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  1. I've been considering going down the Leclerc line to get the Improved Barrel Lining alongside Gun Breech v2, but I'm not too sure how percentages are calculated here, if it'll have diminishing returns or not. What's the formula for additional percentages? Do these stack/compound, or do these only add/subtract from the base value? Below are some formulas I've thought of: Stack: base(retf%) * (retf%) Compound: base(retf% + retf%) Add/Subtract: base +/- (base(retf%)) +/- (base(retf%))
  2. Apologies for the bump, but apart from a request for reupload (I'm unable to access VK), may I know if there's an antiskid texture for the Type 90 as well? I just recently bought the tank in Asian week, and I can't help but notice the absence of it when compared to the Type 16. Main reason why I bought the Type 90 was for the Japanese camo, and that I own both Type 90 and 16 Tomica models. :)
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