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  1. Hello All Tldr- How to unlock special missiles in Griffin 120mm for a casual player like me... I am a more of casual player and play PVE for sheer joy and love of playing tanks (modern) with beautiful guns, armor, missiles...overall for fun I recently purchased the Griffin bundle on Steam...Later while watching some video on the Griffin 120mm, I found out it had 2 additional missiles Heat and Kinetic...But when I went in game in the ammunition window to select them, to my surprise and shock, both the special missiles were locked...I always felt (and was of the notion) that the premium tanks come with everything unlocked... There was some condition written on hovering the cursor on it...something about the battle path and come conditions... Since I am not a hardcore player, I do not buy any battle path passes etc. and also the missions & conditions etc...I was sad that I may not be able to unlock and thus play with those 2 locked missiles on the premium tank that I purchased to enjoy...I occasionally buy premium tanks which are on sale and subject to low budget that I have...but never battle path and stuff since that would require daily grinding and huge time and effort for completion and getting the handsome rewards... Would really appreciate any help on what exactly is required to unlock Can anyone explain what are those conditions to unlock the missiles and is there a way in which a casual player like me can unlock such stuff in premium vehicles... Sorry for long post Thanx a lot
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