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  1. Greetings everyone! Today started an emote contest on labs discord server. Everyone is free to join. The rules are simple: → No inappropriate emotes; → Max 2 submissions per user; → Images and GIFs allowed; → We will select the best 20, and create a poll. Top 10 get added; → Starts today 31/07/2020 and ends next week’s Sunday 09/08/2020 Any questions, just ask here or in #general. Any submissions should be posted in #contest. Have a great day and keep the memes coming!
  2. Without seeing the actual messages you posted, is hard to know the exact reason you got banned for. But, what I can say is, we still don't know, in more detail, what they exactly gonna change about each tank. So, imo, calling it a nerf this early is questionable. Some tanks will get nerfed, while others will be buffed. And, as for calling it wot2, I have seen some people getting the ban hammer lately for saying similar things. From the few times SS said something about it, everyone is tired of people calling the game WoT2.0, so they just ban or mute, even if somewhat unfair(within reason, of course). But, like I said, there are already players crying about the changed and the devs still have not released the exact stats.
  3. I already have some ideas in mid. But a question: we( the viewer) can choose tank and ammo load out, but can't choose commander? And, as for ammo load out, can we give you all no ammo? edit: can we just tell you to use machine gun ammo, in tanks that have it?
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, I am officially running for moderator of ArmoredLabs Community discord. (I am voting for myself, in case it wasn't clear).
  5. Hello all! Today will show you how to add shaders to AW. I want to thank Haswell for telling me about the program. This is very simple to install and easy to use. Important notes: - Some shaders, once enabled in game, may not let the game start after shutting it down, getting an error from the launcher. I don't know if the same happens on steam, but assume the same will happen. So I recommend testing. Enable some shaders, and then try to restart the game. To be able to start the game again, you have to uninstall the shaders, with the same program, and turn the game on again. After you can reinstall the ReShade. - You should expect some fps drop, but a few enabled should work just fine. - Shaders affect UI. I have not found a way to not to. There are shaders that seem to target UI , but haven't found a way to make them work. Any help is appreciated. 1 --) First, we need the ReShade program. Just scroll down and you should find a large button: https://reshade.me/ 2 --) After downloading, just double-click. You should see the following: Click on the large rectangle ( 1 -> ). If you dont see Armored Warfare in step2, the you have to Browse it ( 2 -> ). A new window should open. Go to your AW folder and find bin64/armoredwarfare.exe ( 3 -> ). Just double click the exe file. 3 --) After selecting the exe file, you should get this image: Directly click on "Direct3D 10/11/12". 4 --) After you can select the shader packs you want to use. Feel free to use whichever you want. Per pack selected, a new window will appear afterwards with specific shaders you want to install. After the shaders download and instal, you can start the game. The shaders will be stored in the same folder as the exe file. Also, after successfully installing, you can change the shader’s folder path, and a few other settings. Uninstal and Update: If you want to uninstal or update the shaders, open the ReShade program like normal. Follow previous step 1, 2 and 3. After step 3, you will be asked if you want to uninstal or update. Click "uninstal" to delete all shaders, or "update" to re-download more shaders. Congratulations! You can now start the game. If you did not uncheck the "tutorial" box, you will be presented with a very small tutorial. To open the ReShade menu, you use the "Home" button. You can change this in settings. Just backspace and press the new key, or combo of keys. I also recommend adding a key bind to turn off shaders, "Effect toggle key" option. First option is to open/close the shader menu, and second to enable/disable the shaders. The following is where most modding will happen. May look different depending on what packs you selected to download, but the fundamentals are the same: The shaders you enable and edit will be saved in a preset. Currently, they are in "DefaultPreset". If you want to create a new preset, click on the + sign, top-right, and write its name. To activate a shader, click on the small box left to the shader name. When you press it, new info pops in the bottom part: In this example, I activated the "Vibrance" shade, that makes the colours pop more. In the bottom, new setting specific to each shader will be visible. Each shader will have different settings. They enable you to change how they affect the game. After selecting all the shaders you want to use, click on "Performance Mode", bottom right. This will "unite" all shaders together, which should reduce how much power from your pc it takes to use. if you want to edit/add/remove etc shaders, just uncheck "Performance Mode" and do whatever you want to, but check again after. All should be done by now. There are a few others things in the ReShader, but these are the fundamentals. If I forgot something, I will edit this post. The following images are just a small compilation of the capabilities of this, to either make the game better looking, or something unique and fun. Have fun modding. And a small note, careful with the amount of bloom. Keep switching "Performance Mode" on/off to see how it affects the graphics. Memes: Edges only: Borderland/Anime outline: Blur and DoF: Several graphic shades:
  6. lol, but you could always try filling all spots, and see how it goes.
  7. I actually think I should have made it harder, by moving a few slots around.
  8. pvp and pve elitist have very similar behaviours: both think their game mode is the superior and the other is an idiot. Most pve elitist, when playing pvp, will argue that pvp players are potatoes, full of unbalanced teams, and with a very long queue time, which makes it challenging for them to wait a few minutes, due to their short attention spam. Because of the previous reasons, they act as they are too good for pvp players, and scream at them that they are too good to carry them in pvp.
  9. Sebastian_Grimm

    AW bingo.

    Hello all. Made this as a little joke. I wanted to make most of them related to the battle path, but was running out of ideas. So some are bp themed, and the others are just your average memes from the game. Have fun completing it. If you win, make sure to tell me.
  10. All the camos were originally made to replace drought camo. You can easily replace it with a different camo by just changing their name, but results may vary. I will keep this updated. Fell free to ask me for camos, but I'm not obligated to make them. Google drive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rg5y76q-cjlLV9pFId9n0IeHEYMONZgE Extra camos added: fidget spinner;
  11. Hello all. Found where the banner flags (the 9999gold ones) are located. To replace the flags with your owns, just do like haswell: open the flag you want to replace, paste your image, and save with the same name. I also recommend doing a backup of all the flags. To view your flag, just select the country flag you replaced. Location: C:\Games\Armored Warfare MyCom\gamesdk\textures-0054.pak\objects\vehicles\textures_universal\flags_vehicles\ C:\Games\Armored Warfare MyCom\gamesdk\textures-0015.pak\objects\vehicles\textures_universal\flags_vehicles\ (15 also contains camos)
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