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  1. then dont get interns to do your work for ya.
  2. I love the K21, one of the best premiums ingame IMO
  3. thats assuming that everyone that would have received those rewards would have spend that amount in the first place.
  4. BMPT-2000 didnt lose any DPM (compared to every other BMPT) and it has the tier 9 APFSDS and better ATGM's, in fact its outright better then the Terminator 2 these days.
  5. A yes that good old mentality of nerf everything until they are all equally shit
  6. So i read in the patch notes that they "fixed" an issue were the BMPT's guns were both firing at the same time (BMPT mod.2017, Ramka 99 and Terminator 2) but this has cut there DPM in half.... The BMPT mod.2000 isnt affected and retains its DPM of around 17k base. I dont know if this was intended, but it makes little sense to me that to vehicule that has 2 guns is somehow firing twice as slow as the vehicle with one gun Just to be sure i tested all 4 tanks in the training room with a timer to see if the ingame DPM on the stat card are ok, and i came with in +/-500 dpm, so its seems that they indeed lost half of there gun damage.
  7. Swingfire, sabre, and BMD are great, most AFV sides are also good.
  8. Yup, first thing i noticed in training area Single 30mm turret seems ok.
  9. How much DPM does thing have with the twin 30mm... All of it. Over 22k with the AP and over 27k using HE, which at tier 5 is actually viable on quite a few targets. This thing is nuts, that's tier 8-10 DPM at tier 5, you absolutely melt everything, this is the first vehicle that I have to be careful with my ammo, you will run out. I have had to suicide in simply to get some more ammo, while saving the Q refill for late game.
  10. Type 90 now has 6k DPM and while angled down and too the side has 800mm effective armor at the weakess spot.... Warrior got a massive buff i think, it lost its clip auto cannon, now it fires all 600 rounds without reload, massive DPM buff.
  11. For me this is the biggest issue -HEAT shells lose their thin armor penetration damage bonus that was such a good mechanic, especially in PvE, it rewarded good aim and ammo selection, now its just "more damage". I really dont get why that was changed....
  12. SHHHHHH, its not a bug, its a feature
  13. Its fun, but it lack a good 2k DPM to be useful, having such low Alpha with less then 5k DPM is just bad. It also looks cool and handle very well for an armored car.
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