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  1. So does it go 3 times as fast? gosh this vehicle just needs a remodel feels awkward having a line of good looking Leos then getting this space block of a tank.
  2. place the localization folder into your game install file location. There is a readme text with the download showing this as well: "Put the sounds folder to your game client language folder (english,polish,russian, ie.) under localization file"
  3. Laughs in Object 195 having 320mm AC pen from T-15 RIP Object 490, no AC instant trash tier.
  4. Yeah that last 10 steps from 50-60 is 70k battle coin padding, and the increases in income won't cover the inflation cost of the grind.
  5. Has anyone checked if the AC penetration changes have gone through?
  6. Albatross - 10 Anvil - 10 Banshee - 11 Basilisk - 10 Cavalry - 10+1=11 anything works here, it may get dicey if players don't kill the Lieutenant that spots the team for the AI bots on cap. Cerberus - 11 Dire Wolf - 4 Erebos - 11 Frostbite - 7 Ghost Hunter - 4 Harbinger - 11 Hydra - 7 Kodiak - 11 Leviathan - 4 Life Jacket - 7 Meltdown - 12 Onyx - 10 Perseus - 13 Phalanx - 10 Prometheus - 5 Raiding Party - 4-3=1 yeah CQC hell with a stupid AI spawn that ruins a run to the last cap, the best I've found if the primary objective mine spawns on the opposite hill at the top right side of the map, you can render snipe it from the gate to the last cap. Red Opossum - 10 Ricochet -1-3=-2 gonna kill this off they ruined this map basically taking out the middle road access to the port funnels you into a kill zone, there is only one direction of attack into the port straight into the lieutenants. Rolling Thunder - 10 Sapphire - 7 Scorpio - 11 Snake Bite - 10 Spearhead - 7 Starry Night - 7 Stormy Winter - 11 Tiger Claw - 10 doesn't exist Tsunami - 1 Umbrella - 10 Watchdog - 7 Wildfire - 10 Zero Hour - 11 Desert Path (dead) Desert Fox - 4 Desert Saber - 10 Desert Strike - 11 Desert Viper - 7
  7. Yeah so, they must be banking on this AC change to make them money? because the headliners are AC based vehicles.
  8. At least the type74 has suspension and stupid frontal armor, this tries to drag a tier 4 to tier 5 and make it work.
  9. wait is the TR-85M1 decent enough to even be a tier 5?
  10. This system allows greater accurate bursts, but then you do have to blow camo and light yourself up like a Christmas tree. Here's the thing they are buffing ROF but not ammo capacity.
  11. Yes like how we had a T-14 that could get the 152mm as a gun upgrade in the tech tree. That Turret is huge I'm expecting broken turret rings or damaged autoloaders. so I assume we haven't seen the collect 100 pieces vehicle yet?
  12. Wait no Lynx and Puma AFVs you could make a German AFV line?
  13. does anyone know what the issue/ bug Cerberus had?
  14. Straight up these missions are selfish asshole ones, take this one for example, this is tier 3-6 TDs you need to do 200k damage but you must have the highest damage in the team for your result to count to the 200k. Or do 40k damage in a single game and earn a teamwork medal no deaths in a team. This is only for 1 piece of camo, you need 50 for an unlock, they are goading people into complete tokens with these requirements. SKIP RAID
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