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Another BP: you might actually want to skip this one, for real

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I'm not even going to bother. Read stuff in the article if you want.



Missions and stuff exactly as before, check here: https://armoredlabs.net/index.php?/topic/6346-here-we-go-again-eow-bp-megathread/&tab=comments#comment-11460

As always, ignore the ranks and keep collecting free coins from the shop until the final days of the BP. Shouldn't be too hard considering all the vehicle rewards from going up the ranks this time are trash.

Derva is actually boring, but may be a good investment if you want a tier 8 premium dakka that is somehow cheaper than the shitty tier 5 TR-85.

If you have no desire to get the Derva, then just ignore the BP entirely. Do not buy access. Do not spend any money on it. Just ignore its existence like the Raid.


Also, regarding the T-72:

2 hours ago, dfnce said:

This all is very curious.


RU site tells this tank is 30 rank






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Forgot to mention, the War Games boxes have NOT yet converted to include coupons for the current BP. I don't advise opening them until they get fixed.





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In this BP i suggest to focus entirely on buying offers in shop.

Derivatsya is fine vehicle worth getting, and a player should assemble it in cheap way using most attractive daily offers - rare unique and special (got mine already after less than 1h rotation).

T72CZ (based on my test drive impressions) is vehicle for inadequate price of 140K coins (50K is rank 20, and 20 next ones are 90K for rank 40). to For lesser amount of coins spent in shop a player should able to get - either 1 tier 10, 2 tier 9 or several tiers 7/8.  If one decides to spend whole pool of 140K on rotations alone would give a chance to return some coins and maybe find truly attractive offers.

TR-85M1 - collector thing, rather not so great impressions from test drive. (my plan to get it in this BP).

As for this BP main prize, the possible strategy is to ignore T-15/K, and assume it will be obtainable in coin shop in one of next BPs. This shit can be attractive now because of Draco style DPM on steroids, I know how it works and where it ends.

Got Chally 1 ODS skin, because i wanted it.

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One interesting note is that the Derpivatsiya already has the "new" AC mechanics, meaning that it (technically) overheats as you use it.  I say technically because it cools off so fast that simply occasionally pausing your continuous fire to allow the aim circle to reset will cool it off sufficiently.  So unless you're at point blank range (which is a bad idea with what is essentially no armor), you're never going to notice that it has the overheat mechanic.

The Kinzhal is currently pretty OP as is typical of Tier 10 BP prize vehicles.  I don't think that it is OP enough that it's going to get nerfed during the BP, and in fact it may be reasonable enough that it never gets nerfed.  In which case it's a good vehicle to pick up, though whether you do that now during the BP or later from the store in some subsequent BP is up to you.

There are 120 days in the BP.  If you manage to do all of the repeatables (which is 3 every 3 days, or 120 total) then you'll have 84k BC.  The Challenges are another 70k BC and you get an extra 30 days to do them with the extension to 4 months.  Then the 3 mission chains are worth 13.5k.  That means you really only need to earn about another 100k BC to get the Kinzhal and the Derpivatsiya, some of which you'll get for free just by getting 120 days worth of "free" BC from the store.  And if you luck out in the store, you might get one of those 25k or 50k packages.

Personally, I have 49 BC boosters left over from previous BPs, and at roughly 2500 BC each that's 120k right there.  Plus I bought the pre-sale so have 50k coins from that.

I.e... it's not going to take any real extra effort to get everything from this BP, so I might as well.  The only thing making it difficult at all is trying to do all of the repeatables, some of which can be a real PITA.

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Tried the T15 on the test area and seems more fun to me than the Armata in game so worth it for me

Played the TR-85M1 a few times in PvE and its a bit of a beast, fun to play with its two rapid shots and pretty quick reload for both, its an enjoyable tier 5. 

Not tried the tier 8 yet and only seen it a couple of times in PvE matches where it seems to be played by players with more money than ability (one player had less than 8k damage with an average tier of 8 and 60% wr in PvE - and did pretty poorly even though the rest of us were in tier 7's coming 2nd to last with no DC or AFK)


The so called grind has been made harder but the BP has also been made longer by a month - so I just look at the mission sets and chose a vehicle I like that suits and head on into matches (I got 32 boosts from previous BP still so I can easily have a session if I feel like it).


Vehicles are pretty subjective, what one hates and cant get on with another will find fun, same with maps, missions, contracts etc - Some I would love to be better for me, I just cant get the hang of them (so I keep trying till I fully unlock it without using free XP), others I like seem to be hated (so much so that some players will say how bad it is, despite never having played it, just free XP through it). 



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