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  1. I did not count, sry. Also I accidentally clicked past 2(?) i think without seeing what was in slot 5 (the important slot) lol. oops.
  2. IDK if you want this in the megathread or if this post is okay, sry I'm new here. Alright, first off, I already regret spending the time playing Tank Slot Machine, so I'm not providing an annotated list of everything I rolled. But, here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d3QzLcktpb0&ab_channel=iczyje and I timestamped everything I rolled that was new/interesting to me. If you're smart, you've been saving up all your Battle Coins to spend at the end of the Battle Pass, and this should give you an idea of what to expect when you start dumping coins. Near the end when I'm at about 100,000 coins left, I start being more optimal about my spending and picking up all the coin offers in Slot 2. Here are some things I noticed: You should save about a 10K buffer in Battle Coins if you want to keep rolling for a specific tank. If you're being optimal about it, 10K coins should take you pretty far so it's very likely you'll see the item you want to get. I never saw the CATTB or the Obj 490 ever, just the skins. If you've seen them, let me know that I'm wrong, but I don't think either tank is available in this shop. (iirc these 2 tanks were considered very good back when I played, but I never got them, which is why I make special note of these 2 tanks not showing up here... idk meta nowadays) I spent almost an hour after picking up Cortez rolling, and I didn't get a single new tank or commander, and just rolled new skins afterward, so either I'm super unlucky or I picked up all the tanks/commanders available. You CAN get duplicate offers on EVERYTHING, including any Unique Offer, from Commanders to even the Tier X tanks. This is very annoying, as they eat your rolls. They should really change this, but $$$ amiright I only rolled 3 new (new for me) commanders, Cortez, Seagrove, and Kitescu. Not sure who else you can get, or if you can get anyone else. I think I had a buddy also got Erin as an offer too. I don't think any of the skins are worth it. It costs A LOT of coin to pick up, and it's just a skin. The tier X skins cost more than picking up a new tank.
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