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  1. Is there a way to track progress in storyline campaign? I mean, I can track my own progress by counting battles, but can I see how is it going overall?
  2. Brimstones are basically Hellfires that took growth hormones so yeah, 120mm rifled + (I guess) two 1,200 damage ATGMs
  3. Give them models simple to produce, for example M150 TOW vehicle, M113 model exists, TOW launcher as well. M901 ITV, again M113 exists, TUA launcher exists on C13 as well. Make it tier 7, give it good view range because RL vehicle had really good thermals for its time. AMX-13 SS-11 is another example from the top of my head, you have AMX-13 chassis in game, turret would take some work but it would make a quite unique vehicle. Pereh is another, it is built on a Magach 5 hull and modified turret. NLOS missiles would probably take some balancing but it is not impossible. Namer IFV variant could be another vehicle, Merkava 4 hull and 30mm + Spike unmanned turret. Still, those are just some ideas from the top of my head, you probably heard them all before. I like overprogression vehicles, like WoWS premiums for free xp. Thanks for the answer.
  4. I mean, there are soooooo many AFV designs right now you could build three or four full T1-T10 vehicle lines plus assorted premiums using only vehicles in active service or developmental vehicles. But I see why SS is being frustrated, but at least the model follows the laws of pyhsics unlike some WoT designs.
  5. Soooo... it probably won't be new BP reward but standard lootbox premium, but it looks fun. Especially with that stupid camo.
  6. But if I hide global chat how can argue with boomers, wehraboos and PvP elitists?
  7. Precisely. Kill mission in particular force you to play like an asshole, especially "get Destroyer medal" ones.
  8. It's not just grind, it is the worst combo of grind + RNG. Do 250k damage in a tier 3-6 LT, okay, fine. But then they also add requirement to be top in damage for a game to count so you have to hope there won't be a XM247, or Marder, or Ramka or some other stupidly overpowered bullshit tank on your team. And there usually is one of those so why bother? Devs don't play their own game. I've said the same thing before last raid and got flamed by SS so it shows how much they don't give a shit.
  9. Wow, thanks for that. I got TKed and pushed around because I put Jordanian flag on my tanks, back when there was teamdamage in PvE. Also, Russians really, really hate EU flags on russian tanks, and there was some dude with "USMC" in his name who got really angry at me for putting UN symbol on XM1A3. Also, I remember in old WoT test server you could put Ukrainan flag and "Donbass avenger" on russian tanks. Much anger was harvested.
  10. Hey look, a decent voice acting. Now do more of that in missions please mycom. Also, didn't world got a bit fucked with all supervolcano eruptions and we are living in Mad-Max-but-with-tanks timeline?
  11. Got 120% bonus, bought 2000, received 4400.
  12. FUCK you are right, I was tracking crew xp instead of rep since the patch. I'm an idiot.
  13. Nope, last column is reputation. This may look a bit messy, but it's how it works for me - Q is total XP, W is base XP, Z is total team base XP, AA is reputation. edit - here are two random battles, one on 11/3 and second on 23/3: First one has a bit higher rep because it's Leviathan. But I guess something got fucked with heroic specops somewhere, normal PvE still has the same reputation gain.
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