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  1. Meh The vehicle was always a victim of somebody great ideas. Yes, no surprise here. Fixing broken stuff like inversion is boring.
  2. My observations to PvE (none of them bugs actually) Warrior got serious buff, i just read comments yesterday, equipped it and played a bit ... Surprise, after 3 years this thing playable again T-15 got variety of nerfs, but they certainly overdid weaking frontal armor to make it super weak even against autocannons. I saw it on one of youtube streams (pvp), and i felt it myself in PvE (vs Dragun bot) - RU vehicles on tier 8 can hit soft target with HEAT for solid ~1500 damage. Maybe actually it is a bug or devs truly overdid it. Not sure what happened to Chally ATDU armor, it feels weaker compared to another tanks (feels like a bug), but its turret rotation became as slow as Maus (too stronk slow motion). Per Type 10, its HEAT DPM is still one of best, i lets not forget it is much more reliable - less random and more accurate (HEAT only, Ophelia) If look into top AP DPM dealers, type 10 still has one of better pen value (among these who has better DPM) and superior accuracy (AP only, Ophelia) K2 strangely stands out a lot - (my config is 3 shell loader)
  3. I received similar amount of rep ~2M. Per calculation it appears the amount of XP to make it 100% is following As per retros - Lec T9 has them all in place, my compensation was ~10 mln, i don't recall what retros Lec T7 and M1A2 had. But all tanks were fully upgraded and i am not sure how much it is.
  4. Tanks are indeed very popular, iconic stuff in RU. Also mainstream TV and Internet creates great interest to military and armor vehicles. Like Haswell said, more very casual players - potentially more practice, training (and WR stats for stat padders). But even in RU region AW got a reputation of half-dead niche game, with which even mighty powerful mail ru can do nothing about. So what interest you would expect in other regions?
  5. It is not the first time when next stage of PTS is simply pushed to live server. PvE should be fine. PvP is where some radioactive shit is gonna fall.
  6. It was long, annoying and painful adventure in my case, i still need level up few commanders, but these leftovers don't fit to any my purpose so far Initial unlock of ladder which i would recommend to a new player Sanna (quick unlock of good spotting) -> Freya (many of MBT options, precise shooting, arty) -> Miramon (another good spotter) -> Sabrina (good for "fire" tasks) -> Douglas (best MBT)
  7. Initially it is better to focus on unlocking and placing into your garage as much high-tier vehicles as possible, to build garage XP bonus. Main goal to possess many tier 10 vehicles and then use each of them for harvesting daily x2 bonus to progress commanders - most importantly in combo with event boosts, prem, boosts, insignias. The more tier 10 vehicles, the faster the commander leveling will be - so the discussion if they should be fully leveled and if correct build has influence on performance becomes a bit irrelevant, since it takes only 3-5 days x 2-3 h of playing to get a colonel level for one commander in pve (after ladder build-up).
  8. Big change in mechanics sounds like advertisement to raise interest and bring back some former players.
  9. I think the optimal game design should not have BC boosters, they are failed idea of just additional cash grab. The coins should come from normal missions and just playing a game (at reasonable rate). Evolution of AW BP - instead of normal rewards we get more and more boosters, where each booster gives less and less coins per level, instead the cost of single level grows over last BP. I still have more than 20 boosters. Once I passed final missions with 8K for type 10 skin, I lost any further interest to play BP. Not having any commander with some new interesting mechanics is failure. Type 10 is shiny power-creeped piece, but in 6-8 it will be there where Altay. Probably biggest mistake now is to open weekly SO containers. They theoretically should be open in the time of new BP, with a new "valid" coins.
  10. My primary worst impression from upcoming 0.33 changes - overall simplification of frontal armor layout of all MBT. Every model gets more or less same green LFP which makes the game much less interesting.
  11. It should be both PvP/PvE, not sure of GLOPS. GLOPS should be more like CS or WT session based game in several rounds or truly limited respawns. Battle Path presents high contrast between either impossibility to do certain tasks (for me - in PvE, solo, random), or some easy but very mundane tasks. Fundamentally all past BP should be purchasable DLC which everyone new should able to buy (one time) and complete within 3 months period. Presently by doing single time opportunity to get some FOTM vehicles, all new players often appear in very discriminated position, forced to pay overpriced prices for some commanders and tanks directly from market (per 0.32 - Ophelia, CATTB). This way new players are punished for not playing in AW earlier. PvE concerns : bots behavior is stupid, they either passive, or overly aggressive, inadequately accurate (or opposite) feeling of playing a "kill 10 Bradley and 15 T-15" simulator - i want to challenge these toxic CATTB and 490 in hands of bots Most of Obsidians time PvE missions weren't changed for years, and some Mail ru reworks went wrong way - most of them too easy, or forces to play with top "scout" MBT vehicles (they are nice, but i name them here - Ghost Hunter and Starry Night) In 99% of time we fail in PvE because of some silly timers, caps not because we were destroyed by bots (remember old Snake Bite, very first Perseus). I really would like to play vanilla PvE AW (balance 2.0 - PvP balance and mail ru devs destroyed all of it) Players autocannons - the game which could be find with just limited set of MBT and even more limited set of IT/AFV/LT introduces more and more soft vehicles, for which devs have create special balance in PvP (better vision, DPM and camo) and they don't care about implications of it in PvE. The game needs separate DPM balance characteristics for PvE. I think I don't play PvE anymore because it is fun (except tier 10 SO in random) but because i still have a habit to login and collect all these daily rewards and seasonal reward tanks even if i don't play then later (ADATS is exception but it still playable on few open PvE missions). Paying 5 mln credits for skipping a daily battalion contract forces me to play some games to earn in-game credits. PvP concerns : as truly random matchmaker as possible, no WR should be taken into account (copying WoT patterns which creates a lot of anxiety in WoT player base itself wasn't best idea) penetration random factor should be reduced one new map released at least 9-12 months (why not reuse some Special Ops maps locations, like second map on American Dream) new players should not die fast, new players should not feel helpless vs. pen and spotting mechanics, new players should not feel they useless and such as raised this concern of very low TTK, since all these new cool BP vehicles annihilate opponents quite quickly. Player waits few minutes for queue, then session warming up 1-1.5 minutes, first encounter and die. I would rather see PvP mode where teams in 5 vs 5 setting fight each other in several rounds. One round should be limited in time, but teams can be matched up to 3 times. Employ WT way of using 3 vehicles of choice within each round. Better play in 5 vs 5 with +1 level difference, than 15 vs 15 with +2 level difference. Platoons should play vs platoons in same quantity (old story 3 vs 3 with full platoon on one side before server merge on euro, ergo "we don't listen to feedback")
  12. @Lenticulas Did you consider the TILT effect as a contributing factor ? Just one of many vids on youtube explaining it
  13. ad 1 - The effect of slow health drop can be seen on tanks with no ERA, in close encounter - when soft kill can't work effectively to pull ATGM away and hard kill APS is on cooldown. The case is that bots (i think of Bradleys) despite can't pen frontal armor sometimes, still deal said chips (Non-Pen) damage in way a infantry damage does. And my concern, that with such prevail of pve ATGM bots, spammed in groups, only few tanks can counter this effectively, like with ERA or whatever special magic ATDU has. ad 2 - Yes, AP. Not sure if 7 sec bug or intended. Just what it is on PTS. Other 130/140 mm tanks fire faster too.
  14. After few more days, and i was checking some observations of people ... Hellfire has efficient, like old times Thermobaric ATGM. Delay between shots for AFT-10. I consider it as a totally unneeded change for AFT-10 despite its ATGM will do ridiculous big damage per shoot. Non-penetrable damage from ATGM - in PvE it is often to have a barrage of ATGM on you from all bots on the maps. So even if the tank has APS up and positions properly ts armor, the strike of 3 x T-15 (12 missiles total with 250 damage each minus few dropped by APS) still can result in 2K+ non-pen damage. In such case, MBT need their APS cooldown removed. In PvE, the radical drop in visual range for MBT now has an effect of unnatural disappearance of closely positioned AFV bots, like in 20-30 meters. It was long loop of discussions over past years how bad impression the game creates when very close and huge model of tank disappears in air. 7 seconds reload of 152 mm gun on T-14-152 makes its DPM better than on T-14 with 125 mm gun.
  15. First impression. I like new drift style for MBT. Very cool. A little feel of "oversteering" and "drunk driver" on said Armata is cool too. Keep it. T-14-152 is so good damn mobile. Every MBT should be agile and fast. Good. Merkava 4 and T-14 (I only played on T-14-152) are big winners of turret ring buff in pve. I felt these tanks are most solid PvE-tanking MBT now, like 490 sort of. XM1A3 lost its 1337 HEAT damage for some reason with Cortez - bug (EDIT: or indirect nerf of CATTB) ? In the same time HEAT for type 99-140 and Leo AX was as high as before and quite consistent (with Cortez, pve style). XM1A3 and AX were not much tanking and per this PTS phase they are soft. Compared to Merk 4 and T14 they much more vulnerable and cannot resist much of this quite effective ATGM spam from bots. Correct solution would be a buff for frontal armor of these tanks, like reduce size of these LFP areas to what we can see especially on mighty Armata, because with such changes like in Phase 1 T-14 is new PvE meta - easy. Biggest loser is ATDU. Yes, it is still tanking. But for a while the main key distinction of this tank was HESH/PISH + Sabrina. Now it is nerfed as effective ammo against soft targets, the single damage is reduced and fires happen at much rare degree. And tanks like Merkava, T-14 you cannot hit with PISH anymore in turret rings from front. I honestly don't care about anything below tier 10. It was fine in PvE except general bot behavior, quality of spawns consisting of paper vehicles, too big damage of certain auto-cannons, plus recent N-Korean tank is overly OP. I looked on new animation of T72 - nice for first but then you forget it is present. Model quality still fails in comparison to WT. Still, but it should give better impression for new players. Such thing had to exist 4 years ago. Oddly, because T-15 was locked, these PvE games were much more interesting without them. Placing toxic uber-imbalanced vehicles (high view, armor, APS, DPM, extra infantry or radial APS) into PvE game by any cost and without thinking how to balance it (because smart people say PvE doesn't need balance) - that was AW was doing for quite a long. Can't wait to see T15 in next phase, considering how T-14 now operates. Last, graphics became even more polished, like ammoracked vehicles can now burn in several varieties and sometimes explode into pieces, so you can see these animations. Most useless addition of this patch so far is showing very non-unique avatars to PvE start screen. Fine, so be it. If devs could place faces of actual commanders, or like some games provide possibility to print "builds" or stats of tanks of other players, this could have more sense, well ... educational sense.
  16. Apparently old Obsidian models have many invisible elements, hidden polygons in excess and weird texture mappings. If (and only if) they fix such things during model rework, it becomes a sort of game optimization ...
  17. Unless someone explicitly asks for a favour like "give me first 3 kills", the default setting is everyone takes as much as he/she can to get a victory and his own best scope. This is how the game works in random for years. Queue times on lowest PvE tiers are awful and no one seems to queue to hardest difficulty. Which begs the question - how they even think to get more new players into the game? Maybe add bots to pve teams of really new players which play in easy mode?
  18. Just want to say that most of 3rd line set of tasks are not only spotting, they about "help deal damage" which works when you just highlight targets Per my experience, i skipped the last two in first line, but the rest was just terribly grinding and repeatable. Some of them are doable in SO, some just in PvE. Kill first 3 or eliminate 3 first takes luck (with team and bots), skill, and some competitiveness spirit too.
  19. Strangely enough I started watch WoT few months ago, and I found there is no lack of quiet brilliant commenters there. WT is less, but compared to AW it is huge content to watch. In terms of twists and action AW PvE falls quite low. It is entertaining, but watching it is pointless unless new SO comes out for educational purpose. It is not walkthrough of AAA game. These three are certainly have their influence, but they still pale compared to Polezny Bes which used to describe quite well whole picture of AW issues. For now Zuberg is one who doesn't repeat news from official site and capable to bring own complex ideas. Miracle Expert plays best among them imo, but even he melts struggling all these PvP mechanics and bugs. Also he barely influencer personality. Any of English-speaking streamers i met were either lack of skill, charisma, or simply (or rude) whiny snow flake queens. They abandoned AW once it didn't pay off to do it.
  20. In my turn, i wonder what happens with present way of doing glorified PvE stuff on PvE-imbecile imbalanced T-15 which is announced to be nerfed (soon).
  21. I encountered two videos from WT - one of them featured the custom-made polygon and another was pve mission, with infantry. I wonder if it is possible to change Testing Ground data in AW ? It seems totally locally instanced, so it doesn't need to be connected to game server.
  22. I have few thoughts here 1) it should be conscious business decision what is market segment for this game. Make happy everyone, or just few. Or make majority unhappy and happy selected group (like MBT players). It is totally up to the producer as business owner. What i see that the recurring remodelling of base principles of the game indicate that they don't have well-defined foundation or long-term strategy, and they still attempt to define that multi-class common ground, which is harder to define than monolithic ground which serves interests to one group only. MBT-love doesn't contradict with advertisement hype around AW in Russia in 2016 was built around another hype - mighty armata T-14 which soon conquer all the world. And that was golden era of AW in RU segment, which all happened before Balance 2.0. After b2.0 the course was taken to "WoT-alike" gameplay, and then each next update was adding more and more imbalanced mechanics, truly f2p mmo. So when i read they want to nerf all MBT, ask - are they play their game? What is wrong with them, they should study gameplay videos on youtube of AW back in 2016 before 0.12 (when MBT were super blind). 2) considering how many people play AFV/TD/LT in PvP simply points that these classes are far from being handicapped. They have damage, speed, stealth when passive and vision by default. What mail ru forgets to say is that Ophelia commander was the one who made MBT superior spotter (more specialized build Dougas second). There are still Miramon and Ioannis but they trade so much to get their situational spotting. 3) current spotting mechanics is in shaked state now. It doesn't work in consistent intuitive way. Even if you change a core of spotting stats, it is still working on code which needs a lot of improvement 4) When if consider when and why MBT dominate over other classes - what is the role counter-MBT class --- Is it doing damage from stealth? --- Is it scouting? --- Is attempt to balance trade "armor vs stealth" makes sense? --- is it correct that vehicle can self-spot, deal damage and remain hidden in same time (vs not so far-seeing opponents) ? --- what is value or condition where MBT can spot such vehicle (and make everyone happy)? - do all MBT perform same way? - do all tiers expose MBT prevalence over AFV-TD? - do maps provide enough room for AFV-TD? - what is impact of commanders which make MBT stronger spotter than they used to be ? 5) Mail ru did their experiment with Arty (removal and now attempt to bring it back). Official people here could answer if that really mattered. Arty is already in game in form of auto-bot auto-aim mortar - just with shorter range. In my opinion, introducing arty would counter AFV/TD and help blind MBT. None of lobbyists obviously advocate full spotting ammo for Arty, it could harm AFV/TD sitting on far positions. 6) With spotting range nerf it with be difficult for MBT to spot such infantry.
  23. Depends on devs of mail ru to use PTS to actually collect feedback and shape things this time, and how many phases they plan to roll. My previous observation was that the PTS purpose was to locate of most prominent errors and devs did their own "telemetry". Without "feedback matters" promise the PTS only gives a taste of upcoming changes and incites a lot of meta game discussions in chats, but nothing more.
  24. I rather feel powerless with these announced changes, i disliked how the balance 2.0 changed most of things to worse in PvE (not because of ATGM) on low tiers. I concern about reducing penetration of MBT over distance, worse vision range and probably the strange note of "bots armor will be made weaker". I always wanted bots armor be exact as strong as player vehicle armor in PvP and more diverse choice of models (vs current case where 70% of everything is dominated with light armored AFV and T-15 bots). I can welcome fixing some oldest bugs (like bots driving with their back) but i doubt that alone can impact the existing behavior - the pre-programmed rush to designed point no matter what. Also i received it as very bad news that PvE won't get any new SO anymore, at least in this present roadmap. The quality (playability, fun factor) of last BP was terrible, I do understand it is difficult COVID situation around the world now and many companies seek for savings and are avoiding investments, but somehow AW (mail.ru) can afford high risk balance 3.0 initiative and they think that PvE community should be happy without any serious content update.
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