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  1. Random guess: Assigning a vehicle to a dealer is just changing a flag in the database for each vehicle. Making them functional for dealer achievements needs actual fiddling with the code for the achievements.
  2. Add: > The current "AI" aggrolist has infantry above ALL! Without major overhaul to it, it will suck bigtime. > Infantry still dies while exiting vehicles or runs back to stanonary ones, which kills them on contact as well.
  3. Dumbing it down and merging all AC's into one mechanic certainly makes it easier to work with from a development standpoint (aka cheaper) as well as more accessible for new/more players (aka more potential revenue). It does have merits, sadly.
  4. NO! Not "the other Onyx", pretty pls?
  5. So much for a year-long campaign.^^ By "some", they mean all and the actual fun and convenient ones, will go... Seriously, who thinks pushing Raid and most likely future Battle paths purely on "fear of missing out" is a good concept?
  6. But...but they said they would significantly change the raid to improve it this time around.
  7. There was a quote from SS floating around stating, that progression vehicles don't earn money as well as veterans sitting on tons of XP to instantly max them. So they will only introduce premiums with alternate progression systems for modules/upgrades.
  8. 0.33 = 0.37 Never release a PR statement without it, kids! On a more serious note: I am really curious, if they walk the walk and how that is supposed to look now.
  9. Is there also a mod doing the opposite, improving dirt/snow accumulation on vehicles?
  10. Either Kazehana goes by another IGN or f'ed it up:
  11. OK, never mind it was already bad shit crazy. No need for any upgrades.
  12. Looks like Archibald was at least partially successful with his task of scrubbing the data! By the way, neat idea with the crawler. SS might need to up his game. All thou, that would make the scavenger hunt only a thing for a really very small niche part of the community. Thinking about it, to a degree it already is.
  13. Math does pan out 68.75%, but did he/she played all the games with an eligible campaign vehicle? At least in GlOps, you get often reminded that the T-72B3, T-90A, BMPT 2017, T-90MS, BMPT-72 are struggling, due to being 1-2 tier(s) lower and/or are not performing as well as their opponents in the same role.
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