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  1. Great post, always enjoyable to read this kind of opinion. Nonetheless, would like to point one thing: This kind of "teamwork objectives" can not be implemented, unfortunately. Such would require a Skill-based matchmaker and dynamic objective requirements. If a team in PvE has 4 below average players and 1 unicum, how would the game decide how easy or hard to make these objectives? Make them for the below average and the unicum will steal all the damage, like shown above with york, and if you make them for the unicum, the below average will struggle to catch up, possibly failing the mission. True teamwork is only possible when the objectives match an equally skilled team that knows their limits. Our current teamwork should be correctly named to "Selfish Teamwork", like the teamwork present in damage contests. I have participated in this kind of contests for a few years already, and usually with good success rates, and I can tell that, from my point of view, the only teamwork I have to do is to keep my friendlies alive, so they are the ones getting shot by the AI, regardless of their tank class, enabling me to "steal" as much damage as possible without getting killed or damaged. This tactic can be also used in missions and events, like battle path missions, to maximize damage and experience gained. Similar logic could easily be used in PvP and Glops. Using the statpadders/tryhard platoons as an example. One single unicum platoon can change the battle result somewhat reliably because of their coordinated actions, preventing their own team from losing the game. This platoon is comparable to the York, "stealing" all damage and kills from the team, preventing others from playing as an actual team. As I wrote above, adding an equally capable platoon would greatly prevent this, as now both platoons are forced to play along the random players to prevent the other platoon from dominating.
  2. Is only for the last chapter. The first 3 are impossible solo, as they require you to be in 2 locations at the same time minimum. Nonetheless, still an impressive result.
  3. If we are talking about efficiency in battle path missions, like 80%, is very simple. Basically, from all your shots, you need to pen that percentage. Some , bp missions have 80% efficiency, meaning that you need to pen and damage with 80% of all your shots, including autocannon shells. As an example, you shot 50 times, 80% of 50 is 40 shells that must do damage with. If you want to know some other kind of efficiency, please tell me. A good way to farm this kind of missions is to use NK tank, and spray your ac on swingfires, wiesels, and even bmds, because you will be shooting a lot, meaning if a shot miss, won't affect your overall efficiency as much.
  4. idk. they still own me almost 40 parts edit: likely from the rounding to the lowest whole number
  5. On my previous battalion, we usually did it like this, and I think it a good way: Only players that achieved over 100 points for the contract are eligible for Shadow parts. Depending how many are active, this could be changed; The parts are given based on percentage of points earned for the contract, something like this: nºShadowParts=PersonalPoints*100/TotalBattPointContract. For example, if I got 400 points of 3000, then 400*100/3000=13 parts, rounded to the lowest whole number; Those with the Shadow already get no parts; Players are free to trade parts between themselves;
  6. dhttps://imgur.com/1WtsFTfromg a few minutes ago. https://imgur.com/1WtsFTA few minutes ago, SS said this about hunter crates:
  7. Using Ophelia with the centre speed skill and active ability active, and was stuck at 80 like you. https://imgur.com/0BoDEKQhttps://imgur.com/0BoDEKQhttps://imgur.com/0BoDEKQhttps://imgur.com/0BoDEKQhttps://imgur.com/0BoDEKQ
  8. Hey tahax, at least I hope is the actual one. I think I speak for all here that we are huge fans of you. Do you think you can tell us how you do the modding, maybe in a tutorial video, or a post right in our forums? Keep the great renders coming and hope you like your stay here.
  9. I made the beautiful thumbnail and the god awful video and sound editing. If something is not clear, ask any questions to me or demigod.
  10. Greetings everyone! Today started an emote contest on labs discord server. Everyone is free to join. The rules are simple: → No inappropriate emotes; → Max 2 submissions per user; → Images and GIFs allowed; → We will select the best 20, and create a poll. Top 10 get added; → Starts today 31/07/2020 and ends next week’s Sunday 09/08/2020 Any questions, just ask here or in #general. Any submissions should be posted in #contest. Have a great day and keep the memes coming!
  11. Without seeing the actual messages you posted, is hard to know the exact reason you got banned for. But, what I can say is, we still don't know, in more detail, what they exactly gonna change about each tank. So, imo, calling it a nerf this early is questionable. Some tanks will get nerfed, while others will be buffed. And, as for calling it wot2, I have seen some people getting the ban hammer lately for saying similar things. From the few times SS said something about it, everyone is tired of people calling the game WoT2.0, so they just ban or mute, even if somewhat unfair(within reason, of course). But, like I said, there are already players crying about the changed and the devs still have not released the exact stats.
  12. I already have some ideas in mid. But a question: we( the viewer) can choose tank and ammo load out, but can't choose commander? And, as for ammo load out, can we give you all no ammo? edit: can we just tell you to use machine gun ammo, in tanks that have it?
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