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First look: STRV 2000 Swedish wedge

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As I whaled this BP and got my hands on this beast some days ago I'll share my opinion about it in the text below. Of course I haven't played it for ages but I got a pretty good first impression on it in the gamemodes GLOPS and Specops/Heroics.


It's truly a piece of art

So what are we going to discuss here:

  • How to get it (currently at least)
  • My current stats on it
  • Comparison to some other MBTs
  • Armor
  • My setup
  • Pros & Cons
  • Should I get it?

Well let's start then:

How to get it (currently at least):

In case you lived below a rock for some time regarding AW you might not know what this is about. Basically the STRV 2000 is the ultimate "Northern Wind" Battlepath reward for reaching level 50 in said Battlepath. The battlepath just recently started so if you like the other vehicles you can get there you might consider participating.


My current stats on it:

So for the people who think stats are a good way to tell if vehicle/player performs well (like me) here the games I currently played in it:



The GLOPS Stats

As for GLOPS the usual stats you'd want to have a look at are Damage dealt as well as defense efficiency. As for average damage 12776dmg is currently below my average for MBTs. So is the tank trash? No. The reason for this is that most battles I played were 10v10 and 8v8 on the smaller glops maps. In that regard the average damage is about to be as expected. Nothing too fancy like Type 10 damage output for example. Secondly the defense efficiency is a whopping 1.83 (This is better than my Obj. 490 at 1.73) given all those battles were played before the ufp thickness buff this could even get better. Though it's a pretty new tank right now and people usually need some time to learn the weak parts of a vehicle so it might very well dip over the course of time. Personally I didn't feel that it's protection even performed better than my Obj. 490. But it's certainly a well protected vehicle.

Game mode specific is bugged unfortunately, but obviously cap all the caps when you're in an MBT in GLOPS.



The PVE stats (Mostly Heroics and some solo Specops missions)

Well I always have a hard time comparing PVE stats as they are one big mess due to the mixed game modes and difficulties. Anyways this is mostly Heroics and solo Specops. As you can see the average damage of over 40k is pretty high and about 10k higher than my usual T10 MBTs. Let me tell you it's pretty broken wit the 40mm triple shot AC. Given bots are still excelling at being dumb you should not have much trouble putting the 40mm to good use during your reload on the 140mm.

Again the Defense efficiency is pretty good, only being surpassed by my XM1A3 and Obj 490. 

PVP (Random Battles):

Unfortunately haven't played PVP yet. But I'll certainly do that in the next weeks.


Comparison to some other MBTs:


Comparison to single shot MBTs with big calibre guns (all retrofitted)

I'm usually not very keen on such comparisons based on the hard facts as it often turns out the vehicles feel differently in battle anyways. And yes I know Obj 195 is not included, as I don't have it and it would not be fair to include it stock.

There's hardly much notable differences to see when it comes to armor. Mobility wise the STRV seems to be pretty good. Though I equipped it for good acceleration. Also the Hull traverse is the best among all those tanks which once again seems to be pretty interesting, as to me the STRV felt extremely sluggish in turns compared to the rest of the tanks in here (except for Obj. 490 of course). 

Viewrange seems to be good as well, mainly because I put augmented optics on it. Aimtime is also worse than it looks like here, as I put a lot effort into reducing it with retros & co (more on that down below). Though the accuracy seems to be not too good which also backs my subjective views on it. It's definitely not accurate at all (Neither with HEAT nor AP). So except for the 40mm AC (which isn't existing in this comparison) there's hardly anything special about it.



Now let the fun begin. There have already been some special people complaining about the armor of STRV 2k so is it really that bad? Let's find out. Given the stats suggest it's pretty good I'll have a look at it with Leo 2AX shells (all distances to target 100m):

Vs Leopard 2AX:


Front vs APFSDS with 900mm Penetration at 150m distance


Side vs APFSDS with 900mm penetration at 150m distance


Front vs HEAT with 1100mm Penetration


Side vs HEAT with 1100mm Penetration

So basically there's the pretty small lfp which can be penned by most stuff which isn't an autocannon. With HEAT we also observe a quite big weakspot in the frontal turret ring (which indeed can be hit during combat (not just by bots but also human players). A hit there results in quite some module damage. Usually it kills your turret drive straight away.

On the sides the NERA blocks offer quite some protection, which can allow you to bait your enemy into shooting those parts of armor when trying to get around a corner.

Vs AFT 10:

As we could see quite some weakspot in the turret ring I was curious about the AFT 10 Missiles:


Front vs HEAT ATGM with 1450mm penetration


Side vs HEAT ATGM with 1450mm penetration

As we can see the turret ring weakspot even grows bigger. I'm near 100% sure a skilled player with such ATGM mobiles could cause devastating damage to a stationary STRV 2k using this weakspot. The sides now turned completely green so basically all you can rely on in such situation is your Hard-Kill APS.

Vs Sphinx AC:

Now how does it perform against one of the best penetration AC in the game?


Front vs APFSDS with 260mm penetration at 150m distance


Side vs APFSDS with 260mm penetration at 150m distance

About to be expected it's basically impenetrable by the standard ACs in the game from the front. On the sides it kinda looks like the T14, where the back part without NERA blocks is not protected against AC fire.

NERA Degradation:

Now some people might wonder how it fares when the NERA degraded during battle. Now first of all my subjective view on it based on experience:

I hardly noticed any degradation effects on this tank during my battles. No matter if I played PVE or GLOPS. If you know me, you know I usually prefer a W+M1 playstyle in PVE just rushing stuff and getting all the hits possible. So there's certainly no possibility that I just didn't get enough hits during my games with it. In GLOPS I hardly noticed it as well which is probably also because the survival time during PVP games is a lot lower and usually not sufficient to get as many hits required to fully degrade the NERA blocks. Additionally, no sane person spams Ammo into NERA but tries to shoot the unprotected weakspots, which further reduces the risk of NERA degrading during battle. For further information about this topic visit this post (I assume they haven't changed much around NERA so far): 

I won't post any more armor viewer screens without NERA, but as you'd expect with degraded NERA the lfp weakspot grows a lot bigger and is hard to miss. Same goes for the sides where basically the whole side of the tank gets vulnerable to AC fire.


My Setup:

Of course a setup is a pretty personal thing usually, I'd still like to show you my current one just to give you some insights and ideas. I went a bit meme at times and there's quite some chance people will disagree with me but it works well enough:


  • Improved gun breech Obvious choice for near any tank I'd say
  • Improved filter systems Mainly due to the fact that I like good mobility. Additionally the engine of this vehicle is in the front which means it will get damaged a lot. With this retro I try to avoid that as much as possible.
  • Augmented optics I use those a lot on my MBTs. It's pretty useless for PVE, but in PVP modes can help quite a bit spotting annoying enemies with better vr/camo values.
  • Air induction precleaner This one I chose because the turning rate of the STRV feels extremely sluggish and slow. As you could see in the vehicle stats comparison it was among the better ones but still felt worse than most. Not sure what causes it but the retro certainly helps.


  1. Commander: Freja Højbjerg
    This might be quite a unique choice but as Freja is from Denmark I thought it fits. Obviously there's other factors which lead to that choice so let me explain:
    Basically with this setup Freja substantially lowers the aimtime. I felt it gave me a better gun handling on the 140mm and also the AC. You could also go with any other standard MBT commander for the STRV but so far I'm happy with Freja's aimtime skills.
  2. Driver: Acceleration in offroad and Improved hull traverse speed (Nothing special here, mainly focusing on further expanding the mobility)
  3. Gunner: Improved aimspeed and Improved gun hitpoints (Again focusing on aimtime and secondly increasing gun hitpoints. To me it felt like the gun was hit and damaged/destroyed quite a lot times, especially in PVE, maybe due to the giant muzzle brake. It certainly felt a lot more annoying than on other MBTs so I went with a bot more gun hp.)


  • Synthetic oil Again to increase mobility, basically replacing medkit. There were some crew deaths during my games (mainly driver) but too little to ditch synthetic oil for it.
  • Surplus spare parts Surplus mainly because of GLOPS
  • Improved fire extinguisher It does burn quite some time when the engine is hit (It's not extreme but I hate burning)
  • Triple PVE Jesus kit For all the PVE tryhards and W+M1 enjoyers like me

Special Ability:

  • Override It's currently the only one available but it does its job quite well


Pros & Cons:

Listed from most important to least important.


  • 40mm Bofors AC Imagine pairing a Griffin 50mm with an MBT so you can get this. This AC is extremely strong and offers superb penetration due to triple shot mechanics. You can pen most MBT sides, as well as even lfp of certain MBTs (total balans). So obviously anything below MBT levels of protection will get shreddered by it.
  • Armor Now I might get killed by some people but the armor is really good, as long as you don't go full retard and think it will deflect damage no matter how you position. If you know about your lfp and turret weakspot you can do quite some stuff to avoid getting hit there resulting in superb protection against enemies. NERA degradation hardly seemed to be a problem so far.
  • Negative gun elevation With -9° it feels pretty good and allows for quite some hill shenanigans
  • HP pool With 3900 HP it's quite decent and usually sufficient to survive quite some stuff.


  • Engine in front of tank I just hate it. Every hit potentially killing your engine or setting you on fire. It's not an extreme problem as the STRV does not feel like a torch but it certainly causes a fire at times.
  • Gun handling on 140mm Despite my efforts to keep aimtime as low as possible, it still feels pretty inaccurate and sluggish at times, especially on switching weapon systems. The accuracy of the gun is not good and it will not allow you to effectively hit weakspots at high ranges.
  • Turning rate Contrary to the actually good stats it feels slow and sluggish while turning, especially when turning during slow speeds. 
  • Turret position/Vehicle shape I don't regard it as a con but some people might have trouble adapting the unusual shape of the tank. It certainly feels different to play


Should I get it?:

I personally recommend this tank. If you like its looks you won't be disappointed by its performance once you get the hang of switching between two weapon systems for maximum damage. Generally it feels like a very strong but not blatantly OP vehicle. I still feel like it's too strong but as we are now having a habit of simply powercreeping all the stuff on release of a new tank it's fine :snrk:

It's a great carry tank for solo Specops where you can rely on your AC to finish off secondaries like inf positions fast without the need to take T15. It's quite fun in GLOPS as well due to the ok mobility combined with the AC which for example allows you to perma track enemies as well as flanking them and deal a lot of damage.





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nice review mate, well done 

As I have obj195 and briefly tested strv2000 in testing arena I can say it's mobility feels very nice and ac is already better than obj195, so it is a good BP reward at this stage. Let's see how that frontally mounted engine is gonna fare :) 

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58 minutes ago, EbenezerScrooge said:

nice review mate, well done 

As I have obj195 and briefly tested strv2000 in testing arena I can say it's mobility feels very nice and ac is already better than obj195, so it is a good BP reward at this stage. Let's see how that frontally mounted engine is gonna fare :) 

Thanks, this is encouraging to know, for folks who have Obj 195 as a point of reference at this level thanks to previous BP.

I was hoping for armor like a Volvo and mobility like a Saab, and not the other way around.


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Love the fact that you put in a commander and said why you pick that one. Almost noone does that, and that is the biggest problem i've had when i got a new tank.


Love the tank :) 

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Thank you for the writeup! One thing: how much elevation does the coaxial autocannon have on the Strv 2000? The Spec Ops designers sure love to put lots of low HP environmental targets high up.

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16 hours ago, Krieger22 said:

Thank you for the writeup! One thing: how much elevation does the coaxial autocannon have on the Strv 2000? The Spec Ops designers sure love to put lots of low HP environmental targets high up.

It got the same elevation as the main gun. It's not AA level of elevation but usually works

Correction: The elevation of the AC is slightly less than the main gun but it's kinda strange. I feel like it's bugged in some way. Though it's not a lot of difference so shouldn't matter too much.




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With the Object 195 versus 2000 in the training room

  • The autocannon of the 195 for me would be up on the 2000 until it comes time for the reloading.  50 rounds with a 5 second reload versus a 3 round burst.  Too many times I get caught out with 1 or 2 rounds left in the autocannon for the 195.
  • For mobility, the 2000 is like trying to race a fast car fast.  The ability of it to turn in place and swing the gun around are great but for some I could see where it would be a pain.  The 195 is good up until you have to corner.  Stats wise mobility is suppose to go to the Object 195 but it doesn't feel like it.
  • The guns is a case of what's your favorite flavor of ice cream.  You have in one corner the Object with 1000 damage and 850 pen AP round with an HE round that is no joke versus a more well rounded German 860 damage 825 pen AP round with a 1100 damage 990 pen HEAT round.  Having the 195 and a new commander in it training the Object clocks in at 10.1 seconds for reload versus 10 seconds stock for the STRV.  The gun on the STRV is more cool and calm and the gun on the Object for me is more "OMG! PANIC!".


For armor in regards to TeyKey's comment regarding NERA using the Type 10:

  • When I have taken the Type 10 into GLOPS, the NERA is one of those "Dirty Harry" moments where you have to play the guessing game of how many times were you hit in a location.  A good player if they can reengage a Type 10 with their next round will park it in roughly the same spot and maybe they'll hit it, maybe they won't but it doesn't give much assurance to the frontal armor.
  • In PvE, with the bots shooting pretty much the same spot, you can get left stranded pretty quickly and have to drop back and play as a light tank for the rest of the match with no frontal armor.
  • NERA is great for eating the initial shot, but anything after that is far game.  I think that with the front mounted engine it'll give some "additional" support but I have seen STRV 2K's stranded with their engine shot out.  I'll chalk that up to the player that decided to whale their way into stardom without the skill set to use the tank.


I would recommend it if you are a new player and you don't already have a tier 10 premium.  As a vet I wouldn't go whale for it.


"If you were not birthed with claws or fangs, store bought will do just fine."

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okay from playing a few games with the tank I can say:

Sometimes the gun does derp, but its to be expected due to the similar gun stats to Russian 152mm, the autocannon flavor is there, its helps with dealing with semi hard targets basically you can go through LTs. NERA loss will kill you if you play this like an object 490, understand the positioning of the turret relative to the center of the vehicle if your used to the Merkava you'll have no issues.  

The Turret is really good solid brick, thank god the aps system module hitbox takes up the whole turret side, it eats chip damage extremely well. Can anyone confirm due to the gun breach being a solid block that elevates and depresses with the main gun, that if you shoot the turret roof when the cannon is depressed does it count as a turret hit?  

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more thoughts (see edit history)

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