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  1. There really is such a thing. In general, this is easily corrected by adjusting the volume of the shots. AH! So they are unfortunately bound to the sound level of the shots. A bit annoying, their volume is totally fine.
  2. Nice work! Only nitpick would be, that 3rd person reload FX are a bit loud. Edit: Oh, no issues unpacking with 7-zip
  3. Well, if you barely release anything in years, any new (real) content is sort of popular. Also, for how many months are some secondaries bugged now (objective is invincible) on the desert maps? But at last beggars can't be choosers, even if they are supposed to be paying customers. Fingers crossed.
  4. Btw, would it be possible to add the 2 tarprolls, which are missing under the netting?
  5. It gets bolted to the TC's hatch, but still better than no HMG. :D
  6. Oh, my bad! I meant for example that only woodland would feature the added brushes.
  7. That does sound that there is currently no way to limit stuff to Woodland/Desert/Snow brackets?
  8. Arto might be of some assistance. :)
  9. The T250 cannon and Gau-8 also retained their default sound FX.
  10. Previous WT missile sounds included.
  11. New Mission ("Spoils of War") is up Since it is not provided in the post, does anybody have an idea what specific camo pattern (as in pictures) corresponds to Vanguard Camo 1 through 5? Fount it !
  12. Yearly reminder to NOT open Spec Ops chest after a BP ended, because the BP Coupon (500x) will still count towards the last BP… AW, staying consistent with the F'ups.
  13. Might be, but the AW players base seem to harbor quiet some hateful people. Lots of “Z” spamming, together with pro war propaganda and threats like “eurogay u r next”, “Bucha was just the start”, etc. It is really sickening at times.
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