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  1. An "official response", sort of. I don't think this is actually how tokens work, but what do I know?
  2. So, if you have the shop link, you actually can buy this, even on an existing account. Decent value for the $, you get 5.2k gold, an Object 279, and 60 days of prem, along with a couple boosters and a tiny amount of credits. Unfortunately, it does cost real money.
  3. Still an issue as of 0.34.7574, Jan 1 2021 The Evo never did, but the Stryker and Dragun both had one. Now, you have to pick a T9 to never be able to unlock, if you didn't have them already.
  4. Very lazy edit, accurate to the game as of now Spot the balans
  5. Game Version:0.33.7365 Brief Description: HEAT shells do not get damage bonus from designated target Steps to Reproduce: Take any tank (T7-10) with HEAT shells, designate a target, and shoot with HEAT shells. Result: HEAT shells have random damage rolls. Expected Behavior: HEAT shells roll max damage on all hits during designate . Fixes/Workarounds:None
  6. He made some very nice things. Too bad the mods on official thought they would confuse people, or I'd have done more.
  7. They couldn't get the same voice actor for Magnus, so it would be yet another completely different voice actor. And I seem to remember them saying that there was "No Chance" of a Magnus commander.
  8. I have a feeling I won't be playing for much longer after this drops. Unless they rolled back hard on a lot of the changes, it's just not going to work for me. So have a shitpost.
  9. This was deleted off of the official discord. I thought it was pretty good.
  10. I think that counts as a win. Not bad for 5 minutes in Paint and a little bit of using Inspect Element.
  11. Some interesting items from crates today.
  12. Game Version: 0.32.7245 Brief Description: Type 99 Tandem HEAT shell does not function properly against ERA Steps to Reproduce: Take Type 99 into battle/training ground, shoot at ERA-protected armor. Result: Shell does not penetrate ERA, even when the lower-penetration ATGM (775 for HEAT, 700 for missile, both allegedly HEAT-T) penetrates Expected Behavior: Shell penetrates ERA, mostly ignoring it Fixes/Workarounds: Don't shoot at ERA? Other Notes: The same shell works correctly on the Type 96B
  13. Lets not split the parts, because what that will inevitably lead to is someone getting parts over the required 100, and therefore wasting them.
  14. Have a thread for posting stupid AW things that don't belong anywhere else. I'll start it off
  15. My thoughts on this announcement in a nutshell Who asked for ANY of this? More changes that nobody either wanted or needed. Sure, the camo/skin change is nice, but the rest? Terrible idea.
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