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  1. Ghost is close competitor to ZTQ, I consider that the ZTQ is simply better. (and Ghost after final upgrade becomes another improved variant of Anders) Upgraded high-RoF 5-shell CV90-105 provides identical "feel" to 4-shell ready-rack Stingray 2, but ready-rack makes everything simpler. Upgraded CV 90 MK4 is combo of autocannon and ATGM which can be fired in pair. Separately looking -- they are average, it is opportunity to use both of them plus infantry makes real difference. Concluding, each of these CV vehicle is sort of capable and optional thing in same time.
  2. To get it simpler to accept imagine that It is just like you got 1 AP hit from 120mm MBT gun and have permanent bonus for DPM for rest of game. You got much worse trades like Victor main perk and he was considered a good commander for a long time There is no single reason or tactics, it comes in synergy with a need to stay alive on certain place (like defending cap), and getting fully resupplied too. It works to its best in random SpecOps better than anything else in terms of flexibility.
  3. My personal opinion that just re-rolls outside of active Russian online gambling peak (or when very fortunate Russian streamers stream their incredible wins - that is around 16-20 PM of GMT-3 ) may not be helpful at all. There is static pool of high end rare rewards which rotates in loop, then you never see them again. The pool refreshes once per hour (not necessarily at 00 minute), probably it is only truth for said "high gamble" hours, i conclude that the reward pool exhausts faster.
  4. I would say Terminator line should be labeled as MBT
  5. Team should keep aggro of ship on themselves otherwise it has chance to oneshot Magnus while it passes by. I am not sure if it is good idea to drop cameras / pop smoke until Magnus safely drives to that second defending location. Lifehack for solo runners is to kill fast all lasers/bombers with series of Thermobaric ATGM on T-15, that imo contributes to 90% of successful completion to mission (in random).
  6. dfnce

    Renders of tanks

    Oplot ancestor is T80UD. Not so much cousin of t90.
  7. Suggested basic setup: Commander: Sabrina VR/accuracy build for Ioannis Sanna Crew: Driver: Smooth Ride, Offroad Driving Gunner: Sharpshooter, Accuracy Retrofits (v2): Improved Gun Breach Adv Muzzle Reference System Improved Filter System Obviously if all options available and you look for max survival with 3-x HP kit, the top pick is Ophelia, easiest damage is still Cortez and best XP gain is full VR Douglas for which you also pick tripple v2 optics set - Telescopic Lenses, Active IR optics and Augmented optics. The choices depend on current personal objectives and how you are going to play current mission in roaster.
  8. ZTQ offers superior gun depression and sniping from very tricky hull-down positions. ZTQ modular ERA armor allows to bounce few hits. Ghost has better shell (and it gets better with upgrade). In everything else they are quite similar.
  9. That is hardest part, sincerely wish you good luck.
  10. Shooting from below Shooting from atop Seems like autocannon gun placement and its vector is used to calculate main gun shot.
  11. OS: Win10 Pro 20H2 Game Version: 0.36.8195 Brief Description: Aim bug Steps to Reproduce: Use Testing grounds, Enable Hit indicator, Aim/Shot Result: Hit place and hit indicator consistently shift place of impact left from aim center Expected Behavior: Hit location should be in random location from aim center Fixes/Workarounds: N/A Other Notes: Vehicle is not owned https://imgur.com/EIsF4tO
  12. They undid some nerf, but not that much. I even think it is playable again with HEAT and Cortez in pve without feeling of sadness and uselessness. Not a mainstream newbee thing though.
  13. My share of personal opinion of what premium vehicles worth buy in BP shop for new player Top Tanks to Buy XM247 York Termi 2017 Obj 195 Obj 640 Obj 490 Type 10 ZTQ Exp Tank Seogun There is a middle ground of really nice vehicles, i skip generic premiums available in shop for gold T-14 152 AFT-10 Type 99A2-140 Oplot-BM Termi 2000 K1A1 M1A1 Storm Type 90 Taifun Top Tanks to avoid -- though they considered "good in skilled hands" , in general they are collectibles and offer either specific gameplay, or there are simply (much) better vehicles than these. CATTB (Tier 5 MBT has better DPM than this) AGDS (better look on stuff like Hunter, Kurganiec, ADATS, AFT-10) QN-506 (same as AGDS) Altay (better look Type 10) Pindad RDF/LT M60-2000
  14. Instead of inventing wheel why not just add it as a reward to some future BP or seasonal contract. Solo PvE for leisure (with bombers!) in already in game for couple of years. Training Room -> GLOPS -> BARREN DIVIDE or DESERT CROSSING
  15. Let say Experimental wins, so what ? Everyone who makes their personal vehicle group Experimental, will be doomed with x2,5 multiplier on their own further game requirements. Everyone else will be just doomed.
  16. My guess - if some category is more expensive in maintenance or fuel hungry, the player (or worse, whole community) would get a requirement of doing extra number of missions (let call them scavenging or "war for profit" ones), additionally play alternative more cheaper and ineffective vehicles (to compensate shortages). Agreed
  17. Trying to make some order of things (errors are possible) Simplest and probably profitable thing (because i play premiums mostly) is just spamming T-14-152 -- 200 battles. I may not get reward bonus, but I free of IFV/support vehicle "rules of surprise".
  18. That time they offered progression tanks to buy - Bradley and Abrams - in cash shop.
  19. I would expect they set easy entry conditions at beginning, initially a player won't notice these 3 battles for a half of year, but then later the whole thing can become much harder. These players who are invested time in it, may have a dilemma to either drop the event or to keep doing it with elevated requirements. All this happened before ... Initially the event looked as pve stuff for lore-addicted people with optional pvp tasks (well rewarded though). Things like voting seemed random and public tended to pick least reasonable choices. IIRC on some mid-term of AGDS 2017 event stage added "must-have" pvp requirements and many participants refused to take part any further. At the end the number of participants reduced several times compared to what was on the start, and to the final only just above 1K players completed it (sum of NA + EU). Somewhere there you can even find a list with nicknames who won free AGDS (still nice to see my nick #228). https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/storyline-campaign-conclusion. By the way I wonder if new event follow this approach, seems pragmatic one. https://aw.my.games/en/news/general/introducing-ultimate-storyline-campaign-reward
  20. Tier 6 would be nice spot for this vehicle. For tier 7 it seems rather average in comparison to Stingray 2, the 5 clip makes it a real deal (until the day of ultimate PvP balance)
  21. Curious statement from ru site related to profile visibility, not sure if it applies to mygames accounts. It is unclear to me why they had to change profile access rules at all. https://armata.my.games/news/6677.html
  22. I would trade all these CV90 vehicles for one Strv 103, probably throw tier 10 in addition.
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