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  1. I mean, this is the company that thinks Terminators are fine and balanced so I wouldn't hold my breath.
  2. News just in: Player called "XxxWOTANxxX" is a turd. There's a significant correlation between the number of X-es player has in a username and said player's shittiness.
  3. Deranged ramblings of a leaded gasoline-poisoned boomer mind.
  4. The issue is that somehow, those small mistakes keep happening and only at the expense of the player base. When a company fucks up, assume malice, you will be right 99% of the time.
  5. Doublepost, because I am just so damn good and sexy. You know what's worst about this thing? It's so low effort. I mean, when you are doing scummy business practices, at least put some effort in it for fucks sake. This is nigerian prince scam level of effort.
  6. Maybe Jim Sterling would be interested in scummy mycom practices, especially when combined with ZTQ-15 crate scam.
  7. I'm not sure if "Plague Speedrun" is refering to some AW contest or to US/EU COVID response.
  8. So they actually kept the "You won't get ZTQ-15 parts in ZTQ-15 crates" mechanics even when buying crates for real money. That's scummy even for game industry. EA or Activision would be proud. e: just checked the event text, it says This vehicle is available via Loot Crates, which drop ZTQ-15 parts. However, it turns out it they do not actually always drop that.
  9. That's why there is a text "This offer not available to players in Belgium and Netherlands" whenever there's a new gambling offer on AW page. Kinda hoping rest of the world will follow their example and, if not ban gambling mechanics in video games, then at least make those games 18+. But who am I kidding, with shit like FIFA and NBA going full gambling, no one will have the balls (heh) to do that.
  10. You can usually combine missions (for example, you have one mission with a 7-10 MBT and other with Zhang Feng vehicle, so take a Type 99A2 and do them both at the same time) so it saves some time. But yes, it is quite grindy and RNG-dependant.
  11. I have no problems with not getting a tier 9 tank for some games. However, this entire event was scummy even for lootboxes, because they literally said "ZTQ-15 crates contain ZTQ-15 blueprints". And, it turns out, they do not. Now, since crates were free, no biggie. It was just scummy even for gambling standards, but hey, it's free so whatever. Now, they will certainly offer those same crates for sale so I wonder, will mycom amend the wording (From "crates contain ZTQ blueprints" to "crates may contain ZTQ blueprints") or crates will now actually give you what you paid for. I mean, I won't buy them because fuck gambling in a video games, but people who do buy them and then don't get what they expected to get could become reasonably pissed off.
  12. Not only you may not get the tank, you may also not get the part for the tank. Anyway, after opening my 50 crates and 5 special crates I got... drum roll... 50 ZTQ-15 parts total. At least 2,500 gold I got from rentals I already had was a silver lining in this protracted exercize in why, in gambling, house always wins.
  13. So, you're suggesting that "ZTQ crates" are supermarket brand version of genuine crates? Basically Lidl/Walmart crates? That would actually explain a lot.
  14. I love how something called "ZTQ-15 crate" sometimes doesn't contain actual ZTQ-15 parts.
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