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The big commander build thread

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Well, since there is no place where all commander builds are compiled together, I decided to make a thread for this... Do note you might be using a different build, which you prefer and feel free to add your own build! 

Ophelia "shield bitch" kitescu

Well let's start with the most hated commander in the game, shield bitch. 

First a regular build: 


(Yes, you have one skill point to do whatever the fuck you want) 

Then the meme retarded build with less hitpoints:


Erin "miss ireland" O'connel:

The good build: 


(Thanks hassie)

The I am stupid, I should use taco instead build: 



ammo build:


Ramming build: 


Juan Carlos "taco" Miramon: 

To get quicker to the useful skills: 


The other build: 


Some stupid build cursed guy gave me: 


Douglas O'Reilly

Dpm build: 


View range build: 


Slightly different: 


Some combined build: 


(Thanks seb mon Amour)

Sabrina Washington: 



(got these two from Stratzi, thx) 


(thx Charlie) 

Viktor Kirsanov: 

Got this one from Seb (thx mon amour), should be for module damage, so "sabrina" like module damage build: 


(thx again). 

idk, max spread and max module dmg or something stupid like that:


(thanks yxlouvia)



(idk whatever this is, Tey gave me) 

Min spread build: 


combined module damage build: 


Aim time build: 


(thx seb) 

Vincent "frenchie" Girard: 


Ioannis "fire guy" Sanna 

Fire memes: 


(thx Yxlouvia)

Balanced build: 




(Thx again) 

Rachel "I want to taste my enemy" Kramer: 


(Thx mon amour) 

Rashid "atgm boy" whatever the fuck that surname is:



Viktor "I like my troops" Kirsanov: 


I like my troops build: 


Aleksandr "I am lucky" Cortez


(Yes, I will shame you if you use this)

Andrey Zaitsev


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Thanks. I can forward this thread to CSB's server so they can add some suggested builds to the website (eventually).


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I want to share my comments on builds, from PvE point of view. I will make references to CBS planner cell coordinate system to make it shorter.

Ophelia - the "meme" build I saw somewhere either on Russian forum or RU discord, early once this commander released and I stick to it up to present day. PvE mostly about damage and this build won't disappoint you. http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?ophelia=A6A7A8B1B7B8C4C5D4E4F4G1G2G3G4G5H5

Erin - If ramming is nor all day issue for you, I suggest swap F3<->F4 and use this http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?erin=A1B1C1C4D1D2D4E2E3E4E5E6F3G3G4 Better cooldown of trait means you get more cycles of stuff like supercharged APS - example of one of most useful things

Miramon - I use same build which i probably it saw first time in some old SRY vids, well that is as old as commander build system in AW. http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?miramon=A1A7B1B7C1C7D1D7E1E2E3E4E5E6E7 The case is you pick E5/E6 cells for better smoke reloading.

Douglas - My recommendation is to stick to the "visual range + slightly different" which maxes visual range, then the repair as second stat in PvE.  http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?douglas=A1B1C1D1D2D3D4D5D6D7E1F1G1G2G3G4G5 

Sabrina - i try to maintain durability-stealth balance because of the need to use this commander on both Challenger ATDU / PISH and Wilk XC / PELE - to complete "fire" tasks.  http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?sabrina=A1A5A6B1B6C1C3C5C6D1D2E3F1F2F3 

Freja - For a while i kept her strictly for artillery, so max investment into accuracy, then aim speed. http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?freja=A1A2B1C1D1D2E1F1G1G2G3G4G5G6G7

Sanna - I have mixed feelings about its "fire" performance in 0.35. But even if you won't get that much damage from fires, it scores a lot of XP points for spotting. http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?ioannis=B1B2B3B4C4D4D5D6E4F1F4G1G2G3G4

Atassi - I saw this build on Chavez channel (RU streamer) and I use it myself, mostly on things like Hellfire or AFT-10, superior DPM and fire instigation. http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?rashid=A2A3A4A5A6A7B7C7D4D5D6D7E7F7G7

Cortez - Only pick perks which i know i need them.  http://csb-hype.5v.pl/?cortez=A4C3C4C5C6D5E2E3E4E5F3F5G3G5G6


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Sabrina - stealth and firepower
Completely ignoring all of the module/crew protection skills in favour of skills that make her vehicle harder to see and hit harder allows her to comfortably use any squishy vehicle (particularly TDs), but still allows her to be useful (if not quite ideal) on something like the ATDU (which is already protected enough but needs a bit of help to hit harder).

Philipp - firepower with some protection
This is one of my oldest commander builds, and has served me fairly well over time. The idea behind this was to improve the gun performance as much as possible, while taking a few protection skills (notably the extra ammo rack HP). I find it works well on MBTs and LTs that need a bit of extra punch without turning into complete glass cannons.

Rachel - "drive me closer" with a side of low HP reload buff
I've got two variations here, one that increases off-road mobility and another that gives a bit of fire protection and more low HP buffs. Both variations start as the standard "rush to the top-right corner for reload memes", but the last 4 skills are used to get to Battle Fuse II in square C1 rather than Fury Fire II in square G5.
rachel=A5A6A7B4B5C1C4D1D4E1E4F1F2F3F4 (+ off-road mobility)
rachel=A5A6A7B1B2B3B4B5C1C4D4E4F2F3F4 (+ fire protection and low HP buffs)

Konig/Sokolov - more of the same, but slightly different
The basic XP grinding build you've all come to know, but swaps out a lv 1 repair speed skill and a lv 1 ramming damage reduction skill for a lv 1 reload buff skill and a lv 1 aim time buff skill.

Rashid - ATGM memes, but needs a loader
A variation on the basic ATGM spamming build, but instead of going to the right out of the starting square I went to the left to pick up the crew buffing skills. The end result trades the rather useless increased fire chance and faster APS/smoke reload skills for a flat 2% increase to all crew skills (including reload speed if you have a loader), but sacrifices the increased ATGM reload speed skill for more damage to crew. This build works best if the vehicle has a loader (which also helps if your vehicle has other weapons that can use the reload buff).

Victor - module protection and module/crew damage
Probably my first full build, this is effectively what you get if you trade Sabrina's camo/vision skills for module protection. The chosen skills help minimize any debilitating module damage that would stop you from engaging an enemy (gun barrel, turret ring, tracks, ammo rack) and allow the player to stay in the fight a bit longer to make use of all of the crew/module damage skills (there's a bonus low HP reload buff thrown in for good measure).

Ioannis - fire and firepower with some camo/vision
Another one of my old builds, this was an attempt to make good use of Ioannis' inner pyro without sacrificing all of his camo/vision skills before I got distracted by the shiny crew/module damage skills. You could easily sacrifice some or all of the additional view range for slightly more firepower (or vice versa) if you wanted to.

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There haven't been drastic changes to commanders for over two years now, most of the posted builds are still applicable.

The meta hasn't changed much either for previously useless commander skills to become any more relevant.



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Noticed that most of my commander builds deviate from what has been posted already, so I guess I'll post my stuff.

Ophelia: faster mobility is always nice, and -10% armor is basically irrelevant after 0.33 introduced binary armor layouts. You will either get penned or you won't, there is no middle ground.



Fire guy: a very very niche build tailored for autocannons and gatlings to maximize accuracy, fire damage and fastcapping utility. I only occasionally use him on the Shilka and GAU exclusively.



Erin: the trait cooldown got stealth replaced by ability cooldown some time ago, and now it will benefit active abilities such as designates. Vastly more useful than ramming damage reduction.



Miramon: Never, ever underestimate the benefit of faster smoke cooldown. It will keep you alive and unspotted much more reliably as you can spam smoke more frequently, and on the Sphinx with stock smoke grenades you can pop off your second round of smoke before the first round wears off. Extremely useful when I absolutely need to stay hidden during risky play.



Cortez: Maximum firepower and some hull traverse bonuses.





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I have a question about the Ophelia's skill Rally1, does it mean that the speed is increased when over 30 kmh or that the hull traverse rate is increased? I find "increases hull speed rate by" ambiguous.

Anyway I recently bought her in the Battle Path shop (she costed me a lot of BC but I feel that are well spent BC) and I am still grinding her.

I am planning a different build where I favour acceleration, she gets a 17.58% increase if spotted and on offroad environment and on repair speed, she gets a 45% increase if below 50% HP at the cost of not Having Rally or Bersek skills. A faster repair speed can save you if you are low health and the repair consumable is spent or in cool down time, this can be true both in PvP and PvE, but before I go for that route I want to be sure about what Rally1 really does.


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