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  1. What sort of feedback has been acquired on the Perihelion rewards so far? How has player sentiment been across the raids held so far? Was the last one considered a success? I understand there was a 54 for/46 against vote for the Perihelion plot for EU/NA, while the Russian side had roughly the opposite vote. Are there any details as to what factors resulted in the for/against votes?
  2. What don't you like at all? Is there anything you like? If yes, what is it? Please share any ideas about further development of the game. The team will analyze all pieces of feedback. No idea what this is supposed to mean: Or this:
  3. So if I interpreted the spreadsheet correctly, this is the current meta setup for burst DPM on the K2?
  4. The Indian Desert camo got changed, the elements are now sand grey and greenish black
  5. So for posterity' sake, I'm looking to take this to Heroics after free XPing the Harimau (I'm sorry but the sub 120mm rebalances butchered the 105mm ready rack). How does the AC fare against the rear of the Protectors now? And where exactly do I plant it on Chapter 2 to not die?
  6. It's a limitation of the game's camo texture system - it's actually pretty bad at making macropatterns that meaningfully break up the vehicle's outline to the eye, but this is the system Obsidian left us What you could do is make an overriding skin like the ROK K1A1 on this forum, but it will have the slightly amusing side effect of turning every T-80B into a GSFG example
  7. Question: There's only one .cdf file between the Evolution and Revolution - do they run off the same file? As is habitual for me, I took the liberty of using replay mode to capture some angles the garage doesn't have
  8. Kinetic Energy Missile - the ones used by the MGM-166 and the AAWS-H Bradley
  9. Welcome! The majority of ArmoredLabs' day-to-day activity is on the Discord: https://discord.gg/scTRpBb This forum is primarily used for stuff that would otherwise be buried too quickly due to how Discord works
  10. Reuse of the Moscow PvP map, with some visual effects to make it look like it was a virtual simulation in the world of AW. Notably, the hostile vehicle skins glowed, but that was removed some time back.
  11. If you ask me, the damage boost pales in comparison to the spawn changes that made it a lot harder to deal with reds before they finished you. https://discordapp.com/channels/301850249977266178/301850405552259072/941355344238608394 Think they will finally get around to selling the original glowing vehicle skin/camo?
  12. So I'm guessing the new 57mm will sail right through this spot while the old 30mm won't.
  13. Yes, complete the two missions, and you will be eligible for the rewards and the next episode.
  14. 4 missions have now become available: Live Fire Exercises (GlOps Mission): Reinforcements (Get the M60 SLEP by October 20) Weekend Warrior (Weekend Spec Ops) Betrayal (PvP Random Battles, obviously a trap, do not fucking do this) Oh, and if you, gentle reader, saw the preceding blocks and decided that you want in after not initially joining, there's still a (grindy) way:
  15. Official screenshots (don't show much beyond time of day and weather), as well as final-ish mission briefings taken from the Facebook page Yes, a spendo, possibly irreplaceable asset that you'd rather scuttle with a single tank platoon even when said platoon will wipe out the rest of the NPAA presence as a "bonus". Well, wasn't expecting any better scriptwriting after MC1
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