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  1. There was a power creep, yes. It needed to be addressed, yes. But I am not sure if 0.33 actually achieved that. From what I see and hear, it seems that the gameplay will be numbed down. Good for new players into the game but not so much for experienced players. So looking at what the actual issue was, "we" haven't achieved much. Looking forward, when 0.33 is going to be implemented, what will that do to the player base?
  2. The BH was there in the first place to give you a little extra on normal progression vehicles, especially in T9 and t10 since there were no premium vehicles back then. Now that there are, the BH status for T9 and t10 is pretty much obsolete. To say that you will get a preferred match in, lets say, T8 is just bollocks. Why would you pay a significant amount of gold to get a progression vehicle BH when you have around 20 T8 premium vehicles at your disposal? They get preferred MM anyway. It just don't make sense. And I am not even talking about the camo's!!
  3. I think you have made your point now Smudlicko. We have all read it and having our own thoughts around this topic.
  4. I think we need a Smeg meme. Can we do a contest Haswell? As a badge of well....honour perhaps?
  5. Tried to see what is actually possible credit wise and this was the result. Premium vehicle Obj 640, premium commander, credit insignia, 2 x boosts (max credits) and there was an AW 50 percent extra credit boost at the time. The entire run gave me 75 Mil credits.
  6. To answer your question properly Baron, we have set up a discord server exactly for this purpose. Although it is called the Armored Labs community server, it is actually open to everyone playing this game. In this server you can ask for advice and platoon up with other players. Although there is a mix of all sorts of experience in the server, most players have got enough experience in all game modes to help you. Just ask when you are tooned up. Good luck.
  7. There you go, didn't even look at them properly lol, cheers Haswell
  8. Can I just say: "What have they been drinking/using to ever think that this RAID thing would be a successful event?" A skin? We have dozens of skins, some pretty nice ones and some meh. But dozens of them. Bragging rights? To show your fellow tankers you have the skin or the complete set? As far as I know, you could have bought them, so no bragging there. So, why???
  9. Didn't the others you mentioned Haswell, had a slightly different colour? So there was a visible difference between the three?
  10. Am I missing something or are all those skins the same? I see Woodland/Desert/Snow camo skins you are rewarded with when completing the SH achievements, are actually all the same. Just laziness of developers or something else??
  11. COOP battalion has several visual guides that we can transform into written guides. Obviously, those written guides won't be as instructive as the visual ones but together with a link I can imagine it will do the trick.
  12. Morning all, Cozmic has arrived. I hope this forum will become the place to go to when it comes to AW and it's population.
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