot damn! An AC, doing damage on anything at any angle in moderate to insane proportions on a very mobile platform with decent armor, ending up being blatantly OP? Who could have known? But it is ok, this time it was only the second to last price, we are making progress.
  8. Noticed it with: Otomatic, B1 Draco, BWP-2000. Send a few rounds down range, once the gun stops the sound keeps looping a couple of times.
  9. Gave it a whirl! In case you have not stumbled over it already, the higher rpm 60 mm+ AC's interior audio repeats the reload sound. Otherwise, nice stuff!
  10. Either Vadim moved those files on the Google Drive or deleted them.
  11. Current Gold buy-in prices? Hell, it's not mentioned anywhere, that you actually can use gold to gain access as far I've seen.
  12. Hot damn! Especially since one could not get accustomed to it with the distinct absence of many T-series tanks and their numerous branches and sub-variants in this game! Also, MBT's between nation play so radically different, that nothing but a minimum of a 100 games will suffice. Although, come to think of it, some people just following the “more and more DPM”-meta might need a 100 reminder, that it is sooo much fun to play a vehicle which can not dish out nonstop.
  13. No, they always had planned end dates. But usually got extended due to various f-up's. This one was initially to be 160 days long by design, got cut down last minute before release (gotta push that FOMO!) and then got extended multiple times due to (who would have guessed?) ...f-up's.
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