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Echoes of War - December Battle Bath speculation / info thread

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New article is now up and online:


Its history introduction is noticeably short.


In Armored Warfare, the Msta-S will be a Tier 9 Premium SPG. Indeed – it will be the first vehicle of this class to be introduced in years. We’ve decided to add a new vehicle of this class partially because some of you have been asking for one, but also because we are planning to finally return SPGs to the Global Operations mode, making them useful in PvP as well as in PvE.

This change will happen at some point in the near future (not necessarily with the launch of Update 0.34 though) and will be permanent.

As for the Msta-S, it will be about what you’d expect. As is customary with SPGs, it will have poor mobility and practically no armor whatsoever with only a 7.62mm machinegun being available for close combat.



Click the image to open a larger version


What it will have, however, is a long 152mm gun (no magazine, 8 seconds reload time) capable of firing two types of HE shells (apart from the usual White Phosphorus and Smoke ones, of course):

  • Standard shell (300 m/s) with high trajectory that will make it easier to fire at targets behind cover
  • Fast shell (600 m/s) with low trajectory that will make it easier to fire at moving targets (but not over obstacles), available via additional Battle Path progression

Otherwise, they both will have the same properties similar to other high-caliber and high-Tier HE shells:

  • 50mm penetration
  • 1200 points of damage per shot

The faster shell will also come with a special ability of nearly instant switch, so you’ll always have the option to immediately choose, which shell suits your purposes the best.

Single-shot gun with 8 sec reload and two types of HE to choose. The latter kinda reminds me of the HE and HERA that Palmaria used to have before Balance 2.0.

I was kinda hoping to see the early prototype of Koalitsiya-SV instead, because it is a prototype and the double-barrel guns makes it look different enough to stand out as a premium vehicle.

P.S. SS said the Msta-S can be obtained after reaching rank 25.

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For me it seems amoung all upcoming BP prizes the Kurganets-25 seems most nice looking, useful and contemporary vehicle. The rest is as so optional as never before.

Shilka for sure is fine as well, and can be obtained quite easily too, but chasing the rest is big question.


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I would be surprised of the Shika isn't Hit the the nerf hammer.  To easy to just click away and not overheat with a stream of bullets.

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If the York didn't get nerfed yet so far, I doubt the Shilka will get touched any time soon.



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I mean, this is the company that thinks Terminators are fine and balanced so I wouldn't hold my breath.

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