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  1. Balance between both modes is what keep some people into it. A shame that Glops is "dead" to the owners, a mode that a lot of PVE players use as introduction to PVP I do remember a webm of a PVP map turned into Glops in a PTS, port storm maybe? wonder what happened to it
  2. T9 MBTs in glops are XP on tracks anyways, do the daily and next tank
  3. As far as i know is about damage( or potential damage like with mg's) and proximity.
  4. I can relate to this, sooo much it's baffling. One of the problems i see on people is that they "refuse" to see things on another perspective, they think the way they play is fine, when the <44% on their dossier says otherwise: i used to play with a streamer(that doesn't play AW anymore, kinda ragequitted) and everytime in chat or ingame when we tried heroics i tried and tried to give tips and advice.... and they fell into deaf ears because.... who knows, but my guess it was not his way of "doing things". Or they hide with the excuse"i'm having fun haha" at the cost of the fun of your teammates.
  5. Just like they say on my country "an image is worth more than a thousand words".
  6. Kinda sad how you guys cucked that entry because he had no replay.
  7. K1 it's still pretty good, only thing i really fear on it are other k1's and type 90's And i wouldn't call the Draco "op" it had his shining moment before balans 2.0, but now it's "meh"
  8. Price difference between server has always been a thing, member when they sold us cortez for 80€? they had it for half the price.
  9. I had this issue too randomly while playing glops after respawning, but not just on wheeled tanks, had this exact issue on the CATTB a couple days ago, no idea what it causes it. But on the kornet is extremely annoying, it messes with your missile targeting.
  10. So what did the Hotfix "fix" actually? Bunkers permaspotting are still a thing. ATGM's and softkills are too. Spotting the same shit( stuff like getting spotted from the ac130 from the other side of the map). And on top of that they murder my poor hellfire boy increasing the reload within launcher.
  11. Is not just the termi missiles that are bugged, i believe it's soft-kills in general that are "overperforming" like a patch ago or two until it was hotfixed. Couple of glops games with the hellfire and it was a lottery hitting something with a softkill, even at very close range
  12. That's why i refuse to play MBT on glops alone, you get other MBT teammates that do fuck all and never come close to a cap, it's rage inducing.
  13. is not about the damage, you only lose 10 avg damage compared to the heat shells, but gain 200 extra pen
  14. The only "viable" MBT ATGM's are the ones on the t62m because they are way better than your stock ammo and at that tier there's basically no APS's
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