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  1. Ah right I forgot about chally and nork Since Ztz is new vehicle it should be op Better top speed and accel than a2 Armor that actually works Better dpm gun + x2 atgm + x2 rockets jk
  2. We had Autocannons as secondary gun now its time for atgms?
  3. Perma t64v lets gooo, get it before they fixed it, normally it should be rental. Also if you have the tank you will not get the compensation don't try it.
  4. Altay (Left) - Leotay (Right) Old Altay
  5. Imagine that you warned everyone months ago and even got lynched for warning them.
  6. My version, general pvp and pve mixed
  7. vehicle achievements and other achievements for every chapter, yay
  8. Armor wise i except nothing but firepower looks promising
  9. RIP then since gold is already worthless and with this event it will become even more worthless
  10. Imo they should remove token from m1a2 and give both stryker and dragun so all tier 8s have a reason to play. Evo never had one so fuck off evo
  11. some adding from me No T-80 line planned New challenger 2 coming to game probably "Street Fighter(imo this one)" or "Black Knight" Swiss Leopard with 140mm planned There will be buffs to the Khrizantema There will be model updates to Russian T series tanks Vickers will recieve new gun but not soon (you can choose between two) There will be new Swedish vehicles Some leopards will be buffed There will be BC events if AW fucks up again so highly possible There will be no MLRS Joshua's swap skill will be fixed Some Leopards will get baracuda skins some skins that given out free throughout this year will be saled in february
  12. helped me a lot in assist damage and eliminate missions thanks to ready rack
  13. this vehicle is good for the 95% of the cases but there is only one problem for me, its machine gun not adjustable so you will see this in plague spec ops: -200 -240 -230 -215
  14. ı m using 7.1 headset for me autocannons+ some map noises for example in plague spec ops after exiting castle there are explosions sounds those crackling for me, it happens in some other pve missions too, also ı have this sound crackling problem probably since late 2017 or 2018
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