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  1. Just give them the "ad hoc" refit in the upgrades screen , call it direct fire upgrade or something so you can get your choice of running then either way . maybe a Hv ap round for better accuracy and flatter trajectory .
  2. I know theres a fairly close digi patern acually in the game right now , ukraine flags as well
  3. i think it has something to do with there servers , latley my buddies and myself have seen in game partial disconnects and times when we cant long into the server at the authentication .
  4. Big , fat and slow , should be fun to kill
  5. what about adding another couple of lav chassis into the game , perhaps lav 6.0 or just a basic lower tier lav-25 for those of us who miss them
  6. we need the aphe round like the draco used to have , yum yum
  7. i test drove the avre last night , is it just me or does it seem like the damage from the shell isnt enought or maybe its the explosions and gun sound perhaps . it just doesnt seem quite right.
  8. I would acually like to see more tradional upgrades to the various tanks in there update trees myself as well , you could acually get many versions of tank out of one , in the game as well
  9. ok question , i did get to play this mission once and now it doesnt seem to be on the map rotation . did they remove it to fix the bugs?
  10. he may hate mods , but i think a proper looking leo for tier 10 could tweak his interest.
  11. Someone should give this to SS and ask if we can change it in game , lol
  12. Am i blind , or maybe having a grey momment but i dont see them in game , i see the old east german winter camo but thats it.
  13. thought this was supposed to include the new german leo2a4 and leo1a5 german historical skins ?
  14. i personally think AW underpowered and underarmoured all Chieftains , shouid be much better at its tiers
  15. the Mexas C2 basicly is a upgraded L1a5 with better optics and improved ammunition and other technology features as well . the ammunition for the tier 5 leo seems a bit weak concidering how the regular tier 3 leo 1 hits , i think it would be more like a tier 6 or maybe..... a tier 7 at best . perhaps give it better ammo [ more pen and damage ] , slight increase in vision range , better acceleration concidering its lighter armour component. I still would like to see it in the game . As one of the last greatest versions of the leo 1 class.
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