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  1. i test drove the avre last night , is it just me or does it seem like the damage from the shell isnt enought or maybe its the explosions and gun sound perhaps . it just doesnt seem quite right.
  2. I would acually like to see more tradional upgrades to the various tanks in there update trees myself as well , you could acually get many versions of tank out of one , in the game as well
  3. ok question , i did get to play this mission once and now it doesnt seem to be on the map rotation . did they remove it to fix the bugs?
  4. he may hate mods , but i think a proper looking leo for tier 10 could tweak his interest.
  5. Someone should give this to SS and ask if we can change it in game , lol
  6. Am i blind , or maybe having a grey momment but i dont see them in game , i see the old east german winter camo but thats it.
  7. thought this was supposed to include the new german leo2a4 and leo1a5 german historical skins ?
  8. i personally think AW underpowered and underarmoured all Chieftains , shouid be much better at its tiers
  9. the Mexas C2 basicly is a upgraded L1a5 with better optics and improved ammunition and other technology features as well . the ammunition for the tier 5 leo seems a bit weak concidering how the regular tier 3 leo 1 hits , i think it would be more like a tier 6 or maybe..... a tier 7 at best . perhaps give it better ammo [ more pen and damage ] , slight increase in vision range , better acceleration concidering its lighter armour component. I still would like to see it in the game . As one of the last greatest versions of the leo 1 class.
  10. Will the leopard 1 MEXAS ever be in the game , if memory serves me right you were looking at putting a AVGP into AW
  11. hey question , is there a sound mod when you can hear the loader say rdy or up when the next shell is loaded on MBT cannons
  12. true that bro , i like the weathered look of the warhammer
  13. no just simple wish AW woud be nicer in the factory camos, lol
  14. it would be great if they allowed us to have this in game for all the abrams
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