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Found 2 results

  1. Hello Commanders, starting Sunday the 2nd of August and every Sunday me and a selection of other players and streamers will hold an “AW Shenanigans Challenge”. From 19:00 CEST until 23:00 CEST you can challenge us to play a full platoon of a specific tank, ammunition and (if applied) infantry loadout in a hardcore PVE battle. If we fail to win the battle your name will go in a list. At the last Sunday of the month I will draw 4 winners. The winners will get to chose one of the following prizes. 14 days rental of a tier 8-10 premium tank or a permanent skin (you get to choose). The codes will be given to the winners during the Monday stream. Rental Tanks: AFT-10 AMX 10 RCR, AMX 10 RCR Bastille Day Ascod LT 105 BMPT Mod. 2000, BMPT Mod. 2000 Reaper, BMPT Mod. 2000 Saphire Challenger 1 Falcon M-95 Degman M1A1 AIM Marder 2 T-14 152 Armata T-72B3, T-72B3 Green, T-72B3 Sunray Type 92A2 140 Vickers Mk. 7 VT5 , VT5 Dragon WWO Wilk Skins: BMD-2M Sledgehammer skin Object 640 Cyber skin Object 279 Mir skin T-90A Motherland skin Magach 6B Fahrenheit skin M1128 Stryker Bad Bee skin Challenger 2 ATDU Beast skin Centauro 120 Beast skin Merkava Mk.3D BAZ Beast skin VBL INGWE Beast skin AMX-13 DCA Beast skin Restriction and Conditions: • The tank you pick us to play must be owned by all platoon members, this restriction does not apply on progression vehicles that are unlocked. • Every vehicle can be picked only once per session. • Infantry restriction can be only between AT squads or Mortar squads, Snipers do not apply. • You can pick more than one challenge, but you can only enter once to the draw. • We have the right to skip a map-operation only once. • Use of Coaxial MG is not restricted. • Above tier 7 autocannons HE is not a choice. • I have the right to pick my platoon. Platoon members can pick a challenge, but they are not eligible to enter the winners draw. • You have to be a follower in twitch to enter the winners draw.
  2. Hello all. I am PanzerMarmelade. I'm a Content Creator and I stream daily in Twitch from 18:00 CET. Feel free to join me and if you want, jump on my Discord server and platoon with me.
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