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  1. Yes it seems to be a nerf, however without knowing the exact values and calculations it is quite hard to tell. Additionally positioning seems to really make a difference with this new mechanics. That's correct. It gives you an advantage as a spotter. But afaik this was already implemented. It's good that they fix smoke. It was already working that way usually but there definitely was some strange behaviour occasionally.
  2. Yes was fun Yes that's probably the case. It's definitely not easy to play. I'm sure this thing will get changed before the release and it only depends on wether the devs actually listen to feedback and to whose feedback as well, as there are multiple different opinions about it. One thing is for sure. It simply can't be balanced to make all modes equally happy. I like vehicles that are hard to play so I automatically liked the Pindad in PVE. However it seems to me that AW is trying to head towards the opposite direction of making everything as easy as possible. What I want to avoid for this BP is to have them release a way too strong prem and then nerf it again. It's better to buff it later. Otherwise folks with pitchforks'll flood the discord Haha wasn't probably performing well in this one either. Considering I failed horribly in raiding party
  3. Damn that's some serious L2P issues there But I've seen plenty of people like him and somehow they don't loose any motivation by loosing all the time.
  4. Yes you won't get to the dmg output of Termis and autocannons in general. It's as well hard to keep up with a good LT or TD player. But camo and viewrange are quite good so I try to rely on those to compensate the "lack" of damage. Don't get me wrong, it can do quite some damage but there are clearly better options in this regard. Additionally you have to exploit bot dumbness as often as possible. Eg. shooting stationary targets and so on. I think it can work on open maps if you have a decent MBT that tanks the damage while you try to keep behind it and dump your salvos. Currently it feels like a very good spotter with a rather gimmicky weapon system that requires some brain to use without getting killed. It's not trash at all in my opinion but it could benefit from a faster reload in PVE I think. As well the performance depends heavily on the team. If there are enough idiots who camp you can farm all the spot damage and do damage along the way, while having a good team on the other hand doing this can become hard/impossible.
  5. I made a video of some PVE gameplay with the Pindad. Most testers currently think it is shit for PVE. In my opnion it's actually quite good. It could use some faster reload but other than that it's unique to play. Not easy to master but actually fun to play because it requires some thinking to work.
  6. C13TUA>>NM142 in a PVP pov It's simply better in my opinion. I never really liked the NM. It's an ok vehicle but I definitely prefer the wiesel 1 HOT or the VBL INGWE over it. Top-Down ATGM are rather a gimmick and usually not too useful. If you know what you're doing you're usually better off with the normal ones.
  7. Ok so I think I get it now: Tree falls into Bush and overlaps with it. --> Bush provides double the bush-camo and then gets processed further for camo-calculation. Whereas nowadays a fallen tree just counts as another bush in the LOS. Hard to tell what difference it makes actually without knowing the calculations. If it's not too much I guess it'll have little impact on gameplay. Experienced players should be able to profit from it without gaining a massive advantage. So in my books this should be fine, only take into account that I have no clue how the calculations are done.
  8. I'm a bit lost now: According to this: https://aw.my.games/en/about/game-guides/spotting-and-camouflage It already works like that I suppose. And this is as well the case according to my knowledge. In this case just leave it as it is. If it is not the case I think it's something that can get added. However, I think there should be a hard cap of only 1 tree counting as extra camo. Otherwise it gets out of hand. In a PVP point of view I don't see any problem with this as long as you can't stack it to exorbitant values.
  9. So it's basically a 5*T15 contest I guess? Or is there even a better combination?
  10. Yes definitely a step in the right direction!
  11. Please note as well that the game is confusing max-spread with min-spread quite often. If you happen to skill max-spread and the accuracy of your gun increases in the info tab the game probably confused max- with min-spread
  12. Hello and Welcome Steam and My.games accounts are completely separate. If you started off with the my.games account the progress won't be transferred to your steam account. In other words you start from zero. As I'm not a steam player I don't know how daily rewards work there.
  13. Does there happen to be a post-size limit? @BumbaX If yes then it would have been definitely better. I'll see what I can do about it, when I hit the limit. @Qbicle Yes I already stumbeld across this one aswell. All that I know is that normalization was removed in Update 0.16 AFAIK, because it produced unexpected behaviour along with the overmatch mechanics. Then it seems like they reimplemented it according to the quoted article. I guess I have to ask if this is still valid. I personaly was more tending towards "not valid anymore" but I could definitely be wrong.
  14. Yes There is not much information and lost of it is obsolete. I try to test stuff out as far as possible and otherwise rely on my experience. For stuff I can't figure out myself I try to ask the CMs. If I'm lucky they can give me useful information sometimes. But it's definitely not guranteed. This is what I assume as well. Currently I'm trying to figure out how to interpret the "spall threshold" value. Other than that HE as well as HEP/HESH does not ricochet/fail to fuse at all at least I've never experienced it for a long time and could not replicate the behaviour in tests. Other than that I have updated the AP section accordingly. The overmatch mechanics seem to still be valid for AP so I added a brief explanation. However, I was not able to find any numbers or equations on that. If anyone knows more than me in this regard, please share. I'll try to test it this evening to make sure.
  15. In the my.games launcher settings, you can delete unused gamefiles (mostly patches). Got to settings, then tab "Games and downloads". There you can delete the patches. Regarding the folder, maybe first just copy it to a new location and see if the game still works. If it does you can delete it, otherwise put it back. A big factor to disk space are as well replay recordings. So you might want to delete those too
  16. Thanks @Qbicle Seems like I've missed that one. I'll update the guide accordingly.
  17. Maybe AW devs already have such thing. But I don't think the data to create a heatmap is acessible. I'd not see any problems if it would be done but I do not really know what you would use it for? Usually, at least if you're experienced, you know where the enemy is going so there's not really a need for that.
  18. For me it's usually that I'm way too agressive in situations I shouldn't. Which usually leads to quick death Playing agressive is not a bat thing per se. But sometimes it's not the best option.
  19. I'm not much of a PVE player because the bots are too predictable and most standard PVE maps are way too easy in my opinion. But I happen to enjoy Specops T10 way more because there are some more difficult maps when playing with randoms, such as SH ch. 4 or MC ch. 4. Tier 8 and below is a joke in my opinion. The only difficulty is to bring a dpm machine and point and click on red targets. I played SH ch. 4 T10 two whole evenings with randoos before it got adjusted. I lost like 35 Battles while winning 2. But it was the first time I actually started to enjoy PVE. Winning the missions with randoms actually felt like an accomplishment. In my opinion PVE is simply too easy if you can get winrates of nearly 95-100% while playing with randoms on hardcore. Winning such a mission just doesn't feel like an accomplishment and that's the main reason PVE kind of seems to be frustrating for me as a random player just because it seems to be way too easy if you win all the time with ease. As well as @BumbaX said bots are simply stupid and predictable. The missions and the bot behaviour is not really random and therefore you've simply seen it all pretty quick. This is why I personally prefer PVP. We've got mostly 3 or 4 maps during an evening but most PVP battles are not the same even if they're fought on the same map, simply because humans are way harder to predict than bots. One PVE mode I really enjoyed as randoo player is Labyrinth on T10. But even this mode could be more difficult in my opinion. But if you happen to loose 2 teammates early on the battle actually starts to become interesting because you need to start using tactics and not just point and click. But I really like the Specops stuff, it's the only reason I play PVE more or less regularly. Problem I see with PVE is usually that the difficulty is achieved by only spawning some more bots or give them more HP. So the only thing you need to counter this is a dpm machine. Hence why I actually like maps like SH Ch. 4 with the lasers and bombs that force you to play actively and use your brain. And I hope that future PVE maps will be made more difficult or that they introuce new interesting modes such as Labyrinth.
  20. Thanks. Yes you're right. Seems like I am still stuck in Balance 2.0 with this one. I'll add the ricochet default angle as well to the explanation. Do you happen to know when they changed this and if there was an explanation? Regarding the HEAT shells there are no accurate ricochect/fuse failed angles afaik. But they seem to be pretty high, as the MP stuff fuses even under very high impact angles.
  21. @Baron_Georg Yes my native language is german. If you have corrections I think it would be best if you send them to me by PM, so we can keep the thread clean for discussion.
  22. Once again it's time for a new guide. This time it's all about the ammunition in Armored Warfare. Keep in mind that english is not my native language, I try my best to write correct sentences. Aswell I use google translate on my original text to keep the effort a bit lower. So there might be some errors I'm missing. In this case feel free to correct me. This guide is WIP, therefore it does not feature all ammunition types. Additionally especially regarding HE mechanics there are lots of uncertainities. If you happen to know more than me or if I got something wrong, please share your knowledge. Content: Abbreviations How a cannon works Basic ammunition traits in Armored Warfare Kinetic Projectiles (AP) Shaped-Charge Projectiles (HEAT) High-Explosive Projectiles (HE) Special Ammunition: HESH/HEP/PISH ... This guide is still incomplete. It is constantly being expanded with new ammunition types. 1. Abbreviations Since there are many abbreviations regarding ammunition, I made a short list. Please note that there are usually several abbreviations and names for the same type of ammunition, but ultimately they mean the same thing. Only the most important and common abbreviations related to the game Armored Warfare are listed here. AP (Armor Piercing) APFSDS (Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding Sabot) HEAT (High Explosive Anti Tank) HEAT-MP (High Explosive Anti Tank Multi-Purpose) HE (High Explosive) HE-I (High Explosive Incendiary) HEP (High Explosive Plastic) (HEP is the American name, HESH is the British) HESH (High Explosive Squash Head) (British abbreviation) ATGM (Anti Tank Guided Missile) ATGM-TB (Anti Tank Guided Missile Thermobaric) PELE (Penetrator Enhanced Lateral Effect) 2. How a cannon works Before we get to the ammunition, there are some important aspects in real tank technology that you should know beforehand. Each ammunition is fireed by a cannon or a launcher. Let's take a closer look at the cannons: 3. Basic ammunition traits in Armored Warfare All traits of the ammunition description as listed in Armored Warfare are described here. The ammunition description card is displayed in the garage when you move your cursor over the particular ammunition icon. 4. Kinetic Projectiles (AP) Color: blue Typical muzzle velocity: 1000-1800m / s Maximum impact angle: 67-70 ° Strong against: All types of armor (universally applicable) Weak against: high impact angles The kinetic projectiles (AP armor piercing) are a standard ammunition type for almost all vehicles because this type of ammunition can be used effectively against practically all types of armor. The penetration power is achieved purely through kinetic energy, which is why these projectiles are also referred to as KE projectiles (kinetic energy). 5. Shaped Charge Projectiles (HEAT) Color: red Typical muzzle velocity: 700-1400m / s Maximum angle of impact: 65-80 ° Strong against: All types of armor without protection against HEAT, particularly weak armor Weak against: high angle of impact, cage armor, composite armor, ERA, NERA, spaced armor The shaped charge shells, hereinafter referred to as HEAT (HEAT for “High Explosive Anti Tank”), are standard ammunition for almost all vehicles because this type of ammunition, like AP, can be used effectively against many types of armor. The armor piercing effect is achieved by the shaped charge (hollow charge) and therefore does not work with kinetic energy. 6. High Explosive Shells (HE) Color: orange Typical muzzle velocity: 300-1200m / s Maximum angle of impact: none Strong against: very weak armor, high angle of impact, homogenous armor Weak against: strong armor, cage armor, spaced armor, composite armor The high-explosive shells are a standard ammunition type in many vehicles. The penetration is not achieved by kinetic energy, but by the explosion of the explosive that resides in the warhead. That's all for today, I'll try to add more ammo as well as translated pictures ASAP Changes:
  23. It looks like they have learnt from the CATTB disaster. This one actually sounds balanced at first sight and does not carry any incredibly stupid/broken ability. I guess that pen indicator is a nice to have feature but won't break the game. Looks like a fun to play tank. But probably not for the frontline. I actually prefer if they introduce it a bit too weak at the start and then buff it if it is not competitive. Definitely better for their image.
  24. Nice! Always wanted to fight for the Lions of Nequiel :D
  25. The AFT10 is great and actually useful in all modes. That's actually the reason why I grind this line to get to the Hellfire. Regarding the Griffin 50mm it seems to be a vehicle that benefits drastically from people who know what to do (at least in PVP). I've seen lots of players perform bad in it, hence why it never really catched my eye until now. So it really seems to be more dependent on the player than an average vehicle. I already gave feedback on this so let's see what happens. Either way I'll just keep enjoying this vehicle in order to get the mighty Hellfire and punish some players.
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