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  1. I am not complaining about PvE because there are only 5 players. In GlOps, for instance, you need a minimum of 20 players (10 for each side). Just now, I played 3 games of GlOps and each game we had 1 x AFK in our team.
  2. I always hear people say "Russians always have a plan. They never go to the toilet without a plan". There are some good ones out there. But there are some who really, really like to make a bad name for themselves.
  3. NOTE: The screenshot above got removed from the official Discord AW channel because I refused to remove the names. The reason why I deliberately left the names because I want the moderators to know the rampant abuse of the system which allows players to recieve points/credits for abandoning the game. Above is a GlOps match (around 16:00 CEST, 20 September 2020) and shows FIVE (5) disconnected players. The game started with ONE (1) AFK player, the Merk 4M with zero kills . The game then progressed with the XM1A player team-killing another in the first 10 minutes of the match. So that takes the score to 8 players vs 10. In the next five minutes, four players rage-quit. The score is now 4 players against a hoarde of 10 players. My point is this: AFK and rage-quitters can make-or-break the outcome of a match. If AW don't come up with a solution or mechanism to stop this shenanigan then there is no stopping players from "parking" a Spinx in the middle of a map and gain (spotting) points. NOTE: I am a "below average" player. But these rage-quitters and AFK players actually make me look good. I am not here to do "Russian-bashing": There are some good Russian players and there are some scary Russian players I do not want to play AGAINST -- these are players who can/will "run circles around me" in a tank. In the early days of WoT there was an anti-AFK mechanism where the player is asked to press a key on the keyboard if the server detects inactivity. Discor moderator claim "statistics" do not support my claim about the number of AFK players. Actual numbers, based on statistics, are a lot lower than one-per-game.
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