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  1. Just like before, in PvE the raid gives a benefit to full platoons where 4 players allow one teammates to reach his "alternative condition" task without obstructions. In such case 1 point is given once per 5 missions at average. 10 pve missions (or 2,5 hours) daily through all month translate into 60 completed PvE raid tasks in worse case, and some missions grant free tokens, or missions can be combined to do them in parallel, or players in platoon can agree not to interfere to do different objectives. Teamwork. In random PvE, it may take 15-30 runs to reach basic "of x10 times" conditions (being in top in something or be very accurate shooter).
  2. The "cunning plan" is based on cultivated over weeks inflated expectation that you SHOULD get this tank for free , thus amplify potential consumer hunger -- just like we got "limited days" of Hunter AFV container sales.
  3. My final result - 60 parts, one of drops was another bonus 10 boxes.
  4. I decided to give this new feature a try and wanted to share my opinion. You can find it under Settings -> Gameplay -> General -> Customization. The OFF setting hides all flags, decals, paints, camos and majority of skins on you and other players on all regular vehicles and number of premium ones. It seems to be especially great to avoid seeing displaying (upcoming at day of wring) skins such Archangel or Kraken. Existing issue is with the myriad of re-skinned premium vehicles oe/mail ru created in past Some vehicles despite they have sibling "skinless" model, such skin-only have "customization" disabled for their owners (based on wide variety of reasoning of game owners). The "Customization" setting copies this rule to other users (wanting to hide it), making skins such as Wolfs, Sharks, Black Eagles always visible. Some vehicles don't have bare skin-less models - they don't exists for many reasons - examples are Abrams MA1A1 AIM, T-14-152, Type 99A2-140, M60-2000, Vickers Mk 7/2. They are always visible with their "art". By the way, if customization doesn't apply, it doesn't hide flag too (that 10K gold flag). I suggest that users of Customization OFF option should able to hide all (re-)skins with their bare color model. If AI models can have different camos on such vehicle like T14-152 and customization OFF hides it, the game should able to do same on players T14-152 skins (so and another vehicles as well).
  5. I wish one day they updated Abrams AIM color to some darker colors like true american red and blue flag colors
  6. What i see is outdated info, language mix, some informations are debatable. Maybe AW should make a form submission how google ads for the game should look like.
  7. Consider me lucky - 12 parts total from 15 crates and 1 special crate. I think i saw the same drop rate pattern in Type 90 crates, they were also over-saturated with rentals.
  8. Would be nice to have some PvE mission made on that map.
  9. Probably Sudden Strike is not best example, but it was done there 20 years ago on 2D map. I think AW is mostly 2D game too, so i put the thesis is that if a developer reduces the problem from 3D path finding (which is not needed) to 2D pathfinding problem, infantry movement is actually trivial. I assume a developer should have good understanding of CE engine, its topology and collision models, so do they have ?
  10. If they removed some auto-bounce armor or magic armor material, then it is fine. I still think a lot of MBT upper armor of turrets or engine decks has excessive armor, which you even now cannot pen. I hated rcr armor for how it could bounce "because". From my perspective, the first 0.33 factor is that angle itself doesn't reduce pen value at same degree as before, second - impact of randomization (WoT style) was reworked. Third - close combat MBT gameplay allows to have max pen value most of time. I don't suripse the game allows now penetrate things even with high angling.
  11. These skins reminded me appearance of some skins of event WoT tanks, which are temporary and have some time constraints like Halloween. WG made some ugly or silly things, but these new from AW ones beat stupidity contest. Most striking thing about it that there are actual dead bodies (i counted two on Kraken skin) as part of visible model, so it seems as a new standard of bad taste in AW.
  12. The game should also offer some sort of Follow Me or Move To command for infantry units. Once infantry is disembarked it is stupid to use enter-and-exit from vehicle to move it for another 10-15 meters.
  13. You should try now that Abrams AIM, the thing can actually tank like pro and deal damage with reliable HEAT, and it has nice gun handling, can you believe that ?
  14. You may see average gain in pve, nothing exciting even with double 1.25.
  15. Indeed bots play on some elder scrolls code again - they enjoy driving backwards, they fie ATGM and they snapshot, dealing instant super-accuracy hits. In whole context of ATGM I am not sure if Merkava ever stopped, and I won't exclude that the spamming non-zero chip damage is something sweet and rewarding to their artificial brains (developers did say somewhere that it will be no chip damage in pve in patch notes too, i want to believe in that too).
  16. Dragun is way off chart better than anything else across even LT. So it is hard to compare Dragun decently with gunned TD in their present shape. As for TD on tier 8, I am not sure about M1128 MGS performance, and comparison tool tells clearly this thing is very bad now. WWO Wilk is terrible too. So as ASCOD LT. Sprut and RCR are quite close in their DPM/camo performance, they just fine in my opinion (deliver some decent damage and stealth gameplay).
  17. I think people play T-15 not because it is fun or ones get great satisfaction of farming bots in PvE but for few reasons Contract missions asking for being on 3 top XP, and usually T-15 (or Hunter AFV, T-40) is easy way for archiving it Many SO at tier 10 are really hard to complete with just MBT in randoms (considering how deeply brain-dead they are) Frags with ATGM was one of last BP challenges, plus it combined with high caliber and HEAT challenges too, no surprise here Devs added a some (in)consistency problems with new balance to this hybrid MBT/AFV/TD line Instead of just dropping DPM a bit to 10-12K/min on most of AFV and giving reliable pen, they added other factors which have to be countered with stupid high RoF This AC RoF works on soft targets like Bradleys, but in order to compensate the lack of penetration on most of MBT (and some LT) of fronts and sides - player has to resort to ATGM, which became unreliable. Instead of making ATGM dealing moderate and reliable damage, let say 8-9K/min we neither have high alpha damage , nor reliability. Speaking of this Mod 2000. The whole story of what they did with original vehicle (tier change, model change) is kinda sick. I think Termi 2017 in 0.33 is just fine in PvE, i certainly saw unucum on Mod 2000 once which won damage race the whole team (including me on 2017) by doing several times more damage. On same time this vehicle has weaker armor. So i don't know what is good. I think these extremes which devs so much like are not healthy for game.
  18. Yes, you can probably purchase these insignia and boosts for gold, but ideally they have to be used like with 200-300% efficiency, plus proper gold price should be like 30-50% of what is cheapest ratio always available for 100 euro pack (24k gold). And in general don't forget that a lot of this stuff drops from containers for variety of activities (daily logins, SO, contracts), so active players can rightfully say that such items are not worth spending gold at all. Best use of such stuff is combo of Premium + x2 daily (and x4 SO) + event boost + 2x boost + insignia in case of new player one paid 12h platinum + free 2h which is drop from Silver, Gold, or Platinum chests. Maximum benefit is possible when progressing multiple lines, so boost applies to multiple x2 daily runs bonuses for first victory. Also, in theory if you are playing PvE, you should never enter missions with low base XP gain and/or high risk of failing them. Bundles are typically high price tag, their content has to be analyzed individually for what they offer. Certain items may obsolete over time and some items are collectibles without good use in game. If you just need premium tank to earn credits, gold option tier 6 MBT prem with good DPM is sufficient. Probably some bundles may tease with different kinds of boosts, so their combo is truly powerful, but i am not sure such are available anymore (like Platinum/Gold AW or Gold Battlefield), I think there is only Platinum Battlefield.
  19. Some bonus HEAT damage - bug ? Anders Tier 9 LT 120 mm (vs 105 mm) with similar pen - similar damage, no bonus
  20. These seasonal contracts exist several years, here is my tip - simply stop or ignore doing extra crate grind a month before the shadow of next update appears on horizon At best assume devs will never do roll in the same day as announced PTS roll, or Saturday / Sunday - everything else possible. You have solid 2-3 months to make the main contract thing which even maybe deserves some gold vesting (in case of ADATS it was), but next crates within season are totally optional thing, different persons may have different experience with the content of them, i don't think they much worth of effort or gold in the format available since Spirit Heaven (many skins of hideous re-skin prems)
  21. Apparently gas tanks removed as a type of module, but i didn't see information when commander perks are going to be fixed.
  22. "the MBTs look less capable", no, not really. Cent 120. Speaking of PvE, actually it wasn't that DPM monster like T40 or Termi 2. I played one and first time in new 0.33 with it and it feels fine. I used Erin commander and old habit AP, probably one could do better with some DPM commander and HEAT. Still it is map and team dependant vehicle, and once it spotted by bots, they obsessively want nothing else but destroy him.
  23. I could understand being exciting of getting Magnus as commander (and go with him to BSI missions). Avatar - no really. Ohh and I could gladly get "Silentstalker-commander" too, so he could comment all in-game shenanigans with his own voice.
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