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  1. It just seems incredibly stupid that all MBT front plates and turrets are completely invulnerable from the front unless you shoot he or hesh. Just...why? I do come from WoT and WT. But from a general point of view. The current armor design for MBT dont make sense.
  2. So I haven't played very much of AW in 2021 and am just now returning. Apparently armor is really dumbed down now? Why is this? I am talking about driver hatches and view ports and cupolas being removed as weak spots, so that the only weak spot on MBTs now is the lower glacis. This change is frustrating me because it makes certain tanks really good and others really bad, depending on the size of the low glacis weak spot. for instance a abrams is going to have more trouble in a frontal battle than a t80. Why did they make this change? what prompted it, and is everyone just okay with it? Never mind, dumb question. I didn't see the dev blog till a moment after writing this haha.
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