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  1. Wow new tier 10 not a bp vehicle, its happe after a long time
  2. Ah right I forgot about chally and nork Since Ztz is new vehicle it should be op Better top speed and accel than a2 Armor that actually works Better dpm gun + x2 atgm + x2 rockets jk
  3. We had Autocannons as secondary gun now its time for atgms?
  4. Perma t64v lets gooo, get it before they fixed it, normally it should be rental. Also if you have the tank you will not get the compensation don't try it.
  5. Altay (Left) - Leotay (Right) Old Altay
  6. Imagine that you warned everyone months ago and even got lynched for warning them.
  7. My version, general pvp and pve mixed
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