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  1. "The Russian Federation, having fully recovered from the Soviet Union era that ended in 1997, is a rising power once again" lmao this was written somewhere in 2020 and wasn't updated since. But this seems like a step in a right direction, some fresh air because BPs were getting stale.
  2. Good. Now please fix rest of Termis, GAU and XM247.
  3. Yep, you just got unlucky with map rotation. But I think it is like Perseus, Raiding Party and some other maps only in T7-10 queue, it can't be played in T6 and below.
  4. I mean, what grind? This BP is pretty fine as grinds go, I'm at rank 55 without spending a dime and casual play.
  5. Take your meds, grandpa, and go back to bed. You know we can't let you out of the house unsupervised.
  6. Of course, while entire Terminator/BMPT series exists and is completely and utterly broken.
  7. Warlords of the Wasteland: T-55 Enigma Scorpion Kastet M1A1 Storm Altay, Age of Rage: M50 Ontos BWP-2000 Object 490 Last Patriot: XM247 Sgt. York Griffin 120mm Bradley AAWS CATTB Enigma's Legacy: Type 74 Seon'gun-715 Pindad Type 10 Echoes of War: ZSU-23-4 Shilka 9Pwhatever Khrizantema Kurganets-25 Object 195 Northern Wind: CV90105TML CV90 Mk. IV CV90120 Ghost Strv 2000 Wars of the Past: TR-85M1 T-72M4CZ 2S38 Derivatsiya T-15 Kinzhal I think that's all, someone correct me if I missed something.
  8. Oh, even better, you can play MBT with an AC. Because, for some reason, they keep adding those to the game.
  9. Soooo, before I log back in, what did they fuck up this time?
  10. Also, Erin is THE best for vision control.
  11. This is all one elaborate joke from devs, right? Because no way they would be this fucking stupid.
  12. "We hope that you’ll like both sets of changes" No. Those people are paint chip eating morons, because if there is one thing that needs a buff, it's T-15, Marder and SPHINX. Jesus christ.
  13. Now please tell me those people aren't complete idiots. Or leading devs have stocks in Uralvagonzavod.
  14. You could make entire german AFV line, entire missile boat line from tier 3 to tier 10 only with vehicles that actually entered service, whole chinese AFV line, there is a LOT of things not in game they can make instead of made-up tanks. Gimme BMPT-84, T-80 that can carry infantry in the back. Or that weird US-Chinese MBT project from late '70s, or Giraffe TDs.
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