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  1. Hi Is it possible to return, restore the original Obsidian interface in blue tones, while adjusting all the working functionality for the latest updates? Is it possible to do this using any possible methods, libraries, tools? In my opinion, the "new" interface proposed by the Russian development team looks just awful and old-fashioned. Also, it looks like it was copied from one uninteresting game. They just attached a brown T-34 to the Armored Warfare interface without having a modern design idea. It's like comparing an old Soviet tank with mechanics and a NATO tank stuffed with modern high-precision electronics. Is it possible to perform a full-featured addon development to return the Obsidian user interface?
  2. Guys, I managed to find the original sound effects of shots (and not only) from Obsidian https://github.com/nokillnando I would like to get a separate original Obsidian sound mod of shots and engine operation. These sounds look better than they are now.
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