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  1. Does it come with a bigger magazine? any bet on a gimmicky he airburst round? yeah with that chassis camo and speed going to be worse than the Draco.
  2. Because its a side feature, no one is going to go wow I brought a loot box TD to get more infantry in a squad to deploy.
  3. would it be possible to attach ghost CV90120 panels to emphasis the camo system it and the PL-01 share?
  4. I would say if you want to xp horde and blue medal spam, the map has good vision can't go wrong with a Sphinx, you double dip on spotting damage and tracking damage through assists. If you find the Sphinx a bit too soft go with the PL-01 and K21 XC-8, shout out to the CV90120 Ghost you can camo abuse vision spot and snipe I tend to run them on Perseus for spotting the caps and damage farming. If you run a Sabrina and know the module locations on vehicles straight up fireworks show Challenger 2 ADTU PISH spam. It kills bots straight up or ruins them so bad they drive around with broken modules. HEAT spammer club love the Type 99A2, Alpha striking with the XM1A3 with the 140mm, or the CATTB for the double shot dump.
  5. Straight up this forces you to grind meta commanders since the exp cost is too high its roughly 3-4 tech tree lines of exp cost, some commanders are so great because of their skills therefore they get placed in more vehicles overall. Niche commanders have to be buffed through their main skill or skill tree to make them outperform the universal commanders. Buff useless filler skills in commander trees and rip out empty squares its bad game design if you offer a level 3 skill that requires taking 3-4 dead squares for it. I gave feedback on some commanders are extremely strict conditions to proc their main skill, looking at you Joshua Seagrove. Freja Højbjerg straight up 22% turret traverse rate that's it? its ether a stupid amount of traverse turning a 50 into a 61, or its a 27 to 33 looking at you Challenger ATDU.
  6. At least its not the PTZ-89 cough 10mm front turret armor auto pen by mgs.
  7. Will there be a remodel of the Leopard 2AX or a designation as a 2A7?
  8. Straight up is the 140mm gun characteristics close to the XM1A3 140mm gun? seems like it and is the only changes to the Chinese MBT line moving the ammo rack to the turret?
  9. where are the Chinese MBT buffs? can't have a BP pushing them if the tech tree ones suck.
  10. So does it go 3 times as fast? gosh this vehicle just needs a remodel feels awkward having a line of good looking Leos then getting this space block of a tank.
  11. place the localization folder into your game install file location. There is a readme text with the download showing this as well: "Put the sounds folder to your game client language folder (english,polish,russian, ie.) under localization file"
  12. Laughs in Object 195 having 320mm AC pen from T-15 RIP Object 490, no AC instant trash tier.
  13. Yeah that last 10 steps from 50-60 is 70k battle coin padding, and the increases in income won't cover the inflation cost of the grind.
  14. Has anyone checked if the AC penetration changes have gone through?
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