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  1. Bob gave a pretty good overview of the PTS in its current state in his post. I played a little yesterday and found the changes to be overwhelmingly negative, to the point where if even half of these changes reach the live server I will probably stop playing the game.
  2. Pretty much what I expected. Only surprise was the inclusion of the Kashtet, but I'm primarily a PVE player so that may just be a limitation of my perspective. I'm not sure I'd call the armor on the T15 strong, but that might just be because high DPM vehicles turn me into an overly-aggressive brainlet.
  3. Not that beating pubbies is a particularly high accomplishment, but I did win a damage race with a York on SH Ch2 while trying to do some BP missions. This tank's ability to be nearly constantly firing is a huge boon. Its definitely up there with the York and M95 in terms of tier-for-tier power.
  4. The missiles can get the occasional one-shot ammo rack if you have a commander with a bit of module damage bonuses (I was using Rashid when I played it). However, with the currently bugged behavior of the missiles, it's not really possible to aim at these points right now.
  5. Should have become our first garbage bin thread tbh.
  6. >Hunter gets PELE I kind of hope this is an error, otherwise it's just going to be a generally better redback for everything other than getting infantry missions done. Even without PELE it looks p. strong.
  7. The error here was the assumption that what you called average damage and what the game called average damage were the same thing, which led to your post stating that the Kornet-E would do slightly less damage than the Ataka. Regardless of whether or not you want to split hairs over how what the game calls average damage isn't a "proper" average, call it "base damage" if you really must, the information in that post was wrong and I corrected it. Kornet-E will do more damage per shot than the Ataka.
  8. Yeah, trying to emphasize the missile armament and then saddling the vehicle with a fixed launcher is a questionable design choice, to be sure.
  9. Because that's how the game denotes average damage. I got my 665 figure from the game itself.
  10. Yes, but that range takes into account the bonus damage that HEAT receives against thin armor. You can see this yourself by taking the Ataka's average damage of 665 and multiplying it by 1.1 (10% RNG) and then multiplying it again by 1.30 (30% bonus damage against thin armor) and you will get 950.95. When the game gives an "average damage" for things like HEAT shells, it does not take into account the bonus damage against thin armor.
  11. Ataka M's average damage is 665. This vehicle is also replacing the Terminator Proto and not the BMPT 2017. Proto uses baseline Ataka which 850 pen and the same 665 average damage. The Mod.2000's missiles will do significantly more damage and have a 150mm penetration advantage over the ones on the vehicle it is replacing. The only downside in comparison to the other termi's missiles is the fixed launcher.
  12. yeah, as I said, this thing has some intense vision control potential in spite of its deficiencies in speed and camo on-the-move.
  13. This is the AS21 Redback. It's F A T. It's also not completely awful. Here's a quick rundown of what I think of the vehicle, keeping in mind that I almost exclusively play PvE. Pros: A massive amount of ammo, 2000 rounds in total for the autocannon and 50 questionably-useful top-attack missiles An autocannon that fires fast enough to warrant having 2000 rounds of stowed ammo, provides 20k DPM with PELE on my set up PELE lets you do stupid things like pen MBT engine decks from absurd angles (even protectors!) Mortar squad gets a 2nd mortar (!), AT squad gets one more guy as well It has a high base view-range with modules that increase that view range further. (my current set up has 530/560m when moving/stationary) Camo loss when firing the autocannon is marginal Cons: To go along with being F A T it also has relatively poor base camo It's mobility is almost MBT-like, very slow Poor armor, only somewhat resistant to autocannons and nothing beyond that AP pen is medicore (192) Autocannon damage per shot is unimpressive (23 AP, 30 PELE) Top Attack missiles are finicky, and deal less damage to vehicles with unmanned turrets In practice, this vehicle seems to excel at mid-range engagements where it can hide using terrain and its decent camo when firing. If you can get some degree of elevation over your targets, that's even better, as the PELE rounds can really tear into the top of the turrets or other such weak spots that normal ammo could not. The improved infantry squads also give it an edge over other infantry-carrying vehicles (especially if you prefer the mortar), which further augments its already fairly good damage potential. However, its massive size and lack of armor makes it fairly vulnerable to getting rushed down and spotted. This also means that maps that tend to force close-range engagements will be tough on the AS21. I also haven't had much luck trying to reach classic AFV spots like the NE corner of Quarterback or Stormy Winter due to the vehicle's poor mobility and mediocre on-the-move camo, so that's something to keep in mind as well. It's also good for making puny tanklets envious of your massive girth. As pictured here, with my AS21 alongside two tanklets.
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