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  1. Nit pick - it's odd that the icon signifier for this new type of Premium vehicles is a Silver Star. Everything else about that same vehicle's icon will be gold, so shouldn't the signifier be gold also? But yeah, this is a nice change. Also odd that they'd go to the extra trouble to prevent these vehicles from completing dealer-specific achievements. I guess I'm sort of assuming that doing that required extra work, and I'm not sure it really matters so why bother?
  2. Albatross - 10 Anvil - 10 Banshee - 11 Basilisk - 10 Cavalry - 10 Cerberus - 11 Dire Wolf - 7 Erebos - 11 Frostbite - 7 Ghost Hunter - 4 Harbinger - 10 + 1 = 11 -- Harbinger is underrated, I think, and a lot of people hate it. But I think that's because most MBT players don't know how to play it and so get frustrated by the snipers providing fire support from the ridge. Cap 1 has an excellent defensive hull-down position for MBTs, but you have to push into it quickly. Most MBT players are far too timid and get themselves killed because of their timidity. Hydra - 7 Kodiak - 11 Leviathan - 4 Life Jacket - 7 Meltdown - 12 Onyx - 10 Perseus - 12 Phalanx - 10 Prometheus - 5 Raiding Party - 7 - 3 = 4 -- This could be a good map, but it needs about 60 more seconds at minimum. Probably 90 to be safe. As it stands it is far too easy to run out of time with a platoon of randumbs, and there are numerous bot spawns that appear in areas that you've already cleared which then attack you from behind. I really hate that in a mission because it completely breaks immersion to have a bot attack you from an area that should be secure. Red Opossum - 10 Ricochet - 7 - 3 = 4 -- Ricoshit is just bad all-around. It's too small, too short, and the secondaries require you to drive past the final cap, faff about for a couple of minutes, and hope that your idiot teammates don't cap - or kill all remaining bots - while you're getting them. The earlier, larger version was much better because you had options. Rolling Thunder - 10 Sapphire - 7 Scorpio - 11 Snake Bite - 10 Spearhead - 7 Starry Night - 7 Stormy Winter - 11 Tiger Claw - 10 doesn't exist Tsunami - 1 Umbrella - 10 Watchdog - 7 -- While I don't argue with Haswell's assertion that the map is mostly wasted, I do like this mission because everyone has a role and each cap can be approached from more than 1 direction. There's one primary direction for each, and most people use that primary route, but you do have options. Wildfire - 10 Zero Hour - 11 Desert Path (dead) Desert Fox - 4 Desert Saber - 10 Desert Strike - 11 Desert Viper - 7
  3. Not true, at least for the Marder. Yesterday (Nov 29) the Marder's PELE claimed to have 245 pen. As-of this morning's patch, it now once again claims to have 125 pen. I say "claimed to have" because I played it several times yesterday and it didn't feel like it had 245 pen, but all of the stats and pop-ups said that it did. I suspect it was just a UI bug and UI fix. KEK. Tier 5 40mm PELE has better pen (190) than Tier 8 50mm PELE (125). York vs Marder. It's also better than Tier 9 30mm PELE (120) on the Hunter and AS21, but that's less obviously so totally wrong because at least it's lower caliber.
  4. Albatross - 10 Anvil - 10 Banshee - 11 Basilisk - 10 Cavalry - 10 Cerberus - 11 Dire Wolf - 7 Erebos - 10 Frostbite - 7 Ghost Hunter - 7-3 = 4 cap 2 requires randumbs to both attack it quickly, and then once capped not get distracted by irrelevant bots which can prevent you from getting to cap 3 in time. Awful map to risk playing solo. It's fine - and actually fun - with a platoon. Harbinger - 10 Hydra - 7 Kodiak - 11 Leviathan - 7 Life Jacket - 7 Meltdown - 11 + 1 = 12 Overall this is a good map that allows all vehicle types to participate, and it gives good rewards. The final cap isn't as productive in a squishy, but you can at least participate. Onyx - 10 Perseus - 12 Phalanx - 10 Prometheus - 5 Raiding Party - 7 Red Opossum - 10 Ricochet - 7 Rolling Thunder - 10 Sapphire - 7 Scorpio - 11 Snake Bite - 10 Spearhead - 7 Starry Night - 7 Stormy Winter - 11 Tiger Claw - 10 doesn't exist Tsunami - 1 Umbrella - 10 Watchdog - 10 Wildfire - 10 Zero Hour - 11 Desert Path (dead) Desert Fox - 4 Desert Saber - 10 Desert Strike - 11 Desert Viper - 10 - 3 = 7 IIRC this is the one where you have to fight your way onto and then off of the carrier, and getting onto the carrier can be difficult with randumbs clogging the ramps up. Not a good design, even for what's basically a corridor style map.
  5. All failing and instead convincing me to stop playing until the Raid is over.
  6. Is it even possible to finish the 50k XP Elite missions? The mission only counts in PvE if you get the Blue Star, and since most PvE missions top out at around 800-850 XP/mission that's asking you to run 60 missions in 24 hours. Yeah, 24 hours. The missions auto-reroll every 24 hours. They really need to separate PvE and Spec Ops requirements in all of their events. It looks to me like they design all of the requirements for things that are at least theoretically possible in Spec Ops, but then call them PvE requirements despite the fact that they're not possible in PvE. Yeah, I get it, Spec Ops is a form of PvE. But GLOPS is a form of PvP, too, yet they have separate requirements for those. So why not do it for Spec Ops and PvE, too? I mean, the "get 25 eliminations in one match" missions are almost as bad, but those I can at least see as being theoretically possible in Spec Ops. I can't see getting 50k XPs in 24 hours in either mode. (Even a full x10 Heroics run will only get you around 23k xp, just to put it in perspective...)
  7. Clever timing on the early access pre-sale, eh? I've already bought in so I'm kind of trapped. Though there's at least the fact that I can simply use my 50k BC to buy my way to the 2S38 if I want, and then ignore the ridiculous extra grind. Which is too bad, because despite the fact that people think the Kinzhal will be worse than the T-15 I was looking forward to it. The level 20 and level 30 rewards are pointless and useless. At least past BPs have had some interesting vehicles in those positions... these two are bland reskins. *sigh*
  8. Albatross - 10 Anvil - 10 Banshee - 10 Basilisk - 10 Cavalry - 10 Cerberus - 11 Dire Wolf - 10 Erebos - 10 Frostbite - 7 Ghost Hunter - 10 Harbinger - 10 Hydra - 7 Kodiak - 11 Leviathan - 10 -3 = 7 You literally can't lose unless the entire team dies, and the objectives are strung out all over the Erebos/Prometheus island randomly so that MBTs sometimes literally can't get back and forth between them fast enough. End-game respawn location is in a trapped location, too, if your team hasn't been doing enough killing. All of this is mostly mitigated by the fact that it's the best-earning map in PvE for both credits and XP, but that's not enough to avoid getting dinged. It's a terrible map that you sometimes suffer through for the great rewards. Life Jacket - 7 Meltdown - 11 Onyx - 10 Perseus - 11 +1 = 12 To me this is easily the best PvE map available. Every class of vehicle has a role to play, and can excel. Top notch. Phalanx - 10 Prometheus - 5 Raiding Party - 7 Red Opossum - 10 Ricochet - 7 Rolling Thunder - 10 Sapphire - 7 Scorpio - 11 Snake Bite - 10 Spearhead - 7 Starry Night - 7 Stormy Winter - 10 Tiger Claw - 10 doesn't exist Tsunami - 10 -3 = 7 I can't believe this map hasn't been dinged yet. Sometimes you spawn already in LOS and range of bots and they shoot you before you can do anything, and you're attacked from 3 sides right at the start. The best tactic on this map is to retreat immediately (into the 2 bots that spawn behind you), and then hope that your team isn't full of YOLO idiots. Umbrella - 10 Watchdog - 10 Wildfire - 10 Zero Hour - 11 Desert Path - (-2) (dead) honestly, the only thing I don't like about this map is the insane blind rush across the bridge with no alternative. You either perform that rush, probably losing at least one teammate in the process, or you lose. For me the rest of the map is fine, despite being a small and tight corridor. The bots come to you, so if 2/5 on your team have brain cells you can easily set up kill zones. Desert Fox - 4 Desert Saber - 10 Desert Strike - 11 Desert Viper - 10
  9. Cortez, Erin, and OPhelia are all good in PvE. Cortez is just flat-out 15% better average damage (for HEAT... 10% for AP), and as a side effect grants you the ability to know exactly how much damage each of your shots is going to do. That can be useful at times if you need kills for a mission or something. He's one of the best PvE commanders, especially for pure damage dealing vehicles. Erin is the best commander for stealth, not vision control. If you need to be stealthy, Erin is your commander. But she isn't good for vision, so for vehicles that already have reasonably decent camo, Juan Carlos is better for overall vision control. (He grants a small amount of camo, but a very large VR bonus.) OPhelia has good ROF boost that come with negatives, but is primarily useful for her shield. That's super useful for crunchy vehicles that have a tendency to get spotted and instantly evaporate in PvE. I've migrated away from her mostly, though, because with most vehicles I can avoid being spotted consistently enough that I don't need OPhelia's shield. There are a few where it's still useful so that I can play aggressively, though, such as Terminators. Austin is just bad. Avoid. Alisa has a couple of quirky uses - extra ammo and ramming damage builds - but is otherwise uninteresting. Time-to-kill is so low in PvE these days that her main ability - the off-map ally that randomly shoots missiles at her targets - is too slow to be useful. She might suit your playstyle on a handful of vehicles, but what's more likely is that you'll experiment with her a few times and then never use her again. So probably not worth paying for.
  10. The low-tier rewards have usually been like level 12 or so. Level 20 has typically been Tier 6 or 7 or even 8. My guess is it will be Tier 20, because that's what you can get from the 50k BC pre-order bundle. They have no incentive to give out a vehicle at any lower level than that anymore.
  11. 15-man groups in GLOPS that stay close together... 28% bonus fire rate! Woo!!!
  12. So... in PvE, autocannons are receiving a massive buff. Just what the bots needed.
  13. 375mm pen PELE sounds pretty scary in PvE. That'll pen sides and rears super easily and will get the added benefits of PELE. 18k dpm won't keep up with Terminators, though, so it isn't going to be all-powerful. 30% camo and 430m VR will let it operate as a sniper pretty safely.
  14. 520 pen with a 1.5x multiplier per shot (Griffin 50mm mechanic) means that the 3rd shot has 1170 pen. I.e. it will pen literally anything it can see with that 3rd shot. With that kind of pen it doesn't need to brawl. It can pen MBTs from out of sight range. Sure, only 92 damage from a 3-shot burst isn't a ton, but it does mean that nothing is safe. We'll see. I like the idea, but of course the proof remains to be seen.
  15. Uh... how is that different? Isn't that exactly how the GAU-8 works? (It sounds like it to me.) Only sort of. They're buffing burst rate of fire, but the long-term ROF may still be lower due to the need to cool the barrel between bursts. So the ammo capacity will likely still be fine since you have to pause periodically to cool off your gun anyway.
  16. Yeah I remember those days, but honestly I don't mind them being separate vehicles. Having different turrets count as different vehicles is way better than having different skins count as different vehicles. Aren't there like 5 different Merkava 2D versions? There are 4 different T-72B3 versions, and those aren't even different skins. Just 1 blank one and 3 different colors (Red, Blue, Green, with Green being the rarest) of the exact same skin.
  17. Huh? How so? Because charging 10k Gold just to unlock the feature, and then charging them again to unlock the flags that they want, meant people didn't buy it? That's not a flags problem, that's a stupid cash grab problem.
  18. I'm like Schlock - I've literally never seen that bug. Sad, really, because Cerberus was one of the better - read: less brain dead - missions. You kinda had to pay attention to do it or you'd get jumped by spawning bots where you weren't expecting them. They were entirely predictable, but you still had to pay attention in case your teammates completed a stage faster than you were expecting.
  19. I like these camos the best of any that they've put into Raids, so they actually got me to try it out. I used re-rolls to sync up missions which let me complete 5 at once, but then at the next layer out from the center it was basically impossible to get them to sync at all. So now I've resorted to whaling for what I want (CATTB, GAU-8, possibly PL-01), and won't get fooled again. I'm just ignoring the parts-based camos. If they can be traded (I haven't looked) I'll probably just make them available within the Battalion. But they probably can't be traded, so I'll probably just let them sit there in inventory. Sort of like the 3 pages of old crates that I have in inventory.
  20. 2S38 will obviously be whatever they make it to be, but it basically looks comparable to a Marder. Potentially better gun (57mm vs 50mm) and unmanned turret, but worse armor (based on BMP-3). Not sure what "guided PELE" means. Oh yay, another T72 variant. Have to wait and see on the autocannon overhaul. I'm not sure how successful it will be if they think that adding the GAU-8 heat mechanic to all ACs will do anything, seeing as that vehicle is one of the most OP in the game (in PvE). Most of the time you don't want to fire an autocannon continuously anyway. You fire it is bursts, some longer, some shorter. It cools off between volleys. Even the Shilka is barely hindered by that mechanic at all, and its version of it is pretty aggressive.
  21. You need 3 total, and there are 3 remaining to complete. So it's still possible for you to complete Episode 1, but only if you've already been doing Reinforcements to get the SLEP. If you haven't been doing Reinforcements (which is trivial), then you cannot personally complete Episode 1 but if you're a registered participant in the Storyline Campaign then it is still good for the community for you to do the last 2 missions. The community needs to have as many people as possible complete the last 2 missions, which should be pretty easy to complete, so that we can get the rewards and campaign bonuses for them.
  22. I played it last night intentionally in order to remind myself of its pre-patch performance, but I haven't had an opportunity to try it yet today. (And probably won't until after work this evening.) Just remember that the XM1A3, which has the same gun and ammo, starts out with a base 9.8 second reload. It's under 10 seconds to start with, and mods/commanders take it down even further from there. And the Leclerc T4 starts at 8.4 seconds with a 140mm gun. Even the ATDU which has notoriously bad reload starts at 11.0 seconds. The Object 195 and Object 490 152mm guns both start at 11.4 seconds. So 11.77 for the CATTB with refits and commander can't be described as good by any stretch of imagination. If the double tap actually worked properly it wouldn't be so ridiculous. But that crazy-obnoxious bloom completely ruins the double tap feature, and it takes literally 2-3 seconds before Aim Time kicks in again after the first shot. So, sure, on paper it looks like you can double tap 2 shots in about a second, but that's not really true beyond about 50m range. If it had normal bloom then the current stats might actually work, but with the ridiculous bloom its reload needs to be much faster - probably in the 11 second range, but I'd be happy to try 12 to start - because it can't effectively double tap as advertised.
  23. We'll see. CATTB Improvements We are adding a Burlak-style Ready Rack to the vehicle – a special two-round Ready Rack where both rounds have their separate loading timers. Firing one round does not reset the Ready Rack timer for the second one. Additionally, the shell reload time was reduced from 15s to 14s. I can see the Burlak-style RR being a slight improvement, but honestly that doesn't feel like a major change to me. It only reloads 1 shell at a time anyway. And remember that the CATTB's double-tap feature kind of works against the Burlak's RR feature in that you're more likely to fire both shells at once in the CATTB than you are in the Burlak, leaving you with full reloads for both shells. And reducing the shell reload time from 15s to 14s is... nothing. I've been advocating for 12s as a conservative fix. 28 seconds of down time vs 30 seconds just isn't a real improvement.
  24. If they can both be done in PvE, then I will probably try to do both just to support the people who need to do both. And like SS said today... it is better for us (the players) to do as many missions as we can, rather than just doing the minimum 3 required, so that all of the missions end up with better results. If we just do the minimum, we're going to end up with some pyrrhic victories. I'm a little worried that's going to happen with the current GLOPS mission and War Games mission. By all rights, the current Reinforcements/SLEP mission should be a slam-dunk for a Legendary 80% result. If we can't 80% that one, there's no hope.
  25. Oh, for sure. The thing was stupidly OPAF when it was first released. I was just pointing out that it has been nerfed 5-6 times and - AFAIK - never buffed, this despite the fact that the multiple nerfs have been overkill and the tank is now craptastic. I don't recall them ever indicating that the CATTB was supposed to be close-range only, so I'm going to disagree that this was necessary. The stupidly ridiculous bloom after firing effectively negated the one thing that was supposed to make the tank unique, because if you can only use that one unique thing at 25-50 meter range it's not useful. (Remember: balanced for PvP, not PvE. If you have to get to 25-50m range to use your special thing in PvP, you're either about to be dead or the game is already won.) As it stands now, the CATTB is pointless. Which is pretty sad for the ultimate reward from a Battle Path. If they would give it a competitive gun then its sad armor might be okay, but a 15-second reload for ammo that's strictly worse than the XM1A3's identical ammo is a double penalty where neither were necessary. Actually give it the XM1A3's ammo that it claims to already have and reduce its reload to 12 seconds as a starting point... that might be enough, but honestly I doubt it.
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