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  1. Also, Erin is THE best for vision control.
  2. This is all one elaborate joke from devs, right? Because no way they would be this fucking stupid.
  3. "We hope that you’ll like both sets of changes" No. Those people are paint chip eating morons, because if there is one thing that needs a buff, it's T-15, Marder and SPHINX. Jesus christ.
  4. Now please tell me those people aren't complete idiots. Or leading devs have stocks in Uralvagonzavod.
  5. You could make entire german AFV line, entire missile boat line from tier 3 to tier 10 only with vehicles that actually entered service, whole chinese AFV line, there is a LOT of things not in game they can make instead of made-up tanks. Gimme BMPT-84, T-80 that can carry infantry in the back. Or that weird US-Chinese MBT project from late '70s, or Giraffe TDs.
  6. There is a gazillion cold war projects they can use as tier 9 and 10 vehicles, also a lot of vehicles in development right now. You have Jaguar EBRC (vehicle that won french army contract that SPHINX lost), Ajax, a whole shitload of Israeli heavy AFVs, Namer IFVs, Eitan, a whole fucking load of it. So "running out of realistic vehicles" is some bullshit excuse.
  7. I have literally never seen that. Sometimes they spawn and don't leave the spawn point, but it is still reachable if you advance a bit. Oh wait, I just realised, "to advance" is anathema to AW playerbase.
  8. LOL what a low effort theft. At least act like you give a shit, mycom.
  9. So they managed to make one of the worst ever events even worse. Well that takes some serious effort. Good job mycom.
  10. IT IS LITERALLY CALLED "BETRAYAL" JESUS CHRIST. Also, to be fair, losing access to Mod.2017 this early would significantly improve overall enjoyment of the entire campaign.
  11. "Improved". Can't wait to see how they will manage to make the worst event even worse.
  12. Thanks to everyone who did AN speedruns with me, it was fun. 5 x T-80U platoon was great.
  13. Well finally chinese MBTs won't be complete trash. Also 9k in a tier 8 MBT? Hell yes.
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