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  1. So I'm guessing the new 57mm will sail right through this spot while the old 30mm won't.
  2. Yes, complete the two missions, and you will be eligible for the rewards and the next episode.
  3. 4 missions have now become available: Live Fire Exercises (GlOps Mission): Reinforcements (Get the M60 SLEP by October 20) Weekend Warrior (Weekend Spec Ops) Betrayal (PvP Random Battles, obviously a trap, do not fucking do this) Oh, and if you, gentle reader, saw the preceding blocks and decided that you want in after not initially joining, there's still a (grindy) way:
  4. Official screenshots (don't show much beyond time of day and weather), as well as final-ish mission briefings taken from the Facebook page Yes, a spendo, possibly irreplaceable asset that you'd rather scuttle with a single tank platoon even when said platoon will wipe out the rest of the NPAA presence as a "bonus". Well, wasn't expecting any better scriptwriting after MC1
  5. Thank you for the writeup! One thing: how much elevation does the coaxial autocannon have on the Strv 2000? The Spec Ops designers sure love to put lots of low HP environmental targets high up.
  6. Another view of the nighttime map that got posted on Facebook: Looks like they're reusing parts of Desert Crossing. About time if you asked me.
  7. On one hand I wonder why it's the 2A4 and not the 2A6 or 2A5 getting the skin, but then the 2A6 and other older progression T9 MBTs are in a weird spot and arguably have been even before 0.33. The STRV 2000 will be packing Trophy too. Wonder how that will gel with the skin.
  8. When you put it that way, I sure wonder what all those 1K gold and a smiley packages have done to the game economy.
  9. So I guess the real question is, given the amounts of codes that were not given out by streamers/YouTubers.etc... ...how high exactly were expectations for players drawn in by code giveaways?
  10. I used 4CLN3MVZD1U7ICW6A288 for the Chieftain code and T1CLNARRYAZDZSPSSKNAN for the Tier 6 codes, got the Chieftain, will post more pics once I receive the stuff EDIT: I've had the T-62 Vet for ages, so that's probably why I didn't get it. Not sure if my gold balance has ticked up as a result.
  11. And how exactly does Battle Hardened status become worth more if T7 premiums still get stuck fighting T-15s in PvE? Honestly, I'd take the current crop of premium skins giving you BH status over this and the transparent camos. Fuel tank changes: How often does one get set on fire through gas tank hits instead of engine or ammo rack fires anyway? How often is this happening to RU players? How noticeable is the damaged/destroyed gas tank debuff compared to engine damage currently? Avatar and title implementation on load screens: I really wonder how on earth this is going to fit on screen in a 24 player match of any sort. And barely any acknowledgement that they removed the skin name changes for vehicles in matches alongside the in-match name display changes for no apparent reason.
  12. Is Cortez + the 490 really worth 378 dollars? Well, someone feels that way! https://archive.is/D1gOq
  13. The appropriate quote for having to play the Pindad: Seriously, a HE only sort-of-MLRS in anything other than PvP sounds super well thought out. But then the gimmicks of the high tier BP vehicles are already extremely PvP-centric.
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