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  1. Well, the problem there is that it doesn't encourage ever buying more than just one or two premiums at most. If all it does is let you farm a bit better, all you need is one good farming vehicle. That's not a particularly useful marketing strategy.
  2. Smud's on point with that one, grinding just one line over and over gets really darn boring pretty quick. I personally liked having three or four lines I was progressing at a time, especially since that meant I could catch more 2x games a day for progression. The rebalance is really kind of up in the air, we've got no idea what's going to end up happening, so as far as tech tree stuff, I'd be tempted to just carry on as though nothing was gonna happen at all. They might end up better, or worse, but we just don't know enough to really make a good call yet.
  3. This doesn't actually answer the question, though - Why would someone pay money, or spend the inordinate amounts of time required to get the battle path premiums, to acquire a tank that is no different or better than one they can get for far less effort? These have to be marketable or desirable as well, which means they have to have some kind of selling point. "Here, have this Bradley with a different model" isn't really all that special or desirable. Rather, it might be for a small handful of collectors, but not the wide base of players you need to make money with a premium tank.
  4. Incidentally, there actually is no such thing as a "timed" ban that we use. We will mute for a timed duration, or ban outright. Most folks here have talked with me in a number of other Discords, both official and unofficial, and generally will have a reasonably good feel for my style and chosen methods. Hell, I'm certainly not disagreeing that the game has problems, it's continually being adjusted and updated to address them as possible, including some major stuff coming up, as everyone is well aware. But that really isn't germane to the point - generally, "be a douche to people, you'll get whacked." The level of whacking typically relating more or less directly to the level or repetition of said douchebaggery. If you're not happy with the style of the official discord? Well... tough cookies, I guess. Most folks here know that we don't moderate with a particularly heavy hand, we *want* the place to have a good, running discussion. If we banned everyone that complained? Uhm... well, I'd have to *start* with me, and work down the list of basically every member of the chat. XD
  5. I'd suspect "useless" in almost all cases, although there's a few maps with tight enough funnels that it could be super-obnoxious. I personally would like to see it retain the SAMs. Specifically, I'd like it to keep the SAM, with the missile carrying a HE-mechanic warhead, but perhaps called something different. The warhead would have enormous alpha, 5k or so, so that it will absolutely decimate helicopters, drones, ACs and the like... but it will have only about 5mm of pen, and extremely little or no spalling, in order to best simulate a high-shrapnel warhead design with a proximity or super-quick nose fuse. It would wipe out infantry as well as a 152mm HE shell, but would do very little damage to even lightly armored vehicles like the missile jeeps, and none what-so-ever to anything with armor rated for fragmentation or small-arms protection. I think it'd be kind of cool, since that would be something that would not require any new mechanics, working within the existing HE mechanic, and would be totally unique to the game. Limited use, yes, but we have many very niche vehicles right now, and it would still retain all of the listed abilities for ground combat. Just gain a unique mechanic that nothing else has.
  6. One of the other things that comes up a fair bit, is that some folks don't understand the difference between a short-duration mute and a ban. The majority of the bans I personally have issued (virtually all, to get insta-banned you tend to have to do something REALLY against TOS, posting porn, scams etc) started with one or more mutes from a couple hours to a few days. Very often we will use a mute to end a problem, we KNOW folks get salty from time to time, it's part of life, and an enforced cool-down usually resolves the issue with no further trouble, and they come back after the mute expires to generally be just fine in the chat. But we often seem to have folks not understanding that a 1-day mute is *not* a ban, and will instantly start raging at us in DMs. Obviously, that does not tend to end well for their continued existence in the chat. Incidentally, you're *highly* unlikely to come up with anything we haven't heard of before, and unless you call us nazis and threaten us with "talking to the devs" we know you don't even care. xD
  7. We actually let rather a lot more go than we technically *should* per the strict interpretation of the rules, but a chat is like a conversation, and trying to run a by-the-book lawyer-type moderation is both obnoxious, and a near exercise in futility. As in, you really have to be a douche, generally, to get booted from the Discord. Typically we'll ask you to drop something, then if you don't, we'll take additional action. Bans are our last-resort option, and are issued quite sparingly. A short-duration mute of a day or so is much more common.
  8. Excellent! :) Couple good mods, I think!
  9. Honestly, it was a lot more fun when you could get them as rewards from missions, and they actually dropped well. It just felt more rewarding for doing well.
  10. At tier 8, some autoguns are pretty sparse in the DPM department, and they wreck your cammo really bad.
  11. I'm just not really excited about yet another low-dpm-no-armor PvP vehicle, to be honest. We've got SO many of those.
  12. Fair, yeah. Not as much conflict of interest, but just trying to keep an eye on both at once could be a challenge.
  13. Daaaaumn, how are you managing that? Fully boosted, I'm pulling 16mil a stage with the 640, and... 27mil? or thereabouts on CH3. One run with a 10x is basically enough to buy, upgrade, and fully retrofit TWO tier-10s!
  14. Hell, I'll nominate Soren for it. They're hella good, and have the right kind of personality to deal with it as well.
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