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  1. You can usually combine missions (for example, you have one mission with a 7-10 MBT and other with Zhang Feng vehicle, so take a Type 99A2 and do them both at the same time) so it saves some time. But yes, it is quite grindy and RNG-dependant.
  2. I have no problems with not getting a tier 9 tank for some games. However, this entire event was scummy even for lootboxes, because they literally said "ZTQ-15 crates contain ZTQ-15 blueprints". And, it turns out, they do not. Now, since crates were free, no biggie. It was just scummy even for gambling standards, but hey, it's free so whatever. Now, they will certainly offer those same crates for sale so I wonder, will mycom amend the wording (From "crates contain ZTQ blueprints" to "crates may contain ZTQ blueprints") or crates will now actually give you what you paid for. I mean, I won't buy them because fuck gambling in a video games, but people who do buy them and then don't get what they expected to get could become reasonably pissed off.
  3. Not only you may not get the tank, you may also not get the part for the tank. Anyway, after opening my 50 crates and 5 special crates I got... drum roll... 50 ZTQ-15 parts total. At least 2,500 gold I got from rentals I already had was a silver lining in this protracted exercize in why, in gambling, house always wins.
  4. So, you're suggesting that "ZTQ crates" are supermarket brand version of genuine crates? Basically Lidl/Walmart crates? That would actually explain a lot.
  5. I love how something called "ZTQ-15 crate" sometimes doesn't contain actual ZTQ-15 parts.
  6. Eh okay. Still doesn't mean he needs to be posting like a fifteen year old 4chan edgelord in response to some legitimate criticism.
  7. I know he's here on his own will and not officially, but he's still posting under his well known name, avatar, so, whether he likes it or not, he's still the face of the company posting like a 21 year old incel on reddit. Not to turn this thread into "let's shit on silentstalker", but "let's shit on mycom", there are some good ideas for Raid. Reroll and Raider tokens, for example, are good, however the implementation overall sucks. "Get xxx damage in low tier MBT, but only highest damage counts" is one of those dumb things. I could work if game was properly balanced, but it isn't. When low-tier games are populated by DCAs and Yorks, it is literally the roll of the dice will you be able to enter into PvE missions without one of there and then you have a chance to finish the mission. Higher tier missions suffer from same problem with Terminator/T-15 infestation. And again, you have to roll the dice and hope you will enter a mission without a T-15 that will do 45,000 damage without breaking a sweat. And since T-15 are the most played vehicle in T10 PvE, good luck with that. Replace "do damage" with "tank damage" for MBTs would work, for example. Or rewrite the "only highest damage counts" with "only highest damage amongst vehicles of your own class" would also be something to consider. But again, with 3.0 balance dumbdown and rapid reversal of well-deserved Terminator AC nerf, my expectacions are very, very limited.
  8. Uh, are you okay, mate? Is this your actual response to criticism? Wow. Mycom really scrapes the bottom of the barrel if you are the public face of the company.
  9. While skins seem goofy as fuck (nothing wrong with that), I just wonder will the raid grind be the same soul-numbing idiotic RNGfest like old one was or did they improve the missions somewhat? Doubt it tho.
  10. 15k would be fine on vehicles that had other massive drawbacks. Okay, give 15k DPM to something, and in return make it blind as a bat, armoured with chewing gum and wet cardboard, make it slow and huge. But giving stupidly high DPM to tanks that are armoured like a MBT, and yet, faster, stealthier, with better view range than MBTs and even giving some of them infantry is massively stupid. But it's mycom, "massively stupid" is kinda their motto. Still, AGDS is fine in that regard, it does have stupid DPM but if it gets spotted (and it will get spotted due to bad concealment) it gets nuked. And that's fine.
  11. Well, about that idea that mycom is actually trying to make Terminators only stupidly OP instead of "why bother playing anything else" OP, from tomorrow's patch notes: BMPT series vehicles with twin autocannons now fire their guns simultaneously (two rounds per cycle) Yeah.
  12. I mean, AGDS has some impressive firepower, but it pays for it - armour is non-existant, it has camouflage rating of a planetoid, is dead meat when someone comes near it. You aware how stupidly overperforming those vehicles in PvE are? I mean, what's the point of playing anything but Terminator-class tanks because they are better at tanking damage than MBTs, better damage dealers than AFVs and gun-based TDs, better scouts than AFVs? There's a reason why T-15 is so overrepresented in PvE, 15% of all player vehicles are T-15s. It's easier to nerf four overperforming vehicles (and it just needs a significant AC RoF nerf, nothing serious) than buff 100+ others to their level
  13. Good. Now do the Mod. 2000 and T-15 next and make PvE fun again for all other vehicles.
  14. To be fair, compared to you, we usually are :) Also, what I've noticed in game, usually people bitching about THE RUSSIANS! are just projecting their own inadequacies.
  15. Leclercs need their coax replaced by M2HB instead of puny 7.62 they have now, for historic reasons.
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