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  1. I would start a new line if I were you and play multiple tanks every day, instead of just progressing with only one line, as it gets on nerves rather quickly and you'll find yourself pushing it, instead of enjoying it. The real beast is XM1A3 and it takes time to get there from M1A1, so enjoy grinding instead of going for one thing only as it keeps you interested with different tiers
  2. well, let's hope then that this game will be only better as thats the only thing we all hope for have a good one
  3. really ? one month ban for saying this game is turning in to WOT is ok ? we are listening to your feedback is just a bull crap and you are just full of shajt here pretending to be a good guy, while you are the one banning people for their opinions and never ever asking to drop it. You are lying here to all of us, maybe you were like this at the beginning but every time Ive complained about something was just simply insta ban and no further discussion, nothing as you claim is true in your case you are what you are and deserve a lost customer and people should know the truth, thats why this topic cos here you cant ban me so go to your discord thingy and continue to ban everyone instead of discussing and taking notes from the players that started to play this game in 2015. Im not the only one here or on reddit or discord saying that this game is going down hill and there is nothing we can do about it, other than get banned.
  4. doesnt matter anymore even my brother was about to install this game (wot player) but when he saw point blank disappearing tank within 100m as I was playing, he said its not worth it. Back then I could recommend this game, it was a blast to play and even a real forum was very good. It is not the same and it never will be
  5. the point is theyve banned me only for this sentence and nothing more ! I just asked a question and all was fine then I was just reading and wrote down this single sentence and the response was "lel" and then ban for most likely one month. Its a shame and you know it just dont pretend here You guys did what you did and no more money from me is for sure now, you can easily ged rid of remaining players as you just did with me since this game is so populated... gg
  6. yap first I just asked what I wanted to know and after proper reply from someone I just continued reading and there was silentstalker present so I was reading and then got banned for one single sentence nothing more writen nothing less and its just sad.
  7. AW Discord moderators are banning people for simple opinions while claiming ''we are listening to your feedback'' The day devs announced upcoming nerfs to tier 7-10 tanks 10.7. I've visited discord cos I needed to ask something. Silentstalker was there saying that they should announce upcoming changes to tier 7-10 tanks (nerfs) in a more simple way. I just wrote that yeah, they could simply say '' we are turning this game into WOT2'' and the response was ''lel'' and in a seconds ban. It's 19 days now and I'm still unable to enter Discord. AW developers are claiming that they are listening to our feedback, while the truth is they are banning people for their opinion, without any further discussions. And the best part is that I was saying truth. They want you to spend days of playing to get tier 10 OP as hell tank and most likely spend some money in the process, just to nerf it in a weeks time. This is the reason I will not spend a dime for a game claiming something and silencing people instead of listening.
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