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  1. The whole branch of Abrams models is wrong, only the old developers promised to fix it, the new ones don't give a shit even more than the old ones
  2. All sane people talk about what you wrote (for all these fucking years), but after so many years, this game has no development and no future, it lives only from BP to BP, and they don't need it anymore (so they are quite satisfied with it)
  3. FIRST we need to replace the maximum fucking Leopard 2AX with something adequate
  4. Here's more on the T-64AV https://cloud.mail.ru/public/Zanv/qWsESVam2 https://raigap.livejournal.com/932023.html a machine gun model instead of a Browning is a Ukrainian Browning: Snipex Laska K-2 (allegedly because there is no model of it in the game) They are already standing on the T-64BM2
  5. I hope the Jaguar will be with a grid, because without it the model looks like shit
  6. It's just too bad that there are only 2 types of knife trawls in the game 1)USA 2)British (which stands on the Indian Armed Forces) the USSR/RF needs to be done separately
  7. why is the upper frontal part with dynamic protection from T-80U?
  8. I get it, I don't use these shitty skins like an Archangel
  9. The T-15 Kinzhal case on the T-15 Armata, since the T-15 Kinzhal case is modified and has fewer errors, and its color is fresh, just put the premium case on the pumpable
  10. There is no machine gun on the Archangel skin
  11. Someday we will wait for the modification of the VT-4 model to a normal one
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