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  1. I'd guess UI fuckery, with it reporting wrong spotting. I've personally see it award spotting credit very, very oddly on multiple occasions.
  2. First thought - Woah... did they accidentally make arty not abjectly suck any more? XD
  3. That's a damn good question - we don't know. A formatting thing changed somewhere, it was apparently not intentional.
  4. They're only out for a couple days, they'll be right back. Not sure why THIS problem was big enough for disabling the vehicles instead of just marking it as a known bug, but they'll be fixed and back in the game shortly.
  5. Looks like a pretty good event to me, anyway. Nice and chill, not the hellish grind we've seen lately from the Raids and Battle Paths.
  6. Seven instances? I'm betting seven days for the quest, plus two for a general requirement.
  7. About all you can do is buy additional Hunter crates, since the parts will carry over and be sellable next BP for coins, although the exchange rate is pretty miserable. I did not even bother with the skins missions, just went with the main line since I didn't really care about the skins. I think the BPs in general are worth it, the number of tanks you get for your money is pretty excellent, even if you only play an hour or so a day. However, this one has been decidedly the LEAST rewarding, I think.
  8. Personally, I'd suggest that the only reason she is so currently meta is because she's the only thing *like* that. If you added a range of unique skills, I think you'd see a lot more diversity. I don't think it's as much Ophelia being overpowered, as it is there being nothing even close to like her abilities in the game. If you added *more* unique and interesting commander-specific capabilities, I think you'd see her becoming significantly less meta simply by dint of there *being* other equally unique and game-changing options.
  9. I would particularly emphasize this with buffs that *change* how vehicles are played. Most commanders offer small bonuses to stats. They improve a vehicle, but really don't make any significant difference in play style. A stealth vehicle becomes a very slightly better stealth vehicle, a MBT becomes a slightly better MBT, etc. No actual change. Ophelia is unique because she can actually change HOW a vehicle can be played. You can be FAR more aggressive than you could otherwise. It would be neat, I think, to have the other commanders reworked to offer interesting, unique, and game-changing mechanics as well. Say, give one a cannon overload that gives you one supercharged shot every minute or two. Or let one call in an off-screen artillery strike at the point of aim once every so often. How about a repair burst ability that heals you, or your target for a set amount? Stuff like that. Things that *change* the gameplay, instead of just tweaking stats a little bit.
  10. Dang, I didn't expect it to be quite that high, I would have put a guess in the 80% range. I guess once it drops below critical number in the queue, there's not much point to keep trying to queue, may as well grab some PVEs.
  11. Hey, just out of curiosity, were those player-count numbers adjusted for hour-to-hour performance of the server? I'd imagine getting a PVP Random to queue could be a real challenge with relatively few players, by compared to the five needed for a PVE, leading to a lot more folks going for PVEs to have something to play, instead of playing queue simulator for an hour hoping for a single PVP.
  12. I suspect that's probably part of the same issue.
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